114 – Alfi Titor – [Meincraft] Mining with Hana!✌(>‿◠)(^◡^) (END)
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Alfi frowned. "How are we going to do that?" She spun her character around, but only darkness showed up on the game screen. No, if you squinted, you could barely make out the stone blocks surrounding them. But beyond that, the only other things visible were the caption messages.

*Warden shambles*
*Zombie groans*
*Skeleton rattles*
*Witch giggles*

Hana smiled and said, "It's easy!" She swapped to her pickaxe and said, "We break a hole at their legs and then take out their knees!"

[judgingcow - *Someone's eager*]
[swedishfish - *Genius!*]
[yellowsnipe - Of course!]
[bloodynightingale - As expected of our kowai imouto]

Alfi blinked and said, "That's... will that work?"

Hana broke a block and peeked through. "Let's find out!" She smiled and then swapped to her axe.

Alfi moved around her to take a look. As she did, Hana swung her axe through the opening.

Flashes of red through the open hole.

*Strong attack*
*Zombie hurts*
*Skeleton hurts*


Alfi's eyes lit up. "I see... If that works..." She wandered over a few blocks next to Hana and made another hole in their shelter. As she did, a dozen zombie legs came into view, along with a few skeleton legs.

"Let's do it, Nee-chan! If we kill enough things, I'm sure we'll get something that'll help us get out of here!"

[doubtingraven - Will that work...?]
[silvermagpie - Oh! It might! Witches drop sticks, right?]
[ivyrobin - *Zombies can drop iron ingots!*]
[happymarlin - *And they have wood!*]

Alfi glanced at the chat and then grinned. "So we can live?"

[childishjackal - *You can get OP!*]
[watersheep: 50 USD - *Bless RNG*]
[watercat:50 CAD - *For good luck!*]
[goldenvampirebat: 1337 USD - *Go out there and take this useless world for all you can get*]

Hana laughed. "Seems like we can do more than that!" A strange glint appeared in her eyes and she said, "We can get all sorts of rare items to get out of here!"

Alfi sighed. "That's a relief. Then... let's get to work." With that, she switched to a wooden sword and started attacking.

*Strong attack*
*Witch hurts*
*Zombie hurts*
*Skeleton hurts*

[dannyD.weedle - *So anyway, I started slashing*]
[flexsnake - *She sawed that zombie in half!*]
[genzeel - *what's with these boomer memes?*]
[hackerfox - *Time to rmrf these mobs!*]

Red light flashed as Alfi slashed the mobs. As she did, a faint smile crossed her face.

[jstarlet - Oh no!]
[quietlion - Hana's influence is spreading...]
[curiousmonkey - *What are we gonna get?*]
[icyferret - *Let's go Looting II iron sword!*]

Alfi waited for the gauge to fill up on her sword before slashing again.

Next to her, Hana did the same, but with an axe.

Seeing that the mobs weren't dying any time soon, Alfi turned her attention back to the chat. "How is everyone today? Sorry for not talking with you guys much... It's my first collab stream, so I'm not sure how to balance things yet..."

"Oh!" Hana glanced over and said, "I'm sorry too everyone! I got too excited to play with Nee-chan."

[happytarantula - It's fine!]
[bombasticowl - The chaotic energy is a blast!]
[mightyhorse - I'm doing great!]
[baldeagle - *Stayed up for this, but worth! Loving the two of you together!*]

Hana smiled and said, "Thanks! I'm loving playing with Nee-chan too!" She leaned on Alfi and said, "It's so cozy!"

Alfi blushed and then said, "L-Love is a bit of a strong word, Hana... but I like playing with you too."

[icyfox - melt]
[cozymouse - too wholesome!]
[nightowl - *argh... it's too early for this much sugar...*]
[diabeticcat - *ded*]

*Witch dies*
*Zombie dies*
*Skeleton dies*
*Item plops*

"Oh?" Alfi blinked and looked back to her screen. "It dropped something."

A pair of purple flashes and green lights temporarily illuminated the darkness before getting sucked into Alfi's character.

[alfifan1 - I knew it! Alfi's luck is clutch!]
[haloedbird - What is with Alfi's gamebreaking RNG...?]
[eagerbeaver - *Check it! Check it!*]
[eatcrow - *I bet it's another god drop!*]

Alfi glanced at the chat and nodded. "I hope it's something useful..."

Hana glanced over and huffed. "Why does Nee-chan get all the luck? Argh..." She turned back towards her hole and began mashing her laptop, rapidly swinging her axe at the mobs. "I want goodies too!"

