Descent of the Chaos
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From the orange skyline into the dark night sky, tonight pictures only came twice in a millennium. People call it the Celestial Parade of Ten Thousand Auroras.

Why? Since each dragon became a luminous object with different pattern and colors.

Some will have a pattern of bright light on their abdomens, and some were strip lucent on their dorsal, or some colored dots around their neck through to the tails.

Stronger dragons would have a blinding glow of lights, and they would make the moon became shy on the night.


“Brat stop right there!”

“D**n you, old lizard. This is a family business. Stay out of it!”

“Family your a*s you little imp! Return Her Majesty’s Child right now!”

“Bah, this is my little sister. I must protect her. Do you want to take her away? Step over my dead body!”

“You b*****d. If not because I give a face to the late Queen, I am already skinned you alive! You are not even part of the clan. So, you wish to create a commotion on this sacred pilgrim?”

“I am not, it is you, old lizard!”

Between the lights, those were dancing in the night sky. Two dots seemed flying fast. One gave chase to the other.

The one in the front is a four-legged creature, it's head just like Gong Gong, but the two front legs are lion’s and the two back legs are condors. It has six pairs of antlers, and all were golden-grey. On his back was tied down by ropes of mana, an egg as big as ostrich’s. This egg covered with chaos and life engraving.

“Brat you ask for it!”



‘Hei, that is the last honey-roasted-peanut!’

“Oh sorry, it was just too delicious.”


“Come on little Brother. Don’t be angry. I’ll let you have my favorite tea. Besides, you should not overeat sweet. I heard those people who overeat sweet but rarely work out are easily fall sick.”

‘Oi, I did do my workout.’ I rolled my eyes.

“I think this is the end of the line. Should we camp here, or would you like to return home now.”

‘If we return home now, we will arrive at the middle of the night. The door must be already locked. Let’s just camp here.’

Ione nodded, but suddenly her expression frozen.

I felt it too.


“Heed my call, O the greet spirit of protection. I summon thy power, Parthenia of Rhea, Shield of Dione!”

When Ione used chanted-spell, it means for powerful magic is being activated.

The ground in front of us rose in an instant forming a half-dome shield-like black structure. Also, the field in front of the arrangements create another more prominent similar structure and so on, until there are seven of them in a blink of the eyes.

This summons magic is one of the most potent protection magic based on natural charm. Only work when used above the ground. Its purposes are the protection of the caster from ground-to-ground and air-to-ground attack.



After the significant tremor, I saw the earth dome in front of me cracked, while the smell of dust was getting thicker.

‘S**t! If the impact was a little bit stronger…’

“Yes, we would become a meat pie.”

‘No, but it would surely ruin my last jar of honey.’

“Bah. Can you stop thinking about food for a moment?”

‘Tch said the one who first mentioned a meat pie.’


‘Come, we should look at what that was.’

Ione nodded in a serious expression.

Then we move to the front of the earth dome while the dusty air still blocks our vision.

We saw a sizeable one-meter-deep dent on the three-meter-thick earth dome.

Within the crater, we found a dog-like creature, bleeding all over his body, with a gasping breath. He curled up, apparently trying to protect something.

The creature opened his eyes in pain when seeing us. There was a ‘glad-like’ gleam in his pupils.

“Thank heaven both of you are fine.” He talked just like he was okay, but we knew he put everything on it. “Brother, sister, please help me, protect my little sister from the bad guy.”

An egg-shaped object flew from his bosom to my hands.

“Its an egg!” Ione yelled.

“Run…, both of you run!” He said weakly while tried to stand up.

I could imagine the pain, what kind of power could smash this creature and broke six of eight earth domes, the sturdiest elemental protection that cast by a grand magus.

However, soon, I, we found the answer.

A four-winged giant being, a Bahamut of the Forgotten Myth, the bringer of destruction, Uthyr – the king among Chaos Dragons.

“Oh, you still alive after that!” A majestic voice came from above us.

I gritted my teeth, this dammed lizard almost made us killed, or he deliberated a design where we would die.

I looked at the egg, seeing the pattern, and remembering what I heard before, I understood some points.

“Bah Old Lizard, your attack only so-so, even mosquito’s bite made me more twinge.”

His feet were trembling, but he stood there fearlessly in front of one of the infamous dragon kings.

“You still have not learned, have you?”

“Come Old Fossil. We’ll settle this once for all!” Then he looked back at me, “I am Volos would never forget you, brother and sister, even in the afterlife.”

He didn’t give us a chance to reply, Volos’ body already soaring to the sky. So bold against the existence that capable of shaking the whole land.

I shook my head, no wonder they said, ‘even the wealthiest ox loves to act like a hero within poems.’

Hmm…, should we leave now, or should we continue to watch the show, there was still bread left?

“Eiwa, let’s save him!” Ione half-whispering words shocked me.

‘Eeee… why? I was about to watch a good show again.’

“Do the righteous Eiwa needs a reason to save the weak?” She smiled at me.

‘Let me help you to count our probability to come home alive after trying to save his a*s. Hmm…, it would be … ZERO!’

“Then, how about if I tell Aunt Flo the story of the young hero that saves the weak is born in our land?”

Oh…! I admitted that sound great. “Come, we should not let the tyranny of evil prevails!”