Chapter 11 – The Breakup
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Otto swung back to the Avengers Tower. 

He had finally gone out on a mission with the rest of the Avengers, having laid low for a few weeks as the new team took up the slack. 

Things were going well at Parker Industries, and everything seemed fine. 

But just as he got home, he saw Mary Jane on the couch. 

"Peter... we need to talk" she said, having prepared two cups of coffee. 

"Oh? What's do you need? Do you want another sex session? I believe Jessica is home" Otto smiled. 

"No... um....What I mean is..." Mary Jane tried to start

"Well, I swung back quickly. But if you wait for a few minutes, the rest would be back soon. Luke would be sweaty and smelling manly, and Felicia and..." Otto said

"NO! No... " Mary Jane said. 

"Then...?" Otto asked

"It's this... all of this. The orgies, the multiple partners... me fucking Luke..." Mary Jane said

"Then? Do you want others? I am sure sooner or later I can convince Steve.." Otto said

"No! I don't want Steve..." MJ said

"But he was your teenage sexual fantasy, wasn't he? Maybe Thor?" Otto said

"No... no..." MJ started tearing up. 

"Then what?" Otto asked

"This is not what a marriage should be" she cried

"Huh? But isn't sex better? Am I not your ideal lover?" Otto asked

"Sex... sex with you is wonderful. But with the Venom symbiote... you know how much I fear it.." she said

"Oh... but it makes me superior! My tongue now..." Otto said

"I know. But it's not just about the Venom symbiote" MJ tried to continue

"Then?" Otto asked

"It's the orgies, the symbiote.... even the photography session.." she said

"Didn't they earn us tons of money? With one photoshoot, it generated enough money to..." Otto answered

"It ruined my career!" Mary Jane yelled

"But you're more popular than ever! Even Luke Cage get hoots and admiring looks everywhere he goes now. And it made both of you alot of money too!" Otto said. 

"Yes it earned enough money for us, and for you to make Parker Photography its own porn entity, but I can never act in legitimate movies again! I can never model again!" MJ said

"But why do you need to? Besides me making enough money to soon compete with Tony Stark, Parker Photography will be able to male its own movies and modelling shoots!" Otto said

"PORN movies and shoots! I can't live a normal life again!" she yelled

"So? It's superior!" Otto said

"I don't want superior. I wanted a normal, happy life! Our marriage broke apart because Spider-Man's life kept me from having an ordinary life. Now you.. want to be.. superior... life just went 1000% further in that direction!" she cried with tears free flowing from her face. 

She got up and faced away from him. 

"I wanted to talk to you... but you aren't listening. Goodbye Peter... don't look for me" she said as she walked towards the door.

"YOU WON'T LEAVE ME! I'LL KILL YOU!" he said as Otto blocked the door.

His whole body fully bulked up in his Venom form, fully in monster mode with his gigantic mouth open, teeth exposed and tongue sticking out, as he smashed a hole next to the door. 

The Avengers Tower alarm went off and the Avengers who had just returned, rushed to where they are. 

Mary Jane stood there, completely petrified as her pee flowed freely under her skirt. 

"No... I am sorry... Mary Jane.. don't leave" Otto said as he changed back to his normal looking self.

Seeing her like this made his heart throb badly. Maybe it was Peter's remnant feelings for her. Maybe it was his.... own? 

"Peter! Mary Jane... is everything alright?" Cap and Iron Man asked as the others joined them.

They saw the hole in the door, through the metal reinforced walls. 

"No.. everything is fine" Otto said

But as he turned around, Mary Jane was gone. 

"She'll be back... sure she will. I am, after all, superior" Otto muttered to himself as the Avengers stood around him. 

Cap placed his hand on Peter's shoulder

"Stay strong soldier" he said

"I am strong" Otto replied as he turned to look at the Avengers around him

He saw Jessica Jones and Spider-Woman. Both of them had physical bodies that could press tons of weight and had higher durability than Black Widow or the Black Cat. 

He pulled both their hands to his bedroom. 

Moans and screams emanated from the room not long later as he took out his frustrations on them with his full strength. 


Mary Jane didn't return as Otto expected. 

He let her go for weeks, fully expecting that she would return and beg for his cock. 

He intended to punish her and do another photoshoot with her. Maybe he could manipulate Cap or Thor to fuck her this time.

"Maybe a photoshoot with the handle of Thor's hammer Mjolnir inside her like a dildo with its head sticking out of her pussy.." Otto imagined sadistically. 

But to his surprise, she didn't return. Instead, she had disconnected her phone and moved out from her apartment that she still owned.  

A quick search by Otto revealed that she had left New York and moved to Chicago, Illinois. 

As she could no longer model nor act, she used part of the money she earned from her photoshoot to open up another club called "Jackpot". 

"What is she doing?" Otto wondered, in a bad mood. 

"Hey Peter. I'm going to Chicago for a business meeting. Her club is nearby one of my offices there. If you want, I can check up on her" Tony said as he removed his Iron Man helmet in the living room. 

"Sure Tony. Please do. She is still Pete.. I mean, my wife after all. I appreciate it" Otto said

"Anything for a friend" Tony said, smiling as he placed his hand on Otto's shoulder in support. 

It wasn't that he really needed Mary Jane. After all, he had so many women in his life now with Felicia, Natasha, Jessica Drew and Jessica Jones. 

But he felt that Mary Jane was Peter Parker's wife. That meant, she belonged to him, as did every other aspect of Peter's life. 

If he was to prove to himself he was better than Peter in every way, then he would have perfected Peter's life, living it better than he ever did. 

But now, he was a failure in marriage the same way Peter was. 

And that to him was unacceptable.