285 – Miya Musashi – [Debut Stream] Cooking up a storm (END)
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"So!" Miya clapped her hands and said, "How is everyone doing? Are you enjoying the show? Um, I mean stream?"

[] Oh yeah.
[] Gotta love the chaos.
[] I'm learning a lot about cooking. You set a great negative example.

Miya scanned the chat and her eyes started to spin. After that, she shook her head and rubbed her eyes. "Ugh. How do the others *read* this? Maybe I need to find a special filter to slow the chat down-" She suddenly blushed and pointed off to the side. "S-Shut up! I'm a great reader! I just don't read on screens a lot, okay?"

[] So Miya was definitely a normie.
[] What kind of person doesn't use a phone these days?
[] Sus

"Ahem." Miya cleared her throat and cleaned up the countertop. After that, she smiled and said, "S-So... Debut! My name is Miya Musashi. I'm seventeen... My birthday is- Gah, whatever." She blushed and waved her hand. "Y-You can all read that on my bio page or whatever, right? You don't need me shoving it in your face again."

[] Project MirAIs have biopages?
[] I thought we only had the fansite run by HVG or whatever
[ShotsFired] That abandoned website? The one where the password is IA0?
[Rodvek97] The chatbox there is broken though. Chaos server's pretty dead too.
[HVG] :sweat:

[] Great! We can get right to knowing each other better!
[] What's your type?
[lewddood] Balls or
[] Holy crap. Did that guy get ninja'd by
[] Oh no! Is Beta doing her
[scaredsquirrel] G-Guys...?

Miya tucked a strand of her silver hair behind her ear and said, "Anyway... Let's talk about more exciting stuff!" Her eyes lit up and she said, "My dream is to be the best cook in the world! And not through techniques, but through willpower!" She pointed her finger at the screen and said, "That's right! Here on this channel, we're going to make normal food in extraordinary ways! Believe it!"

[Molnyfio] Fishcake-kun? Is that you?
[Anumi-kun] I didn't know Miya was related to the whirlpool clan.
[] Is there a hidden village of samurais somewhere in Tokyo?

[Rhea Davinki Ch.🔧] Careful. UTube-kun gets butthurt over copyright stuff
[] Yeah! UTube-kun hates Anime for some reason.
[] Right? Like how Team Tree Star got their abridged series cancelled.

[] Isn't making normal food in extraordinary ways focusing on technique...?
[] Are we going to see mysterious substance X in real life...?
[] Now the question is whether Miya-chan will get food poisoning or not...

Miya smiled and said, "You can all cook along with me! I'll post the recipes for the streams ahead of time along with the ingredients and we can have fun! You can send me pictures too-" She froze and then turned red. "Argh! I forgot all the hashtags! G-Give me a bit..."

[] Miya really speedrunning her debuts, huh?
[] Run invalid. Spliced.
[] Yo! Someone actually made an SRL leaderboard for VTuber debuts!
[] The heck?
[] Oh yeah! The MIRAIZ app makes it easy...
[dimension_slider] Who the heck is this sparkly blue-haired girl on the frontpage of that app?

Miya frantically tapped on a floating screen in front of her. "I know it was easy to bring up... How do I... There!"

A cute blue index card popped up on the side of the screen, listing some information.


[Community Information]
Streams - #MiyaMusashi_Live
Fanart - #MiyaCooking
Fan Name - MamaMiya's
Fan Mark - 🍳


[] Yep. Basic normie here.
[] That's cute!
[littlelion] That's adorable. She's new to the interwebz XD
[] @littlelion Are we... watching the same stream?

[] lol MamaMiya's... Who came up with that?
[Jenny Smith Ch.🔧] That was me! Cute, right?
[] All of these puns XD

"Right!" Miya clapped her hands together and said, "You can send me stuff with my... uh, cooking? N-No, it's 'Miya Cooking.' English is hard..."

[] Miya Muzukashi, ne?
[] Muzukashi-chan?
[] Can you smell what the Block is cooking?
[SilentWraith] Stop.

"Ahem." Miya cleared her throat and smiled. "I'll mostly be streaming cooking or reviewing your cooking on this channel. We might do some games or singing too, but my dream is cooking, so that's what we're doing! If you've got a problem with that... Go watch my Senpais or the other girls. I don't need you anyway."

[] Kuh.
[] Is she speedrunning getting cancelled too?
[] Hooboy. Tweeter is gonna be cancer today...

[nezuko ch.] Must be nice getting to stream whatever you want.
[abunai ch.] Why do some people get all the luck...
[kuroichi ch.] Wish I got picked up to fulfill my dreams like this chick...

[] She totally IS a tsundere!
[] We've got the genki girl, yamato nadeshiko, and now a tsundere...
[Inaki] Gen 1 is just a slice of life anime, isn't it?

A soft ding echoed in the background.

"Hm?" Miya looked back and said, "Huh. It's been fifteen minutes already?"

[] Wait, what?
[Anumi-kun] Did... I could have sworn it's only been five minutes...?
[] Holy crap! It HAS been fifteen minutes!

[] Dang. Time flies.
[] Live cooking show when?
[] I demand crossover with Golden Ramses!

