The Bamboo and the Egg
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Last time Lily left for so-called guarding justice and protecting the poor around the universe, she left me with her aide—the bamboo sprout.

This little fellow was so funny. He complained all the day when he realized about his unique assignment.

But he is a devoted aide. He ignored no request however foolish it was. Nor he sought any question but the necessary one.

So, I was a little astonished when he asked me, how I can track accurately in this wild forest.

I joked him, and he already grumbled again. I knew he cussed me within his mind. What a funny fellow.

It was fun to look his protesting face, but I decide to share something to him.

“Have your ever heard about magical inarticulateness?” I quizzed him while continue to hike.

“That was a sophisticated term, Young Master. I am afraid only extremely little authentic case of it ever presented to any magic canons in entire history.”

“I don’t know about it. I only ever heard about it.” I reply shortly.

“Then, why do you mention it now?”

We arrived at a peak of a ridge, and there was a ravine before us.

“I am curious, why there was a sign of magical inarticulateness in that girl?”

“You mean the treenos with royal lineage? How can that be? I didn’t notice any unusual thing, except for a kind of mortal poison in her.”

I stopped for a moment and took a deep breath.

“When we focused on some detail, we may lose the whole picture of a problem. She may be poisoned, but that poison should not affect royal blood that much. But she is too weak, and the cause of it is perhaps she was spending her mana for something else besides fighting poison in her body. Something more precious than her life. And that thing, whatever it was, has no alignment mana system with her.”

“So that is why she seems didn’t chant any correct spell, not because of the poison?”

“Yes, but if we see from this viewpoint, it would be a pseudo-inarticulateness.”

“Then…, if I don’t remember it wrongly, every construct of inarticulateness would generate chaos around the web of mana. And Young Master, did you just suggest that you could track this chaos?”

“Yes, two elements, construct an interconnected chaos within the web of mana, even they were severed, we yet can trace it back edge-to-edge before the chaos subside by the law of nature.”

The little bamboo sprout nodded his head.

Then, I pointed to a spot not far below.

Around three to four hundred meter above the ground under the cliff, there was our destination, but I couldn’t see it clearly because of the canopies.

“What you see there?” I asked the Little Bamboo Sprout.

While he caressed his nonexistent beard, he took a glance before acknowledged, “There is a single small squad of ten. A ranger, two swordsmen, two magicians, a shaman, a shadow-walker, two brawlers, and the last it seems their leader. Except for the leader who we can say as a second-class warrior, perhaps the other just common mercenaries of the third class.”

It implies they are a typical chase and capture squad.

“Is there any irregularity you see?”

Perun looked back at me, “Please elaborate, Young Master.”

“I mean, is there anything that logically is a thing that should not present together with them?”

“Hmm…, among all those peculiarities. I see an egg within the leader pouch, a small egg at the size of baby fist.”

I considered for a moment, later asked again, “So, that egg is something that should not be turned up at this plane?”

“You can tell, Young Master?”

“If an egg can enter the eyes an outer space bamboo sprout, then—it shouldn’t be from here.”

“Fuck! Again? Are you a psychic?”

I chuckled, “Little Bamboo Sprout, you let your mind gone wild.”

He closed his mouth hastily, realized he should not spout his bunk just that loud rather than kept it inside his mind.