The Bandit of Miðgarðr
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Sound of passing wind went along the small demon and the kid when they jumped off the cliff. Rather than fall rapidly, they descended gracefully.

There was dust fluttering when the kid feet touched the forest floor. Of course, this was because the magical force of the small demon.

They arrived quietly at around three hundred steps from the target group. And the squad’s members seemed oblivious to the present of the duo.

“Young Master, how do wish to handle them?” The little demon asked the boy.

“Let’s observe them for now, I wish to identify which party they belong to.”

The child took small strides, discreetly closing in while hiding. Trees and bushes completely hide their present.


A group of people didn’t aware that they were under surveillance. They moved unhurriedly while seemed searching for clues. Once in a while they spoke to each other and shook their head again and again.


A girl around twelve was relaxing under an old white dedalu, dark skin with a pair or flaming red pupils. While another one with gold hair lay her body on fresh summer grasses.

“We have been exploring here for three full years, but not even a single clue popped up in our seeking.”

The golden-haired girl around her ten said wearily.

The dark-skinned girl turned her head, and spoke gently, “Well, with the limited clues I wouldn’t be surprised. And I never read or heard a plant like that in this star field exist. Azy, please be patient. Our meeting itself was a sign that we are in the right star.”

“But Mari, we received no news from my grandpa and your master for nearly a year now. I am afraid something bad happen to them.” Then she stopped for a moment, “Well, since they didn’t to bring us this year crispy salmon mushrooms, I hope some tigers bit their butts. Humph!”

While the golden-haired hair harrumphed, the black-haired one just smiled lightly.

They met for the first time about four or five years ago. Both of their guardians were searching for a light within the chaotic Three Realms.

One of them came from Nineheavens, and the other came from Ninenethers.

“Well, we cannot just hope that…”

Abruptly, they glanced toward the same direction.

“This force is…”

“No! These powers are…”


After around an hour surveillance, the boy tapped little demon’s head.

“We move now!”

“Yes, Young Master.”

The boy said nothing, and the little demon asked nothing either.

Their observation targets neither make any talk, nor make any effort that may leak their aim. Waiting any longer would just waste time.



A small high-pitched voice came with a sudden appear of a tiny body from bushes.

“You are violating my sovereignty! This act of aggression shall not be pardoned, and there will be a severe sanction for all of you!”

The voice continued.

“For that, offer all your belonging, and then you may leave with your heads stay on your necks!”

The group was not just stunned, but also speechless.

One of them, a lady with bow and arrows came forward.

“Little Brother, where did you come from? Are you lost? You should not play around here; this woodland is full of danger.” She smiled kindly.

“Bah!” The boy harrumphed, “This Lord plants all the trees here and raises all the beast within when you still inside your mother’s womb, why would this Lord get lost?!”

The boy raised his hand, “Hurry, enough chit-chat, pay your sins, and leave this place, return to wherever you belong, since This Lord too lazy to deal with shrimps like of you.”

Again, the group shocked. ‘You grow all the forest and rearing its beasts since before we were born? Aren’t you just a five or so years old? Did your head just bumped somewhere? Ah, what a poor lass.’

“Enough Felisa, we have no time to deal with this idiocy. Let’s continue our mission.”

A young red-haired man shout.

“Don’t be so heartless Vadim.” The girl called Felisa just ignored the red-haired man. They looked back at the boy, “Little One, who is your name?”

The boy was reticent for a minute before replied, “Girl, since you look nice, This Lord shall bequeath you a blessing by knowing This Lord’s illustrious name. Remember well, This Lord is called Eiwa—the Sovereign of Middle Earth, the most handsome bandit of Miðgarðr.”

The group almost devastated when they heard this. ‘Aren’t you just a small robber in the broad daylight? The hell with Sovereign of Middle Earth, and where the fuck is Middle Earth, anyway? You just want some coins are you, just say it! Bah, we should not waste any more time.’

“Let’s leave!”

The leader of the group has spoken.

But, when they were ready to move. Their bodies were still, not frozen, but still like they were pebbles on the ground.