An outsider’s point of view
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Louis POV

W, what's happening? What in the world is happening?  What am I witnessing right now? Is this a dream? No, it's all real, and if it isn't real then the term nightmare would suit it way better. Why you may ask? Well, there are a lot of things that this particular stunt would affect, and unfortunately, I have to take care of everything. 

I mean, think about it, a mere commoner just iron-gripped a noble, a very important one at that. And as if that wasn't bad enough, the identities of both parties are very high profile and could result in a possible revolt. The fact that the commoner in question is, by technicality, the strongest and most qualified student in our batch and that the noble in question belongs to the family in the kingdom that is second only to the royal family in terms of power is very dangerous. While the situation itself is already troubling, the possible repercussions only make it worse. Think about it, this situation can be interpreted as a possible sign of rebellion. And even if it weren't taken as such, it could introduce the general public to the very idea of such, that the commoners can stand up against the nobles.

While the relationships between commoners and nobles aren't that bad in the kingdom, in fact, it could even be called a healthy relationship, it doesn't change the fact that there are those driven by greed and malice who would use this event as a catalyst for something very troubling. Sigh, and to think that this would've been an easy job. I guess I did underestimate this task the entire time. When Father told me that I'd be acting as the class president, I thought that it would be nothing for me to do, but alas this entire incident has to happen. Sigh, looks like this year will be a tiring year.

Markus POV

I'm scared. I don't wanna be in this class anymore. I can't trust anything or anyone anymore. First, it was the deceptively innocent girl which happened to be the devil in disguise, and now, the upright-looking guy who was the victim of her mischievous scheme happens to be a brute who has no regard for titles. At first glance, it may seem that the commoner simply has no regards for those types of things simply because he treats her as an equal and as a friend, but I see the truth, the truth that is that he was sent here by someone of high-standing, someone whose power makes the idea of nobility and social-hierarchy in the Hecaron Kingdom seem trivial. 

In the Hecaron Kingdom, that rules out about everyone with the exception of the Royal Family since the Harmonia Family is second only to the Royal Family in terms of power. Otherwise, it might be the ruler of a foreign country, perhaps even the Eastern Empire. Everyone knows that the Eastern Empire and the Hecaron Kingdom had some rough times with each other. One might rule this possibility out because of the current century-long treaty that the Empire and the Kingdom had signed, but I think that this might be the most probable one. I can already see their plan. They want to show that a commoner has the ability to be on par, if not, better than a noble. From there, they would use that message as a way to initiate an uprising led by some important and greedy figures that want to rule the kingdom. And when the kingdom is at its weakest from the disarray, the Empire will strike and conquer the kingdom. 

Now, would I, a member of the Ignis Family stand by and watch as this plot unfolds? No, doing nothing about this is a foolish idea. I, as a proud member of the Ignis Family, would flee to another country and use my talents to make a living. In fact, I could even start my career as an adventurer in a foreign country. What, me, fight back? Foolish. I would stand no chance against this scheme. And even if I were to inform His Majesty about this, I might even be killed. This is because despite this being the most likely possibility, I cannot rule out the possibility that this is a scheme by the Royal Family, and I do not want to take my chances. Honor? What honor is there in dying a pitiful death! I might as well do my best to survive and thrive!

Anya POV

Puhahaha!!! I absolutely love those two!!! This is going to be such a fun year!!! Mother, Father, Uncle, thank you so much for giving me this opportunity. I take back what I thought about you three being total assholes and that all of you should burn in hell for sending me to a shitty and lame place where nothing interesting would ever happen. I sincerely apologize for thinking about the ways I would make you three pay for forcing me to stay in a three years long boring boot camp full of fake people with fake agendas making fake small talk and fake relationships that I would get tired of in less than a day. And lastly, thank you so much Onii-chan. Thank you for managing to persuade this ignorant and foolishly stubborn me into entering the Academy by entering with me despite you not being needed to come here. I am very grateful for everything that all of you have done for me. 

Luke POV

I, I don't know what to say. In fact, I don't think I need to say anything about this. I don't need to say anything about how problematic this is, because it's pretty much self-explanatory. This just gives me a headache. I might need to talk to Markus and Prince Louis about this incident. But, I do admit that this is pretty funny. Setting aside all the hard work we three are gonna have to do, this is what high school should be about, just friends being friends, well, minus the entire public humiliation thing, but that's beside the point. This is nice. This is exactly what Anya needs. I hope that those two could help Anya out. She needs it.