192 – Prototype, Prodigy, ProGamer
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Alphy took a sip from her water bottle and then smiled as she watched the other girls.

Since Meggie and Suzume had been playing for a while, the two let the other girls have a chance at it. At first, Rin and Asako wanted to play, but then three new girls came over. And since they were probably the new members of Project MirAIs, the current members decided to let them try it out first.

As a result, the current members of Project MirAIs, plus Meggie and Suzume, were sitting around in various chairs watching the new girls dance.


"Gah?! How do you play this game?!" Shu Yozora fumbled around, trying to match the moves on the screen.

Chihiro Kimura adjusted her glasses and struck a pose.


After that, she glanced at Shu and said, "It's simple, Senpai. Just dance."

Shu fumbled around and said, "Dancing is hard!"

Alphy giggled and leaned on the wall.

Asako shook her head and grabbed a soda from a cooler nearby. "I've never seen anyone this bad at dancing before."

Shu tripped, but somehow managed to turn it into a flip and landed back on her feet. "Dancing is hard! It's nothing like martial arts!"

Meggie sipped on a juice box and said, "You're just bad. It's the same thing."

Rin lowered her own juice box and turned to look at Meggie. "But didn't you lose to Suzu-chan, Meggie?"

Meggie blushed and then averted her gaze. "I-I let her win!" She turned to Suzume and said, "Right?"

"Ah." Suzume nodded and then let out a gentle smile. "Yes. Meggie is extremely skilled at dancing." She bowed her head and said, "Thank you for going easy on me."


Rin laughed.

Alphy took a sip from her water bottle and smiled.

This was nice. New friends, Meggie relaxing and enjoying herself, having fun playing games together...

Alphy was already looking forward to what the future held.

...But there was someone who was still standing apart from them. One of the girls who came over, but awkwardly stood to the side.

Yuri Miyamoto, the blonde-haired girl who her father had faced in a cooking competition in the past. Also the one who Alphy had threatened out of anger.

Yuri was standing off to the side and staring at the karaoke stage with mixed emotions. A bit lonely, a bit melancholic... but also, mostly confused.

Seeing that, Alphy grabbed a soda from the cooler and walked over.

Yuri didn't notice her, still watching the karaoke stage.

Oh I love you, yes I love you
But it's alright for you to go and forget me

Oh I love you, yes I love you
So then all that I wish for is your happiness

Belted out lyrics. A song about letting someone go because you loved them and wishing them nothing but happiness.

Maji, Kai, and John were singing together, mic in one hand and a beer in the other, taking swigs between each verse.

It was an emotional song. Even while it was upbeat, from the tears streaming down both Kai's and Maji's faces, it was definitely one sung from the heart.

...Of course her father took away from that by making exaggerated faces while he sung.

Alphy shook her head and then lightly tapped Yuri's shoulder.

The blonde girl flinched and turned towards her.

Alphy bowed her head and said, "Sorry. But you looked a bit lonely by yourself." She held up the soda can and said, "Will you share a drink with me?"

"Ah." Yuri blinked and absently took the can. "Thank you. Um..." She trailed off and averted her gaze.

It seemed like she hadn't forgotten what happened the last time they met.

Alphy let out a soft smile and said, "Sorry about last time. If I frightened you or angered you in any way, I apologize."

Yuri's eyes widened and she quickly shook her head. "No! I'm the one who should be sorry." She cracked open the soda can and said, "You were there with... your father?"

Alphy nodded.

Yuri took a sip from her soda and continued. "You were there with your father having a nice meal and I ruined it. If anyone's going to apologize, it's me. So..." She bowed and said, "I'm sorry."

"It's fine!" Alphy raised Yuri up and said, "I'm the one who should apologize. Calling you a girl who didn't know anything and threatening you like that... it was really mean. I'm sorry."

Yuri shook her head. "No, I'm sorry. I was acting bratty and stuck up and kept pestering your dad... Not to mention recently I got mad at him because I was just too embarrassed to thank him too..."

Alphy giggled.

Yuri blushed and looked away. "W-What?! I'm being serious!"

Alphy covered her mouth and smiled. "I'm sorry. It's just... First impressions really don't tell you how a person is."

The shallow and narrowminded girl that Alphy met in the cafe was nowhere to be seen. Instead, there was an awkward and shy girl that... reminded Alphy a bit of herself. Well, that and Asako.

Yuri blinked and then laughed. "That's true. You're... a lot different than how I expected you'd be."

"Mmhm." Alphy nodded. "Then... how about we reintroduce ourselves?" She held out her hand and said, "I'm Alpha Smith. Um, my name is actually a lot longer than that, but I'd like for you to just call me Alpha. Ah, Alphy's fine too!" She smiled and said, "We'll probably be seeing each other a lot in the future, so I'd like for us to be a bit closer."

Yuri nodded and shook Alphy's hand. "Nice to meet you, Alphy. And sorry again..." She frowned and said, "Making a soft and sweet girl like you that mad... I must have really messed up, huh?"

Alphy tilted her head. "Hm?"

Yuri smiled. "It's nothing. And I'm Yuri. Yuri Miyamoto. But, um..." She frowned and said, "What do you mean about seeing each other a lot in the future?"


"Fwahahah!" A mad cackle, followed by slow applause. "The Prototypes and the Prodigies have gathered in one place, along with the first member of the ProGamers! Wonderful! Everything is going according to keikaku!"

