Chapter 7 – A Day In the Life of A Superior Spider-Man
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Over the next few weeks, Otto's life went according to plan. 

As he attended his PhD ceremony, he brought along Mary Jane as well as his aunt May Parker and her husband, J Jonah Jameson Sr. 

"Hello Peter!" Anna Marie said happily. 

"Hi Anna. I would like to introduce you to my wife Mary Jane, as well as my Aunt May and her husband Mr Jameson" Otto said

"You....your wife.... I see" Anna Marie's face changed. 

They greeted each other and sat down for the ceremony which went smoothly. 

After the event, Anna Marie approached Peter to talk to him in private

"I.... I didn't know you were still married" she said after pulling him aside. 

"Of course we are. We recently reunited" Otto said proud of his supermodel wife

"But....but.. we.... that night..." Anna Marie stuttered 

"Yes. That night was wonderful. I did tell you that I wanted a little desert. And what a wonderful little desert you are" he smiled

"You... you used me!" Anna Marie said with tears in her eyes

"Used you? Of course I did. I wanted to eat you, and I did. And I am more than willing to bring you to my bed again, maybe in a threesome with MJ" he said

"You.... I can't believe you!" she cried as she stormed off. 

"Too bad... she was a nice little desert" he nodded before walking of uncaringly. 

This was what being superior meant. To take and fuck any woman he desired, and dump them when they are no longer wanted. 


Otto cut the ribbon, officially opening his new company Parker Industries.

His main investor J Jonah Jameson Sr, who was his aunt May's husband, as well as Mary Jane was there, together with several Avengers in their civilian identities. 

The main Avengers were there including Steve Rogers (Captain America), Logan aka James Howlett (Wolverine), Natasha Romanova (Black Widow), Jessica Drew (Spider Woman), and the newly returned Tony Stark (Iron Man). Thor wasn't there as he had to return to Asgard for something or another. 

His own team were there too including Luke Cage, Jessica Drew, Danny Rand (Iron Fist), Clint Barton (Hawkeye), Kate Bishop (the other Hawkeye), Sam Wilson (Falcon), Matt Murdock (Daredevil), Barbara Morse (Mockingbird), Kamala Khan (Ms Marvel) and the latest recruit Felicia Hardy (Black Cat).

Others that attended including the Fantastic Four, including Reed Richards (Mr Fantastic), Sue Storm (Invisible Woman), Peter's good friend Johnny Storm (Human Torch) and Ben Grimm (the Thing)

The company would be creating artificial mechanical limbs which was actually based on Otto's own technology, but using the name of Peter Parker, as he had just received his PhD in that field. 

After the ceremony, Otto was chatting with both Reed Richards and Tony Stark, with both giving him compliments about his robotic limb technologies. 

"Yes... yes.... Marvel at my genius, you second rate hacks" Otto thought in his head as the 3 discussed about technology for hours even after everyone else had left. 


However it was at home that Otto found the most interesting

As Spider-Man was coordinating the Avenger's local actions from the Tower, most of the team were out on missions as the Spider-bots kept everyone very busy. 

"Matt.... two blocks from you to the east, a bank robbery. Luke and Danny, Rhino robbing to the First National Bank 8 blocks away from you. Clint, Kate and Kamala, the Sinister Six are in that warehouse. Sam and Barbara are on the way and will back you up in 2 minutes" Otto said as he monitored the many simultaneous crimes happening. 

"We... can't...keep.... doing... this..." Jessica Jones said as she sat on Otto's lap, bouncing up and down his dick. 

"Why? Isn't this so much fun? Fucking behind your husband's back?" Otto asked, his hands groping her breasts from behind and pinching her nipples. 

"But...but... aren't you married...too?" she gasped

"I keep wife satisfied in bed. But if you're worried about Luke, I have a plan where he will openly offer you to me" Otto smiled

"You.. ugh... do?" Jessica asked, losing her mind from the fucking

"Sure I do. I will make him think he's cheating on you, before you cheat on him" Otto cackled as he rammed her pussy harder

Jessica screamed with pleasure. 

Jessica got accidentally pregnant with Luke and got married. She loved having sex with Luke because like herself, they had super strength and durability. They could lift in the 20 tons range and she didn't like being too gentle with her lovers. With Luke, she didn't need to hold back. 

However, now with Peter, she had another lover within the same strength range. And Peter was her first crush in middle school, so this was something special to her. 


Late that evening, Tony Stark decided to have a private discussion with Otto. 

"Uhm... Peter.. I want to talk about something..." Tony said

"What is it Tony?" Otto asked

"Well... you see, our security cameras have been recording you going around naked at night..." Tony started

"Is there a problem that I sleep in the nude? I heard that the Hulk used to walk around naked in the Avengers Mansion" Otto answered

"No... well... how do I put this. I know I myself have a reputation as a playboy. But... you've been recorded going in and out of not only your own room, but in and out of Natasha's room, Jessica's room, Felicia's room... and there have been recordings of you and Jessica Jones all around the place in the day time. I've been hiding these from Luke... but I don't want this to tear the team apart. Please... have some discretion... and maybe lay of somebody else's wife." Tony said. 

"I'll keep that in mind. Thanks" Otto said

Otto was usually arrogant and condescending. But since deciding to lead a team of Avengers, he toned down his arrogance. A genius like himself could see that a smile and manipulation would get him further than being arrogant about it.

Suddenly, there was an alarm on his phone, and he rushed to the control room. 

"What is the situation?" Tony said running in after him. 

"MJ's club is on fire!" Otto said as he quickly rushed off. 


Spider-Man burst through the door, to find Mary Jane crouching on the floor trying to escape the smoke. 

"Pete..." she said

"Don't talk. I've got you" Otto said as he carried her out of the building. 

His Spider-bots started putting out the fire as the fire fighters arrived

"Oh Peter... my club..." MJ cried

"I make enough that you don't need to work. But... if you want, you could go back to model or act. I will sponsor you" Otto said

"Modelling... we'll see" MJ said with tears in her eyes