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Maybe i should sleep a bit more instead of writing. If you guys saw me not posting more chapters after this, i probably be asleep. So keep in mind that the longer i post, the more sleep i took. Lol.


"Ye Xin! I challenge you to a duel!" 

For Fcks sake! I was just basically sleeping my ass off after working a late-shift, continuing on working the gun so it doesn't explode and now some young master began to challenge me to a duel. 

I quickly turn my back to the girls and one of them look away. Dammit Thot#3!

I quickly turned to the young master as to appease him for some misunderstanding and he began to scold me that i had taken something from Thot#3.

Huh? Taken what now? Is it the minimum wage i was paying her? Was she mad about that now?

Or was it that the herbs she found about the beautifying effects she found in the basement was what she mad about since i never it to her?

Meh, its probably just those two. As long it isn't something such as...

"Ye Xin had already took my first time!"


Brain: Adios.

Author: Welp, good luck bro!

Brain! You go! Author! You stay!

I mean....

Oi, WTF?!

Oh hell nos. I ain't having some Thot lie to some ass and make it more troublesome than before. Also, do you want to spread that fake news to Xin Fei?! Btch?!

I felt the anger of getting misunderstood as a beauty can get the hearts of men and only guys get misunderstood in this situation. You feel like those married couple who the guy hits the wife because she was cheating on him, which only ended up having to pay more money from the cheat and had to watch your wife fcked another man. 

This is also the same situation but in a different context. 

I mean, i never touch any of these thots and my V-card is still strong. Plus, no matter how drunk or sex-driven i am, i always promise myself to never be like my dad who abandoned us siblings and never knew what a proper father be like. If i'm gonna be a father, i rather be someone who would love my wife, even she can never gave birth or never be as beautiful as a goddess. 

Women can't cheat on you if you are worthy of her. And thats what i'm aspire to be. Someone that be the perfect man and not attract any thots like these women. 

And so, i fully disclose the information in front of the public that i'm still a virgin as everyone, even the young master felt shocked and unable to say any words. 

Hah, shame is for the weak and i rather be made fun of being a virgin than attract trouble. 

Thot#3 was surprised at my words as she somehow interpretted it as the rest of the girls. Also, it seems that because of what i said, it seems my charm points had risen instead of decreasing as the guys felt a bit prideful of themselves. Meh, don't care if i'm a virgin as long as i'm loyal. 

The young master was confused but seeing that Thot#3 was looking at me weird, he sense that he decided to fight me as if he wanted to win her heart. 

Lord behold! I got my ass beaten the living hell outta me. No way that some ordinary guy with just his tech smarts was able to beat someone who cultivated since he was a toddler. I mean, i basically have tech skills to build suits from the system but its not powerful enough to endure multiple attacks and i also had been testing this suit out with the weapon i've been making. 

In the end, Thot#3 and the other Thots had been surrounding me as they wanted to give me lap pillows but i was still crying on the ground of how much hurtful i am right now. Not only i am injured physically but also mentally after publically announcing that i was a virgin. 

"Ye Xin! I promise to devote myself for you."

Fck off Thot#3!