"Seriously? Stop that. And why the hell do I understand those references? Argh..."

A pair of familiar and yet unfamiliar voices.

Alphy blinked and looked over to the speakers.

The first was a familiar sight. A young man with slicked back black hair and an arrogant face. Wearing a white lab coat, he walked over with his hands in his pockets and a smirk, looking down on the entire world.

John Titor, the avatar that her father used. Not only that, but he was acting just like how her father used to when he was younger... and even felt the same. But...

Alphy glanced back at the stage to check. But her father was still there with Maji and Kai. Then... Who was this person?

Alphy frowned and looked back, shifting her attention to the person next to mysterious man.

It was a beautiful woman. Like with John Titor, she wore a white lab coat.

Alphy didn't recognize her, but she looked really familiar.

Flowing crimson hair, delicate facial features that looked almost like her mother's, but not quite. At the same time, she gave off an air that was extremely similar to Yue's... but also similar to Suzume's?

The mysterious woman looked to Titor and rolled her eyes. "Honestly. You're a grown man. Act like it and stop being so cringey, Titor."

Titor glanced at the woman and said, "But my lovely Amadeus! How else will I make you flustered and witness your cute side?"

"C-Cute? H-Hey!" The woman... Amadeus blushed and looked away. Glancing back at Titor, she lowered her gaze and mumbled, "...Sudden compliments aren't fair."

Alphy blinked.


She glanced back again, this time to the center of the room. But her mother Yue was still sitting in the middle with the other girls... and currently being teased by Betty it seemed.


Alphy turned her attention back to Titor and Amadeus, completely confused.

They weren't clones. If they were, then Alphy could tell. But at the same time, they were too similar to be entirely different people. And yet, they had to be since they weren't her father or her mother. But...

...Alphy decided to stop thinking about it. Knowing her father, this was probably the result of something he did. So instead, she smiled and waved. "Hello there!"

Titor looked over and smiled. "And hello to you as well, Alphy. Long time no see."

Asako walked over and then nudged Alphy. "Hey. You know this weirdo?"

Alphy tilted her head and slowly nodded. "I... think so?"

Titor gasped and clutched his heart. "I'm hurt! To think that I would go unrecognized amidst the beauties aiding the wonderful members of Project MirAIs to fulfill their dreams-"

Amadeus smacked Titor on the arm. "Be serious, you dummy!"

Titor laughed. "Fine, fine. If that's what my waifu wants."

"I am not your waifu! What the hell even is that?!"

Titor smiled and then turned to Asako. "To answer your question, Miss Asako..." He twirled, suddenly striking a pose and said, "The one who sees the ruined future and seeks to change it!" He struck another pose and said, "The overseer of Project MirAIs and the one who travels through time and space to destroy the mechanisms of the callous god!" He spun around and spread his arms out, causing his lab coat to flutter. "My name is John Titor, MirAIs Operator I.A.0!"

Dead silence.

But then-

"So cool!"

-Rin's voice echoed and she ran over, stars in her eyes. "I thought Mister John was good at acting, but you're even better, Mister Titor!"

Titor laughed. "Thank you, Miss Rin!"

Amadeus facepalmed. "Why am I here? Just to suffer...?"

With all the commotion, the other girls made their way over as well.

On one side, Asako, Rin, and Alphy.

On the other, Shu, Chihiro, and Yuri.

And then in the middle, Meggie and Suzume.

Titor grinned and said, "Now... Shall we talk discuss the future, my wonderful idols-? Gah!"

Amadeus lowered her hand, face red with embarrassment. "Act serious! Serious! Not like a delusional brat! Dammit, act your age or I swear to the heaven's I'm going to make you regret dragging me out here!"

Titor stood up, rubbing his red face. "My. It seems that I've drawn a violent waifu this time- Gah! I'll be serious. Geez, let a guy have some fun."

Amadeus huffed and crossed her arms, turning her head to the side.

Titor smiled and said, "In any case... Welcome to Project MirAIs, everyone. Since the other John in this company is too busy at the moment, I'll be in charge of your orientation today. Now." He turned to Alphy and said, "Miss Alphy. You don't mind showing your cute kouhais how this all works, do you? After all, you have a stream left today, do you not?"

"E-Eh?!" Alphy blushed. "T-That..." She poked her fingers together and said, "I was planning to cancel that. It's been so long since Papa and Mama have had a chance to relax, and I wanted to see them have fun with their new friends-"

Loud thuds. The sound of four people falling to the ground.


Yuri, Suzume, Shu, Chihiro. All of them laid on the ground, collapsed on their back with smiles on their faces.

"Gah!" Titor staggered back, clutching his chest. "To think that destruction could be utilized in such a manner...!? I heard about it, but to witness it first hand...!"

Amadeus clutched her heart as well, her face red. "S-Something like that is possible?! Turning pure destruction into such a form... John, you crazy bastard!"

Rin laughed and then hugged Alphy. "You're as cute as ever, Onee-chan!"

Meggie huffed and muttered, "I'll be that cute too someday..."

Asako smiled and patted Meggie's head. "Keep telling yourself that, Kid."

"I am not a kid! I am a grown woman!"

"Sure, sure..."

"U-Um..." Alphy looked around at the chaotic scene and said, "...Did I do something wrong?"