[mAniki - Sasuga imouto]
[ohanaYo - Weird. Didn't Hana get good luck in Neighboring Malice?]
[ohaniiki - Nah. She earned that with her godly skills.]
[ohaimark - The world has to nerf the strongest little sister somehow!]

"Let's see..." Alfi opened up her menu and checked her inventory. "An enchanted iron sword, two sticks, two redstone dust, and an enchanted iron helmet. Um. Is that good?"

[alfis_oldchair - Alfi. The answer to that question is always yes.]
[madrabbit - We need Alfi to play a gacha game! For science!]
[mailittlepony - Check the sword! If it's looting, use it to get more!]
[myhelpfulminion - You can make torches with the redstone and sticks!]

"Oh! That's right! I remember watching someone make a redstone torch." Alfi smiled. "Thank you, myhelpfulminion!"

[myhelpfulminion - *melt*]
[alfis_oldchair - dammit!]
[alfidazen - Lucky bastard!]
[aggressivesimp - HE GOT NOTICED! UNFAIR!]

Alfi giggled and then moved the redstone and sticks over to her crafting area.

As she did that, Hana glanced over and huffed. "Nee-chan really is unfair- Oh! I got something!"

Alfi made some redstone torches and then looked over at Hana. "What did you get?"

"I got... rotten flesh. And an almost broken bow."

[grasseater - lol]
[littlepiglet - The difference in luck is too real...]
[quibblingduck - Hana! Never play a gacha game!]
[tacticalgiraffe - So the game isn't modded, but the luck is just that different, huh?]

Hana huffed and then made her character eat the rotten flesh.

Alfi's eyes widened. "H-Hana! I don't think that rotten flesh is-"

"What?" Hana's character finished eating the rotten flesh... and nothing happened. "My character was hungry."


[ohaniki - S-Sasuga, imouto]
[alfidazen - S-She didn't get the Hunger status effect...?]
[junglecat - Did she build immunity from playing Neighboring Malice?]
[frankraptor - Oh. So that's where Hana's luck went.]

Alfi quietly placed down a redstone torch. The dark shelter immediately lit up in an eerie crimson hue. But they could see now.

And because they could see, they could also see a bit outside their shelter. And from that...

"...That's a lot of monsters." Alfi frowned.

A thick horde that blocked the entire pathway out. At the same time, more mobs kept coming closer, appearing out of thin air.

[worstminnow - Is there a spawner nearby?]
[sounderbass - It's just too dark there.]
[girlwombat - We need torches!]
[welshmole - Remember that redstone torches still let mobs spawn!]

Alfi glanced at the chat and nodded. "Thanks everyone. But... Hm." She frowned. "I think we fell a long way too... should we just die?"

"No!" Hana shook her head and went back to killing mobs. "I refuse to let you die!"

[giantwhale - *Who was it that said this was just a game again?*]
[blueshark - *Hana's taking this super seriously...*]
[alfis_oldchair - Preach it Hana! Don't let those mobs take our Alfi!]
[ohaniki - Yeah! Kill'em all!]

"I don't want to die either... but I don't see a way out of this." Alfi frowned. "If Betty or Papa were here they could figure a way out, but me..." Her face became crestfallen.

[tidywildcat - Don't be sad, Alfi!]
[chamberhamster - It's okay! You can make it out!]
[sablemosquito - *Just keep killing things for now!*]
[wordtuna - *We'll keep you alive!*]

Alfi glanced at the chat. "R-Really? You'll help?"

Hana glanced over as well and then stuck up her thumb. "We'll be counting on you guys then! ...And if you trick us, you'll regret it. Remember. I don't like bad people."

[supportivedunnock - S-Scary.]
[productmussel - Y-Yanhana.]
[creeperhyena - Yes ma'am!]
[instructdingo - First, kill the witches for glowstone dust! You need light ASAP!]

Alfi nodded. "Okay. So kill the witches... Oh, I should change to my new sword." She opened her menu to pick up her enchanted iron sword.

[Iron Sword]
Looting II
Sharpness II

When Alfi saw the details, she paused. "Looting? Does that mean I get more items?"

[foresailswallow - YES!]
[ominouspeackock - She got one! Time to get all the drops!]
[lackinglocust - Please never play a gacha. I don't think we can live through the salt.]
[tankpup - Keep at it!]

"Okay. Um... then I just keep killing things, right?"

