128. The Ishi Terrorists [1]
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Hey guys! I'm back with another chapter and a few announcements. For those of you wondering, things have gotten slightly better for me. The guy plagiarizing my work on webnovel.com took down all of the stolen chapters, but the page he used to host them with a different title is still up, so I'll be keeping an eye on him for the time being

On another note, the rolling blackouts in my area are over for now, so I should be able to continue writing in peace. But I'll continue to back-up my chapters like a mad-man (Always back-up your stuff kids!)

Also! I've recently come in contact with an old friend who just so happens to be pretty good at drawing. Now that the company he works for is allowing him to work remotely, he has more free time. And soon, he'll have enough leeway to draw illustrations for this Fanfic!

Having extra art for this story is just music to my ears. It's not happening yet, but it will in the not-so-far future!

Please look forward to it and enjoy the chapter!


The northwestern side of the island

Toroi just finished routing the marauders in his area. With no more enemies in sight, he tried contacting his allies. Sabu informed him of the situation at the bunker

Learning they had the situation under control in their area, he thought it'd finally be safe to breathe easily. Only to receive a sudden radio call from none other than Kintarō



"Kintarō-dono! What happened?! Everyone lost contact with you!"

"[My radio was damaged, had to...bzzz...temporary retreat to fix it!]"

{Retreat?} "Are you in trouble?! What's going on in your area?!"

The last thing they knew of Kintarō was his destination, he was set on recapturing the beasts that escape the bunker thanks to Deidara's bombs. But everyone lost contact with him not long after he left

"[bzzz...dealing with the bomber now, a long-range fighter staying out of my range, in the sky! I'm...bzzz...some trouble but never mind that! Listen! I couldn't get to the escaped animals in time...bzzz...blocking my way!]"

{Long range explosives...is it a Bakuton1Explosion Styleuser from Iwagakure2Hidden Stone Village? A member of their Explosion Corps perhaps? Looking at the type of destruction wrought here, those guys are the only ones who come to mind}

Kintarō was a close-range fighter. An opponent like Deidara, who could launch near endless explosive attacks with clay dolls from the sky itself, was the worst kind of opponent for someone like him

The only thing he could is keep Deidara focused on him to ensure he doesn't undergo another bombing run

"Where are they?"

"[That's the problem, this punk is keeping me at bay while his allies round them up! If you're still in the same area you were at the last time we talked, they're probably half a mile east of your position. Can you get over there?!]"

"Yeah, I'll move out immediately!"

"[Thanks, sorry for leaving this to you! But I can't let this guy attempt another-Ah! He's found me, gotta go!]"


The line went dead. With nothing else to do here, Toroi surveyed the area one last time for left over enemies


"Tekkan-dono and Hikaru have already left for reinforcements, and the bunker entrance is being protected by the others. I'll deal with situation near Kintarō before checking on Team Tango"

"Well, we certainly can't have that"



Reacting to the unknown voice with haste, Toroi jumped several feet away before identifying the source. Only to discover a single figure leisurely approaching him from the bushes

"Who are you?!"

"It's an honor to meet the famous Kumogakure shinobi, Jiton no Toroi3Toroi of the Magnet Style. I knew from the start this job would be unorthodox, but I never thought I'd be fighting you"

"Thanks for the compliment, but I asked who you were"

The stranger stopped walking and gave a small bow out of respect for Toroi

"Though I'm leading this operation, I'm merely an insignificant soldier for hire, my name is Kajūra"


The surrounding area began to shake, debris slowly started to move, along with something akin to black iron sand

"Trying to pass as a mercenary? Bah! You're nothing but a terrori-wait...did you just say Kajūra? No way...are you-?!"

"I'm especially thankful of your presence here, Toroi. I've always wanted to see how I'd fare...against a fellow Jiton user"

More and more rumble to gather around Kajūra, eventually beginning to form a massive shape

"I've heard rumors of a terrorist operating near Sunagakure4Hidden Sand Villagewith a power like mine...so it was you"

"A power like yours? Hmph!"




Forming hand seals, the rubble covered him and stood several meters tall before undergoing a change.

"Jiton: Raijinga!5Magnet Style: Lightning God Self"

{That size, it's almost as big as Killer B-sama in his Tailed Beast State!} "What in the-?!"


Sparks emerged as the debris around him condensed and shifted until finally, the rubble transformed into a gigantic version of himself

{He's...using Raiton6Lightning Stylewith Jiton to absorb iron and any other magnetic mineral in the area, effectively expanding his body's size. But to use Kekkei Genkai along with another nature transformation at the same time...even I can't do that!}

"This is tad bit bigger from those ridiculous oversized shuriken you favor, Toroi"

"Kuh!" {This arrogant punk is mocking me!}

"Let's rap this up quickly, I have a schedule to keep"

The magnetic giant composed of iron sand and other materials clenched its fist, positioning itself to strike Toroi. The latter of whom immediately summoned several large square-shaped shuriken

"Jiton: Jakuhō no Sōjin!7Magnet Style: Conserving Bee Twin Blades"


The shuriken Toroi summoned began to float around him as he prepared for battle

Though Kajūra couldn't be seen within the massive golem modeled after himself, a small subtle smirk emerged on his face. Pleased to see Toroi taking him seriously

"Good! Very good Toroi! Now we can see whose skill with Jiton is superior!"

