The Feelings
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Became a victim from someone else quarrels were one of the pathetic things in this world. I touched my swollen checks, and the pain will remain for some hours for this kind of bruises.

This girl is unbelievably terrible when she out of her mind.

People from Black Antlers Sect already left. They left just like that. I have a feeling that next time our meeting would be the battlefield.

“They came at the worst timing,” Ione grumbled.

‘Bad thing always come at a bad time, if not why people call it a bad thing?’

Both of us sit under the Golden Spruce. Ione sipped her tea while I enjoyed my milk. The warm fragrance of tea and honey danced around us.

A quarter hour later, a strong wind started to blow our sitting mat.

A strong wind with mixed temperature, moisture, and scents.

A different dragon gave a different sign in the wind. A phenomenon of each dragon became an allegory in many cultures.  Dragons become the personification of many deities in many civilizations.

I took another sip of my honeyed-milk and saw a spectacular sight in front of us.

Hundreds of Dragons fly in formation. Each clan elders give a ring formation around their younger kindreds. When they move in under heaven, all-sky phenomena must open the way.

“I wish our days will just like this?”

‘Full of Dragons?’

“No! That would be nice, but that is not what I mean. It would be nice if every day is a peaceful day.” Ione smiled when she looked at the sky.

‘Really? You just have beaten some people not long ago. Well, I am afraid I can not fathom your concept of a peaceful day.’

“Do you want to taste another one?”


“Ha, ha, ha, look at you face Eiwa. I think you always like that, careless about how the world works. I wish I could be like you, live without any burden.” She sighed at the end of her world.

‘Do you worry about uncle and aunty?’

“Yes, I think of them every day.”

‘Why don’t you ask Lily to find them?’

“I can’t ask Teacher for that. When I am strong enough, I will find them myself.”

‘Well, count me in when the time comes.’

“Yup….” She smiled, but I knew that was a sweet lie. “Come, let me take out our main course.”


Far away, six shadows appeared at a mountain peak.

A boy fell on his knees, “Grand Protector, forgive me for failing to recognize you.”

“Son of the Frei raise your head. I am here not like the Grand Protector, but as a pupil in the same generation as you all.”


“It is okay. I don’t like the formality.”

“Yes, still, my action brought all of us trouble.”

“Ha…, ha…, ha…, that’s just a small matter. Treat it like one of your valuable lessons when we return to the sect. Besides, who would imagine in a small kingdom, we would meet a less than a five-year-old Grand Mage?”

“Yes, even if we put her within the sect, there is no genius like her.” The boy sighed.

“Son of the Frei, I heard that your family take some part on Aelfwine succession. Is that true?”

The boy was taken aback, this is not a secret within their sect, but this matter should not pick any high-leveled protector’s interest.

“Yes, indeed. I can ascertain of it.”

“Then it was your luck that you left unscathed today.”

The boy again surprised.

“Why, it’s surprised you?” The young girl gave a sweet giggle, “If I am not mistaken, that girl is the lost daughter of the legitimate Aelfwine’s crown prince that your family tried to assassinate in chorus with the current king.”

“No way! I am sorry…, I mean that girl’s death was confirmed. And when her death was confirmed, she even hasn’t stepped in the mage way.”

“I am aware of that information. But my instinct isn’t likely gone wrong.”

“So, why don’t….”

“Why don’t I eliminate her, so we have less threat in the future?”

The boy nodded.

“Indeed, that would be the best, and according to my rule as a protector, I should have done it. And I would have already done it if she is alone.”

“Is there anyone else was hiding there?”

“No, no one else was there.”


“But that kid who was with her.”

“Yes, he was a bit strange.”

“I got a feeling if I dare to make a move on that kid. The world shall know Mysterious Cloud Peak only in history by tomorrow.”

All of them shivered, they knew what those words meant.

Only Arthfael, the son of the Frei was having cold sweat drenched his limp body. Only empire level power could erase a medium sect like Black Antlers over nighttime.

“Boy, I shall not intervene with your family business. But if your family is doing something that invites its own downfall, I would not let it drag the sect into pandemonium.”

“Yes, I do understand.”


In a small mansion within Violet Crane Village.

“Mistress, here is your tea.”

Lily just finished brewing a new kind of tea for Lady Floretta.

“Lily, you shouldn’t have to do this. Let this trivial matter to Lina or Mari.”

“But they are on duty right now.” Lily smiled.

Lady Floretta tasted the tea.

“It’s fragrance is really wonderful.”

“I am glad you love it.”

“How I cannot? You always bring us the best stuff from the many places.”

“As long Mistress and Young Master Eiwa love it, and I am already satisfied.”

“By the way, why don’t you follow the kids instead letting Lina and Mari watch them?”

“If I am there, Ione wouldn’t be able to enjoy her vacation time.” Lily was laughing.

“Ah, truly so. But you don’t look something bad would happen to them?”

“They are just watching some moving lizards, why would I worry? Besides, you are not worrying about it yourself, Mistress, are you?”

“I don’t worry. But I can shake this feeling that something big may happen.”

“Honestly, so do I.”

Both fall silences.


“Hey, Eiwa….”


“Hmm…?” I was enjoying the full course of honeyed-grilled-pig.

“They are already crossing for hours, but we still cannot see the end.”

“It should be around five hours after the sunset.”

“You can count it?”

“I just have a feeling for it.”

“Bah, liar, if a heartless boy like you would have a feeling, there would be a dragon fall from the sky.”

“Well, there was never a dragon fall from the sky when they migrate.”

“There will be, I just have a feeling about it.”


And soon, the sun already set under the West horizon. Giving us a more outstanding view of Dragons’ Migration than ever before.