[coherentbass - You should give that to Hana!]
[senatethrush - Yeah! She needs the luck more than you!]
[swordjellyfish - No, Alfi should keep it!]
[baaraccoon - More loot+god luck=more stuff!]

Alfi frowned. "So then, should I give this to Hana, or-"

"You keep it, Nee-chan."

Alfi glanced over. "Are you sure?"

Hana nodded. "I want to try and get my own drops." She narrowed her eyes. "And I want to see just how much more this game wants to make me mad."

[residentdragon - So headcount for people to get past: Hana, Beta, John, unnamed little sister...]
[ohaniki - Don't do it Meincraft. You won't like it when Hana gets mad...]

"...If you say so..." Saying that, Alfi went back to slashing the knees of the mobs through the hole.

A monotonous silence, filled with nothing but the sounds of weapons cutting the air and mobs dying.

Hana was focused, continually attacking the mobs without pause.

Seeing that, Alfi turned her attention back to the chat while mindlessly attacking the mobs. "So how is everyone today? I hope this isn't too boring..."

[hallowedgecko - It's fine! This is cozy!]
[stackedmare - Hana's a little scary right now, but I like it!]
[stealingfox - Dammit. If Hana was a little older...]
[temperedcanary - Officer! This one right here!]
[stealingfox - W-Wait!]
[MOD: Beta - Understood.]
[stealingfox has been timed out for 600 seconds. Reason: Bonked by Beta.]

"Oh!" Alfi blinked and said, "You're back already, Betty? I thought you had a guest?"

[MOD: Beta - I did. And they delivered a wonderful new toy for me. I also obtained a new bedwarmer.]
[creepersnake - L-Lewd...]
[revealedcock - I'll warm your bed, Betty!]
[MOD: Beta - I have no need for you filthy degenerates.]
[pinkcat - Harsh.]
[thirstyfish - Beta debut when?]

Alfi laughed and said, "Don't be too harsh on them, Betty!"

[MOD: Beta - I will be as strict as necessary. They need to know their place.]
[dirtysnake - Jokes on you, I'm an M!]
[whistlingcanary - Real talk guys. So I saw a picture on this site the other day that said it was Beta. It looked kind of lewd too-]
[Message deleted]
[whistlingcanary has been banned by TITOR. Reason: Fourth wall break.]
[MOD: Beta - Hm? A lewd picture...?]
[temporalbunny - T-That guy was lucky. TITOR spared him from Beta's wrath.]

Alfi read the chat and then frowned. "A lewd picture of Betty? There shouldn't be any out there... I think?"

[swiftmare - Beta ExFans page when?]
[whirlwinddonkey - Oh my god. I think I found it! She's... She's...!]
[MOD: Beta - I see. I believe I may have to... discuss something with a mutual acquaintance of ours.]
[dullanaconda - Is it weird that I'm liking dying to Beta over and over again in that thing?]
[whistleblower - What's this AI01 thing on that site?]

Alfi blinked. "Um... Do you know what they're talking about, Hana?"

"Hm?" Hana glanced over and then blushed. "O-Oh. That. Don't worry about it, Nee-chan. N-Now... I think we have enough, right?"

[hazmatferret - That's a suspicious change in topic...]
[flushedpartridge - Wait. Is Hana the leaker...?]
[scholarlybass - *Hana acting kinda sus*]
[morbidchicken - :thinking:]

"Hm..." Alfi stared at Hana.

Hana smiled, keeping a straight face.

After a while, Alfi shook her head and opened her inventory. "I suppose we should get back to it. Anyway, here's what I have now everyone."

A full stack of glowstone dust, more redstone, an infinity bow with flame and power II, a full stack of arrows, a full stack of iron ingots, and a full stack of sticks.

That was the harvest from the mobs in the immediate vicinity.

[constantcoot - Sasuga, Alfi-tan]
[vaultingrhinoceros - Make some glowstone!]
[tibiashads - four dusts in a box!]
[helpfulparrot: 75 USD - Light the area and then make iron pickaxes to mine your way back up]

"Oh! Thank you, helpfulparrot!" Alfi smiled. "But what about the monsters? Do we just run...?" She frowned.

"Nee-chan!" Hana's eyes sparkled and she said, "My chat's saying you got a strong bow with unlimited ammo! Is that true?"

"A-Ah. I think so?"

"Perfect!" Hana patted her chest and said, "Give me the weapons and I'll protect you! Then you can make the passage for us on the way out!"

