[Arc I] Chapter 48 – One brother left
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Yeah, hunger is the next issue I have to deal with… but it’s not as simple as getting something out of the fridge, is it? What do I do?

I could going out and finding something to eat by myself (“Like the time with the gecko?”)

But that’s also the easiest way to get killed. Yeah, I know, there are no safe options available for me, but I still don’t know what the general danger level is around here! Where can I find easy targets? How do you know if something is an easy target? And how to avoid getting caught!


In retrospect, for all my training and practice, there is tons of stuff I seemed to ignore until now. Did I unconsciously try to avoid thinking about becoming independent? Was I planning on becoming a hebikomori? [TL note: hebi means snake]


The best way to do that.. Would be to follow mother on the hunt. But she is harder to get a hold of recently. And even with the tattoo, following someone in my current state seems like something super hard to do. (“Not to mention fighting”)


Exactly! How am I gonna fight with my tail covering my head all the time? This requires more preparation…


But first things first. Time to sleep. Again. (“What, again?”)(“Why is it that time passess so much faster when you have things to do and deadlines?”). Yes, again! Using soul power was super exhausting, and I need to regenerate my mind as much as possible before risking another contact.



I woke up happy and refreshed, sun gently touching my face… Not. It was pouring.  (“Also, the sun never reaches directly to the nest”). I just realised how weird it is that I never saw rain before, when, seemingly, we are in the middle of a jungle! But then does rain work the same way in another world? Does growing plants work the same? I do need to drink water from the lake occasionally… though far less than when I was a human. Is it a normal thing for all creatures here? Once again, I know nothing!


While I was having those weird discussions, I noticed this specific tension around the center of the nest. It seems the time for one more shedded skin to appear there has come.


I slithered closer. It was the usual, totally grayish white snake was laying motionlessly, seemingly waiting for something. The only other brother, also mostly gray looked at him. Only two of us, such a contrast compared to when the oldest sister left. (“I’m not lonely, sniff, you are the lonely one!”). 


After a short while mother came. I suspect she was ready before, they just decided to wait for me to let me also give the last goodbye. The rain making the mood even more sombre than usual. She booped the snout, delicately, waking up her child. Realising its time, it broke through the old skin, and got out, fresh scales shining, contrasting with everyone else gathered around also expecting to molt soon. 

This time it was the brother that booped mothers snout, delicately, then he went to the other remaining brother, performing the snake equivalent of a firm tail-shake.


(“It’s our turn now?!”) (“We are not ready!”) Damn, I can’t do that. I can’t risk getting into his mind.. Even if it would be nice to be able to actually say goodbyes.


However heartless it might seem, I just waved my tail, and run away. He tried to follow me, but I dodged again, and again waved my tail. 


Dejected, he gave up, waving his tail as well… (“Does he think we hate him now?”) (“I hope not”)


Damn, I can’t bear to do this. I tried my best to once again activate the tail-mind shield. 


While my brother was sadly slithering away, I, looking like a pretzel with my tail coiled around my head, came behind him, and bopped his tail with my body. He jumped in surprise (“Ha! Final Drunken Snout lesson for you! Never let your guard down!”)


But by that point, I already ran away, back to my hiding spot. He didn’t follow, continuing his slither out, though this time it did seem more energetic.


That’s it for today. This short chapter is mainly here to move the main story at least a bit forward, for those of you that don’t care much about the snake dream part. It will have more relevance to the plot as time goes on, so I would advise against skipping it.


At the same time, the previous 2 chapters were 1.5 longer than average ,so great job me!

Also, I might be taking a break around easter, to visit family and stuff