{Looks like I'm not gonna be able to help you anytime soon, Kintarō-dono}




Another part of the island

Team Tango, nor their opponents had yet to make a move. Both parties were distracted by the sight of Kajūra's massive automaton, its figure could be seen by everyone on the island

"W-What in the hell is that?!" (Tai)

"Some kind of...golem? Definitely not one created through the use of Doton8Earth Stylehowever" (Suzu)

Rei expanded his senses towards the golem, or rather, the area around it. Scanning everything in the area until confirming what he suspected

"Guys, Toroi is fighting that thing" (Rei)

"?!" (Suzu & Tai)

"Kintarō-dono is preoccupied with that annoying bomber and the others are guarding the bunker at the center of the island. I don't think I need to tell you what this means" (Rei)

"Yeah" (Suzu)

"Huh? Oh...Oh! Ugh! That's just perfect..." (Tai)

"Mhm" (Rei)

It didn't take a genius to get what Rei was saying. Everyone preoccupied with their tasks meant only one thing...Team Tango wouldn't be receiving help anytime soon

On the terrorists side, both Etoro and Metoro were watching the spectacle without a care in the world. As if the Kumogakure shinobi next to them were nothing but a mere distraction

"Going all out so soon? You'd never guess from his earlier demeanor that he'd be so eager today" (Etoro)

"..." (Metoro)

"Right...it's probably due to Toroi. Kajūra's been eager to have a go with that guy for some time. Whatever, let's wrap this up so we can go watch" (Etoro)

"...The usual?" (Metoro)

"Yup, let's go!" (Etoro)


"?!" (Rei)

Without warning, the twins unleashed their Ninjutsu. Figures appeared out of nowhere and the team suddenly found themselves surrounded by a countless number of clones

"Careful guys, we don't know what they're capable of!" (Suzu)

"Tai! Haze!" (Rei)

"I know! {Suiton: Kiri Seigyo no Jutsu!9Water Style: Mist Control} (Tai)


"!" (Metoro)

"Fog? Mist? Is it the Kirigakure no Jutsu10Hidden Mist Jutsu? No...that's not it" (Etoro)

The area was engulfed in two different unnaturally colored fogs. Tai manipulating one batch of poisonous mist to act as a make-shift barrier for the team, covering them in defensive fashion. The other, he sent towards the foes encircling the team

The Genin faced the twins while arming themselves, silently stating they were ready for anything the latter could throw at them. Etoro, amused at their little provocation, decided to accept their challenge. The clones rushed at them

{They took the bait!} (Tai)

"Next up, Fireflies!" (Suzu)

"On it, just like we practiced!" (Rei)


"Katon: Homuranagase!11Fire Style: Blazing Meteors(Rei)

"Fūton: Shinkūgyoku!12Wind Style: Vacuum Spheres(Suzu)


Rei fired a barrage of small fire blasts in every direction, all amplified by Suzu sharp wind bullets. The pair skillfully took advantage of the different compositions between their nature transformations. But even more so...

"Just a little more aaaaaannnd-" (Tai)

"Huh?" (Etoro)

"Bingo" (Tai)


"?!" (Metoro)

"What the f**k?!" (Etoro)

The fire caused a violent reaction with the second batch of mist Tai sent outwards, causing various explosions in the area.

Over the years, the young man had become more and more efficient with not only poisons, but nearly every element on the periodic table. Largely in part to the science Rei shared with him, he was a full blown chemist now, and his ninjutsu evolved in suit

"Oh? That was a pretty sick combo, these kids aren't half bad. What do you think little bro?" (Etoro)

"..." (Metoro)

"Tsk! You're no fun" (Etoro)

"..." (Metoro)

"Yeah, yeah, I know. That mist is annoying, that's why were using this method" (Etoro)

With the explosions, Tai's ignitable vapor vanished. Knowing they wouldn't fall for the same trick twice, he sent the poisonous mist covering his team and spread it throughout the area

But not before giving Rei and Suzu an antidote so it wouldn't impede their fighting. Though he was confident he could control it without hitting them, he didn't want to take the chance

Rei, on other hand, felt something was off. Despite the barrage of attacks, he couldn't "feel" any reactions from the clones

{I thought they were shadow clones...could they be elemental like water or stone clones?} (Rei)


Just as things seemed to be going their way, the clones emerged from the smoke and directly charged at the team. Seemingly unaffected by the previous combo attack, nor from the poisonous mist which was currently covering the area, much to the shock of Tai

"The hell?! Are they basic clones with no mass?" (Tai)

"Hmph!" (Rei)


"Urgh!" (Rei)

"Rei!" (Suzu)

"I'm fine!" (Rei)

Rei charged forward and lunged towards one of the clones with the kunai in his hand. The clone defended the attack with its own weapon, but strangely, Rei felt an abnormal amount of resistance from the blow. To the point his hand was trembling

He backed off and rejoined his group, still trying to figure out what this technique was

"Clones unaffected by our attacks...yet can strike us. What is this?!" (Rei)


Etoro and Metoro stood in trees, the former in particular was enjoying the sight of Team Tango's struggle. Metoro started to grow impatient and looked at his older brother

"Alright already! I was just having some have fun" (Etoro)

"End it..." (Metoro)

"Fine...Let's kick it up a notch!" (Etoro)

Tai suddenly had a terrible feeling and yelled!


"?!" (Rei & Suzu)




Etoro smiled and formed a hand seal. Soon after, every single clone around charged at the group

"Let's how long these guys last"