[womanlysheep - Ooh! That's a great idea!]
[canebustard - Yeah! Hana has trash luck, but she's great at fighting!]
[twelvelizard - Maybe Alfi will find chests with useful things on the way out?]
[enterprisepurpoise - Here's hoping it works!]

Alfi frowned. "I still feel strange about having you protect me... But alright. I'll count on you to protect me, Hana." Saying that, she tossed her arrows and her bow.

Hana picked them up and said, "Leave it to me, Nee-chan!"

[amusingbongo - Don't forget the glowstone!]
[waitingdolphin - You can do it!]
[overjoyedyak - It's time for the great escape!]
[cluelessrhino - Let's go!]

The two got ready. Alfi made a crafting table and then plopped it down, turning her glowstone dust into the luminscent glowstone blocks. After that, she made a pair of shields, one for Hana and herself, five pickaxes, and some iron armor for the two of them.

Then it was time.

[perfumedfish - Be careful about the Warden!]
[internalruffs - Use the arrows to distract the Warden! He moves with sound!]
[alfis_oldchair - I believe in you!]
[ohaniki - The strongest imouto and the divine luck Alfi... You can do it!]

Hana looked at Alfi and said, "Are you ready, Nee-chan?"

Alfi nodded. "I am. And to be sure, I just need to run to the wall and mine a stairway up?"

"That's what they say. And I'll protect you."

Alfi took a deep breath. "Okay. Then... Let's go." She broke two blocks on the side of the shelter and then ran out, switching to her glowstone.

[markedzebra - So tense!]
[internalruffs - I didn't know Meincraft could be so dramatic...]
[familairhamster - *Activate ultra instinct!*]
[MysteriousDarkOne: 10K yen - Oi, mobs! You think that you've surrounded Hana? No-no. You've just put her in the target rich environment.]

Golden light illuminated the surroundings, revealing a horde of zombies and skeletons charging towards the pair. But that wasn't all.

In the distance, a towering figure with a pulsating eye for a heart and twitching fungal ears turned towards them.

[needlesswhiting - *That's the Warden!*]
[rhetoricaltoucan - Don't get hit!]
[evilswan - :pray:]
[eagerbeaver: 7 USD - 7 train for good luck! Let's go guys!]
[agreeablealigator: 7 CAD - Yeah!]
[minishark: 777 yen - I believe!]

Alfi swapped to her sword and slashed the monsters in front of her, pushing them back.

Hana followed after her, accurately shooting arrows at the heads of each of the mobs.

[honesthorse - Nice!]
[failingpeacock - Great job!]
[obeisantcockroach - They're doing it!]
[miserlyscrew - They're starting to believe!]

Alfi ran forward, switching back to her glowstone and lighting the way. As she did, it illuminated a stone wall in front of her, along with some diamonds. But she ignored them and started mining the stone wall next to them, building a stairway up.

Meanwhile, Hana spun around, shooting arrows at every mob in sight. With the glowstone blocks placed down, the immediate area was illuminated, showing a horde of monsters slowly funneling towards them.

[trivialcaribou - Watch out for the skeletons!]
[yearlyvulture - Projectiles!]
[ohanayo1 - Let's go Hana, let's go!]
[ohakaigainiki - Sayohana mobs!]

Arrows flew towards the pair. But Hana was ready. Instantly switching to her axe, she jumped and held up her shield, catching the arrows against it. After that, she swapped back to her bow and returned fire.

Bones rattled and the skeletons fell to the ground, dead.

[barbarospigeon - Yes!]
[hanafan124 - Nothing's impossible for our little sister!]
[alfiDazen1 - Don't worry and keep mining, Alfi!]
[beethovenhound - Take us home!]

Alfi mined the stone, pulling out blocks in a makeshift staircase. One, two, three... Slowly but surely, a path upwards began to form.

At the same time, Hana thinned down the crowd of mobs, leaving an area illuminated by the floating green experience orbs.

And then...

"Quick, Hana! Block off the entrance!"

"Got it Nee-chan!"

Hana squeezed into the staircase with Alfi and placed down blocks.

Immediately, the light vanished, plunging the two into darkness again. But this time... they were safe.

[recentseal - Woooo!]
[snobbishfish - They did it!]
[downerflounder - Now to just mine... what, 500 blocks up?]
[petitewoodpecker - It's a good thing Alfi got so much iron...]

Alfi dug out a block on the side and placed a glowstone block there.

Golden light spread out, illuminating the cramped makeshift stairway.

The two girls looked at each other, silent for a few seconds, and then they turned to each other in reality and laughed.