[] Who wants to see the girls try the spicy noodle challenge?
[] ME!
[] lol All the clippers would love that
[] How would each react?
[Hana Homura Ch.🔧] Ooh! That's a great idea! @Aoko Ryuusei Ch. @Alfi Titor Ch.
[Aoko Ryuusei Ch.🔧] You know I hate spicy food, Sis!
[Alfi Titor Ch.🔧] I'll make some right now!
[Mama Hana🔧] @Alfi Titor Ch. There's some in the cupboard. Betty bought some for me last time.
[] @Mama Hana You're alive?!

Miya walked back to the stove, the camera panning with her. After grabbing some oven mitts, she picked up the lid. A rush of steam flew out, causing Miya to step back and cough.

"Kuh." She grimaced and said, "That's stronger than I thought..."

[] What does it look like?
[] It's a disaster, isn't it?
[] Here we go boys. IRL dubious food!

Miya waved the steam off and then turned off the stove. After that, she slowly peered into the pot.

The camera moved along with her, panning to get a look inside the pot. And inside...

[] Huh.
[] That's not what I expected. But I guess it's better than being burnt?
[] Holy crap. A hot girl that can really cook?

...Was perfectly normal food.

Miya rummaged around for a pair of tongs and then started digging around the pot, showing it off. "It looks a lot better than my first attempt..."

[Rhea Davinki Ch.🔧] Considering you gave us mush, I'd agree.
[Kuromi Tekken Ch.🔧] Don't be rude, Rhea! It was tasty!
[Tsubame Akari Ch.🔧] It did appear a bit mediocre, however...
[Jenny Smith Ch.🔧] The clumsy cooking had its charm!

[] lmao Miya's getting roasted
[Hana Homura Ch.🔧] It's okay! You did better than Aneue!
[Aoko Ryuusei Ch.🔧] S-Shut up! I only burned the pot once!
[Alfi Titor Ch.🔧] But you were boiling water.
[] Did I seriously miss a cooking stream or something?
[] www That's right. The pot was a bright red, wasn't it?
[StraightGarbage] This is why you don't cook with dragon breath, Queen

Springy off-white noodles. A foamy broth, colored yellow and white from the eggs. Vivid dark green broccoli intermixed in the plain colors...

It didn't look like a world class meal. But it didn't look inedible either. Just an ordinary ramen pot.

"Hm." Miya frowned and said, "Well, I guess it's time to try some?" She walked back to grab a bowl and a ladle, along with some plastic chopsticks. That done, she served herself a bowl and headed back to the countertop.

[Rodvek97] The moment of truth.
[] Are we going to see colors spray from Miya's mouth?
[] Is she going to taste the rainbow?

[] Hey! Mine looks almost like that! Except the noodles are still hard.
[] Still think dry ramen is best ramen.
[] Tasty! Kind of... Maybe?

Miya leaned on the countertop with her left arm and then twirled some noodles around her chopsticks with her right hand. She cautiously sniffed the noodles and muttered, "It smells fine now. I guess the smell was from how fast I captured the steam?"

[] Oh yeah. Broccoli has some pretty strong fragrance
[Anumi-kun] Cooking food at 10x speed will do that, yeah
[okabe_rintaroll] Better than a jelly banana

"W-Well... Here I go?" Miya lifted the noodles to her mouth. The springy white noodles moved towards her pink lips. Lips that started to tremble as the noodles approached... and lips that started to fill the screen as the camera zoomed in on Miya's face.

[Senpapi] HNNNGH
[] Droni! Best cameraman! Keep zooming!
[] Please taste good...!
[] Why am I so invested in an anime girl's cooking?

[Sky3Fall] Help. I've fallen and I can't get up.
[Mestreangel] Welcome to wonderland. Enjoy the stay.
[ReaderXofXNovels] At least you haven't started watching all these other indie VTubers too...

Miya's lips parted and she nibbled on the noodles, slowly taking a bite. And then her eyes widened and she let out a happy smile. "It tastes normal! Success!"

[hilary08] Your standard is normal!?
[Ray_Ghost_Factory] It usually doesn't?!
[] XD I'm dead.

[ichiro_kun] Why do I feel like a proud big brother?
[maji_ghost] @ichiro_kun Oi.
[ichiro_kun] :sweat:

[] Too... much... dere...

Miya went back for another bite. But then she froze, staring at the camera in shock. "W-Wait..." She blinked, her face slowly turning red. "W-W-Why are you so close, Droni?"

[Huyrrou] DRONI MVP
[Lomyril] I for one welcome our robot overlords

Miya glanced at the chat and then groaned, covering her face. "That's so embarrassing... Uuu..."

[Reinya] Uwu?
[Senpapi] Uwu!
[Inaki] Gah! Surprise gap moe is cheating!
[rational_rabbit] Y'all need the lord in y'all life, I swear.

So, yeah. Not gonna have time to add in usernames until this weekend. >.> On the plus side, there's more time to pick for this chapter and the last? Also need to add in the chat comments last time too. I'll stick those in soonish. Hope this was fun though! Next time... probably Grandpa Jade Emperor housecrashing? :shrug: Take care!