Masters of Mortal World
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Every year, a Cane Spirit Festival took place over the Violet Cane Village. Villager, travelers, and merchants would spend a night on festive and prayer at the Cane Spirit Shrine that located above the Northern Hill.

People were busied with their respective roles on this festival. Except for the priestess, others would run around the village for particular errands.

It has been a full month after the Dragon tribes’ migration, but I still can not any change on this egg.

‘It is obviously a dragon egg, perhaps from chaos dragon tribe since there is primordial chaos pattern on its’ shell.’

Well, that incident gave me a headache.

After tricking that damned old lizard with Ione’s great escape magic, fortunately, I succeeded in the hidden teleportation process to our nearest guardians, Lina and Mari. They were doing an errand to keep us safe from a certain distant – secretly.

When we returned to the village, Mother’s reaction was still okay. But Grandma on the other side was furious, and I am sure if Grandpa didn’t help her cooled down, she would run amok and butchering some lizards.

And the most inconvenience one was when an investigation squad came from the nearest military city to investigate the report of dragon’s fury in their jurisdiction.

Since our stay in Violet Cane Village shouldn’t be related to our real identities, Grandma and Grandpa took earlier leave to return to capital. They were too famous, and an ordinary military squad would easily recognize their existence in a glance.

Oh, I wish to hear more bedtime stories from both.


Lina and Mari sat around an antique table, in front of them lay a parchment with the accomplished list.

“My Lady, all the task has been done.”

Lina said to Lady Yvonne who was standing near the windows while looking at the crescent moon.

Lady Yvonne gave a soft smile, “Continue. We are entering the second phase since his growth is too fast. Tell everyone that it maybe turns into beyond our expected plan.”

“Yes, My Lady.”

Lina and Mari stood up and excused themselves.

“With this, perhaps we will have less time together, but I wish you grow up into a splendid youngster.” Lady Yvonne was lightly chuckling while watching to a small chamber across the private garden. Then she put her teacup and leaving her room.


In front of me, was a big picture book with detailed information about every known mythologic creature, the Encyclopedia of Draconem. It held all known information about dragons and other mortals alike.

But after a while, I still had not found anything that depicts the egg I got earlier. Did it come from a rare species? Was it the product of a mutation? And what is it related to that old lizard and the gong-dog?

I couldn’t think anything at the moment.

“You still bothered by it – the egg?”

A gentle voice came from outside the unclosed door.


I was surprised. I did not realize that Mother was standing there.

“You…” Mother sighed gently, “Other kids at your age would throw their book and run for their mothers for a hug. But look at you, you stay silent like a stone, so heartless….”

‘No, it just you that surprised me, why would you come while concealing your aura?’

“See…! That’s what I mean. How can my baby boy didn’t care for a motherly surprise? Such a cold-hearted son, perhaps I should look for your father and make another baby, a daughter that would understand her mother’s feeling.”

‘Now, now, now, are those tears necessary?’

But snubbing my protest, she came to me and pinched my cheeks. Then she picked me up and let me sit on her lap. She opened the book once again, and we looked at a similar description.

“Chaos Dragon was one among the most mysterious dragon-kin. We know almost nothing about this subrace. Fortunately, we have some theories – or perhaps speculation about their origin. It was an unwritten myth, a forbidden tale.”

‘If it was forbidden, why you know about it?’

“Well, in this universe, there is something that we call fate. Just say, I am fated with this tale, so mother knows it while perhaps not everybody else.”

‘Is there something like that? It sounded suspicious.’

“Ara, ara, why should you become a skeptic? If words can simply explain fate, then all fortune tellers would go broke.”


“Then, let us return to this story. Before, the three realms exist, everything was nothingness. There was no space, and so, there was no concept of time either. So, we can’t say how long this nothingness exists, since it would also become a paradox.

Suddenly one moment, there was a primordial roar that changes this nothingness forever.

Something born from this nothingness, it said it was a will, an Ancient Will.

The Will is still a singular sentient entity for who knows how many billions of years. One day, the Will made a move, and this move creates spaces, multilayered dimensions. And many celestial bodies and creatures born within these spaces.

Dragon races were among the first sentient beings those born within what we call today as the three realms. Of course, there was another race, the divinity races.

Those sentients beings were sometimes capable of grasping the ancient will. They gain enlightenment about the source of the will.

Their enlightenment comes into three forms, the chaos enlightenment, the void enlightenment, and the abyss enlightenment. Their descendants are also having pseudo-enlightenment from any type enlightenment that their ancestors had.

We can then find today, chaos dragon, void dragon and abyssal dragon – which in our mortal plane, mother never heard any historical encounter with the last one.”

‘So, Mother, do you think that this egg came from any of those dragons?’

“I do not know since your mother never saw any three mythical dragons’ egg before.”


Mother smiled while flipping another page.

“But it was said, that there is a possibility of the fourth type of primordial dragon. The dragon that born alongside the primordial Will and it should have all the characteristics of three type enlightenment. Only one of its kind may exist in the whole universe. Its name is the Dragon of the Beginning.”

‘A possibility? Mother, do you mean by a probability as in speculation?’

“What a skeptical kid is you. Mother said it is possible since there is a basis for it.”


“Yes, dragon and god are the primordial races that born not long after the cosmic born. But how the primordial will create the three realms as they now?”

‘Perhaps with a magical word, like Abraxas?’

“Pfft…, you are so funny. But Mother wouldn’t say you wrong since there is no definite answer to the question itself. But as common knowledge, the three realms was brought about by a god race that blessed by the authority of primordial will. All sentient beings in the three realms call him, the Great Creator. And with the beings like the Dragon of the Beginning, they were known as Masters of Mortal World.”