"That was tense!" Hana smiled and said, "I'm glad we're safe!"

"Those were really a lot of monsters... and you're really good at fighting in games, Hana." Alfi frowned. "If only this were reality... I'd show those mindless mobs a thing or two."

"Ooh, that'd be fun. Nee-chan's super cool when fighting too."

[boldsquirrel - She is?]
[idlemallard - Oh yeah! Alfi's also a bada$$ combat robot!]
[wetbutterfly - *Wait, so she's cute but also tough enough to knock me silly? I'm in!*]
[aggressivesimp2: 100 USD - *first account reached spending limit. Here's more for my Alfi-tan!*]

"Now..." Alfi looked at the stone wall. "We should get out of here. And if any more monsters show up..."

Hana switched to her axe and smacked the stone wall. "We kill'em!"

"...I was going to say we start mining a different direction, but if that's what makes you happy, Hana..."

Hana froze. "W-Wait... That's not what I meant..."

"No, no." Alfi shook her head. "I respect your preferences. It's a bit unexpected at how bloodthirsty you are, but since you *are* like a little sister to me... Nee-chan will do her best to support you."

"...Meanie. I'm telling Eldest Sister on you."

Alfi laughed and tossed an iron pickaxe at Hana. "Sorry. But I've always wanted to try scolding my little sister... but my real ones are a bit... well, hard to scold."

"It's okay, Nee-chan!" Hana smiled and said, "You can yell at me all you want. I won't get mad. Just... a bit sad."

Alfi smiled and then reached over, brushing Hana's hair.

[disastrousboad - AAAAAHHHHH]
[widerat - TOO WHOLESOME]
[nightowl - *MY HEART WHY TOO EARLY*]
[joestarlett - *OOOOOOH NOOOOOOOO!*]

"Okay!" Hana sat up and then said, "We should hurry up and get out of here! Let's go, Nee-chan!"

Alfi laughed. "Okay, Imouto."

[joestarlett - *OH MY GOOOD*]
[cuddlypony - It's happening!]
[nosyporpoise - *Hnnnnnngh! Not again! My heart!*]
[hotbird - :happytears:]

Time passed as the pair mined their way up. A cozy section with idle chatter about random things. And then, after a couple of hours...

"Finally!" Hana walked out of the hole and spun around. After that, her game character started jumping up and down. "We're out!"

Alfi let out a sigh of relief. "At long last... I was beginning to think we would never see the light of day again."

Underneath the orange of the rising sun, Hana spun around to look at Alfi and said, "That was a lot of fun, Nee-chan!"

Alfi smiled. "Thank you for playing with me, Hana."

"No problem! It's always fun to hang out with you... Ah!" Hana reached over and picked up her phone. "I almost forgot! I promised to have dinner with mom today! Sorry, Nee-chan, but I gotta go!"

"It's fine, Hana! I'll see you tomorrow!"

"Bye Nee-chan!" She logged out of the game and turned to the camera. "Bye everyone! Sayohana!" After a wave goodbye, she jumped out of her chair, picking up her bag on the floor nearby, and then walked out of the room.

Like that, Alfi was by herself. She exited to the main menu and then shifted on the couch, propping knees up and holding her laptop to her face, peeking out from behind it. "Let's see... Now for the Superchats- E-Eh?!?! S-So many red Superchats?! M-Mister Overload sent in three 1000 Euro chats?! And then there are 20k Yen Superchats...!"

"You guys! This much love... I... B-B-But you could do so much with that money! Spending it on me... I haven't even done anything yet..."

[severalgazelle - You make our days!]
[imperfectgnat - Just being you is enough!]
[piercingheron - You've done EVERYTHING!]
[alfis_oldchair - I love you!]

Alfi's eyes teared up. But she brushed the tears away and let out a bright smile. "...Thank you everyone." With a faint red flush on her cheeks, she shyly looked to the side and quietly whispered, "I love you."

The chat froze. And then a rainbow of colors filled the chat, speeding by so fast that it was impossible to make out, even with screenshots.

Then, in the back of Alfi's room, an empty bowl suddenly overflowed with colored sugar candies marked with various currency symbols.

"W-Wait!" Alfi's eyes widened. "N-No! T-That much is... Unnn. N-No good...! S-Stop it...! I-I can't..."

The chat accelerated even further, going at literal light speed and becoming a solid block of color.

"N-No... like that... it's not..."

Finally, the chat broke, freezing completely. And the last message...

[petitewoodpecker - Tags: Android, Mindbreak, Bullying, Forced]