Volume 3 Chapter 17
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“Captain, the information we have on G-5 is really bad. This is by far the worst branch in the history of the Marines. Any marine who is considered a problem is sent to G-5. it is said that the marines of this branch are insanely cruel and merciless people who like to stick needles into pirates, feed them to sharks, and or use them for campfire kindling.” Gentle No. 17 replied, she was dreading going to that base, she had also heard about the sexual harassment women faced at that base up to the point where some quit the marines rather than being sent to G-5.

“There is no need to worry about it, this is exactly the type of place that we want to be in. Firstly the location of the base, the base is located close to the red line. Those pirates who brave the journey from Sabaody Archipelago into the New World will surface near the base. No 2. The unruly nature and reputation will make it easy for us to launch campaigns without consequence. Vice-Admiral Garp must have thought a lot into this assignment, it's almost as if he has given us the green light to do what we like.” Ezra said.

“We have been assigned to lead Unit 2. Bomber, Guns, you two will be in charge of the 200 men each on the Atlantis. Brains you will be in charge of turning the 200 unit two soldiers into Atlanteans, you have the others to help. I don't care how unruly they think they are, we must make soldiers out of them. Lastly No. 19, you are in charge of the ship's upgrade, we need to make it large enough to house a  crew of 600 soldiers.” Ezra added.




A marine officer has received the highest praise in the East Blue for being the only survivor, yet still capturing the notorious Captain Kuro of the Black Cats Pirates. This Marine has skyrocketed in rank, fame and power, he is now known as Captain "Axe-Hand" Morgan"


Life on the Atlantis was normal for everyone, the only new thing was the constant drill shouts heard from the training area.

“You have 10 squats more to go” Doc yelled

“I cant my legs won't move anymore” Robin replied

“That means you are your limit, you need to push past it. This is the only way to improve. Its mind over body at the moment.” Doc yelled

Robin: “1”

“You‘ve got this, you are no longer who you once were! Like me you will grow into a fine marine” Doc yelled

Robin: “2”

“Show me the strength of a survivor” Doc yelled

Robin: “3”

Robin: “10”

“Congratulations Hara for completing your first limit break exercise, take the rest of the day off,” Doc said with a smile.


“Captain we are emerging, G-1 is to our left and our right is G-5.” Shields radioed in.

“Head to G-5, we need to assess the situation on the ground, looking for Instructor Z.” Ezra announced.

A small island stood in front of Atlantis, on it was the rundown G-5 marine base. Its walls were damaged with several broken windows. There were no defensive structures like walls and no organised ports or harbours. In short words, the base was a mess.


The metal door of the hatch opened, one by one Atlantean soldier's jumped off the submarine onto the makeshift ship dock on the south side of the Island.

420 soldiers lined up in a neat formation, their unusual Navy blue shirt and trouser uniform made them stand out as they waited for the arrival of their Captain.


The soldiers saluted as Ezra walked out of the vessel.


Soon a welcome party arrived. The averaged sized, muscular man in front was dressed very unusually. He wore a round hat with a short dark brim which had his brown coloured hair sticking out from the sides of his head to form a circle. This went with his small black beard and moustache. He had a scar on his left cheek. He wore a light fur-lined coat, a bow tie and a dark-coloured leotard with the marine symbol and “G5” pressed on it. He had three circular badges with dark-coloured stars on them, two on the right of his coat, one on the left. A belt strapped diagonally across his chest where he carries a sword and metal greaves on his legs.

“Pleased to meet you Rear Admiral Atlant, I am Commodore Yarisugi of G-5 base and the current leader of the Unit 06 soldiers. I am in charge of the base defence and upkeep. I received word that a new Rear Admiral would be sent to us to lead our problem group - Unit 2! I didn't know it would be the Sea Hero himself.” Yarisugi said as he pulled out a paper from his sleeves. “Can I get your autograph?”

“I like your sense of humour, sure why not. I will be counting on you to help us settle here at G-5. who was the previous leader of Unit 2.” Ezra asked

“Rear Admiral, you should know him, since you were the one who exposed him as a traitor to the marines. He was Captain “Iron Body” Vergo” Yarisugi mentioned

“Oh him, I remember him. Ok, show us to our location on the Island. Also, show Brains who is over here where the G-5 soldiers in Unit 2 are, he will be going there for introduction” Ezra said jokingly. Yarisugi might not understand the tone that Ezra used but the Lieutenants clearly understood, it was up to rein in the bad blood, beating the soldiers into shape.

“That is your office” Yarisugi pointed to the only building standing without a scratch, when Vergo moved in he rebuilt the existing structure. “Your Unit will be placed in the south area where we just came from, which is also the area closest to your ship. The officers of Unit 2 have been summoned to the training ground. We might be a rowdy bunch but we are still marines.”

“Leave it to me, Captain” Brains replied

“Rear Admiral Atlant, I will be taking my leave,” Yarisugi said before wandering off somewhere on the island.


“Ok we will split up here, Bomber this south side is your territory, I want it looking like a marine base. Guns you are in charge of defensive structures and shift rotation. Everyone else you already have your mission, shake them up.” Ezra announced

Yes Sir!

Ezra made his way along the path towards the blue one storey building standing at the end of it. He noticed that some cleaning had been done to the inside of the building prior to their arrival. Making his way to the chair, Ezra looked around the office. This was meant to be his new home in the New World but something felt off as soon as he walked in.

He checked behind the door, nothing was out of place.

He checked under the table, nothing was out of place.

‘There is nothing inside the sofa also. Am I being paranoid?’ he thought ‘I will check the pictures on the wall, if there is nothing there then I must be paranoia’

Pulling down the picture, which depicted a marine ship sailing through a stormy sea. Behind it was a journal.

“Oh, what is this? Why is it hidden?” Ezra opened the front page in an attempt to find out who it was for, but the front page was blank. The back page had a name that Ezra was curious about “Donquixote Family Corazon Vergo”.

‘This must be where he wrote all his activities for the Donquixote family during his time here in g-5’ Ezra thought as he turned the page.

Reading the first entry of the book made Ezra so annoyed he slammed his fist on the table in front of him, the shockwave from the punch was so strong that the newly built one storey building collapsed into fine powder.



Back on the Atlantis, Shield and No. 19 were making necessary preparations to sending the Atlantis to G-1 dockyards for upgrades. 

S.O.S signal 

“I am Marine Instructor Z, I am in need of immediate medical support. A number of trainees are dead, the remaining need extraction as soon as possible.”

“I am Marine Instructor Z, I am in need of immediate medical support. A number of trainees are dead, the remaining need extraction as soon as possible.”

“I am Marine Instructor Z, I am in need of immediate medical support. A number of trainees are dead, the remaining need extraction as soon as possible.”

The s.o.s message kept repeating itself on the Marine special line.

“No. 19, Hurry! inform the Captain” Shields yelled.


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