Volume 3 Chapter 18
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“Let go of me! I am a respectable scientist, not a criminal. He is just jealous of my superior ideas. He cannot take defeat.” A tall man wearing purple lipstick and dark makeup on his eyes shouted as he was led by armed Marines who jested and cheered.

What is going on here?” Bomber asked

“Sir! We are taking this scientist turned criminal to the prison cells” a marine replied

“What did he do?” Bomber asked

“He was the number 2 to Dr Vegapunk. He started dabbling with illegal research and now he has been condemned as a criminal.” the marine replied

“Thanks, We will take it from here. We are from Unit 2! We have the only Rear Admiral present on the base.” Bomber replied

“Identify yourself?” Bomber asked the chained scientist, while the marine officers boarded their ship returning to sea.

“I am Caesar. Caesar Clown." He had a very gaseous look on his face, his black hair was spiky and long. His eyes were brown and two curly horns were growing from the back of his head. He wore a big light blue coloured coat with “GAS” printed in pink on each side. Under his coat, he wore a pair of diagonally striped yellow and orange overalls. The overalls were cut off right under the knee, exposing Caesar's hairy legs.

G-5 South training grounds. 

Unit 2 is made up of 200 marine officers. These officers were sent to G-5 as punishment for bad behaviour. The death rate at this base was so high, they chose to live life on the wild side because no one knew whose turn was next.

200 marines dressed in everything but the marine uniforms were standing in a scattered arrangement on the training field.

Brains and 13 Lieutenants walked into the training ground. Over the years the Lieutenants on Ezra’s team continued to increase in rank, Bomber, Guns and Brains were already Captains. Today he wore his commissioned coat standing in front of this group.

“I am Captain Brains, I am a personnel of Rear Admiral Atlant who is now in charge of Unit 2.” Brains announced, behind him was 13 unmoving Lieutenants. “Since you, all will be joining our forces, we need to know what you are capable of. How about this, 200 of you will try to take down 10 of my Lieutenants. Get ready, they won’t be going easy on you.”

“GET THEM BOYS” someone yelled as they all ran to attack,

20 mins later

“Brains, they have a little bit of strength! Some of them might have touched on Haki but their application is really bad and their teamwork… Sigh” No. 13 replied as she wiped the dust off her shoes.

“You can see for yourself the level you are on, remember this defeat. You all are already at a level where other officers dream to be. This is Lieutenant Leo, he is a professional at training recruits, he will be in charge of your training. We need soldiers and not gangsters.” Brains announced.

Leo: "This should keep me awake. Did you hear that? Get up and start running! Your new uniforms will be delivered to each of you while we train.  you will only be classified as a soldier when you reach a certain level of skill, right now you maggots! Your physical strength might be better than most marines but that rugged lifestyle has hindered your growth, I need to remould you all.

Don't stop running, 200 of you are a team. No man gets left behind, so no one must drop out or quit until the whistle is blown. Do whatever you must but you must make it as a team."

“WHATT!” The soldiers grumped 

“You just added another 5 laps to the 100 laps you were initially meant to run,” Leo said with a smile, before laying down on the ground.


Yarisugi: "Rear Admiral Atlant, is everything ok? I heard a little commotion before realising that the building was gone."

Ezra: "Captain Yarisugi, can you get me all the information you have on the Donquixote Pirates as soon as possible. I mean every single bit of information rumours or not."

No. 19: "Captain, I have something urgent to report."

Ezra: "Let's hear it!"

No. 19: "Instructor Z has broadcasted an extraction SOS signal all over the private channel. I think there is trouble sir!"

Ezra: "Eagle, take Brains with you. Find that signal, if you can move them all at once do so, if not come back for the submarine."

Screech, “Hop on”, Flap

Brains and Eagle shot into the air and disappeared gradually into the clouds.

Bomber: "Captain, we have here Caesar Clown, the scientist formerly known as No. 2."

Caesar: "Don’t call me that, I am equally as good as him. Do you know why he sent me out because he got jealous!"

Ezra: "I read your file in the past, some of the experiments you carried out were already on pandemic grade. You are indeed smart and underutilized but I also feel that you can be a little emotionally unstable. It will be a shame for someone of your talent to rot in a cell because of this. Hmmm"

You will be assigned a Job as a Scientist on my ship. I don't want to hear any reports about any experiments other than your assigned work. If there are any problems, that might just be the day you join your ancestors.

Your first mission, start by modifying these rifles, I know you have seen them before they were made by the science team you once led, This time I want your best work.

Caesar: "...But Admiral I don’t have a Lab, no tools and equipment."

Ezra: "No. 19"

No. 19: "Don’t worry we will be making some modifications to the vessel a room will be created next to the Captains as your Lab/workshop. The tools and equipment you asked for, we only have what we found in an old lab of your old colleague, if you need more you should order it through the leader of your unit."

No. 19: "You will get to know him soon. He is in charge of all the Utility. We call him Doc."

Ezra: "Caesar, don’t mistake my kindness for stupidity."  

As Ezra spoke the Seastone effect radiated off his body weakening Caesar. 

‘What this is something unexpected, I want to dissect him, I want to find out’ Caesar thought

Ezra: "Think that one more time and I really will be forced to kill you"

Caesar: "Shit! He can read minds too"

Ezra: "I don't think Law will be enough, keep him restricted with the low-grade seastones for now and have some soldiers watch over him."

Yarisugi: "Rear Admiral Atlant, here is the information we have on the Donquixote family."

Ezra: "Do you know where Vergo kept his personal items at the base"

Yarisugi: "Yes, over this way. He usually receives large boxes once or twice a month. It was some delivery of some sort. The last box came just after he left on that mission to the North Blue."

Ezra: "Thank you, we will take it from here. Bomber, Open it."


A corner of the box was blown away revealing 3 strange fruits inside of it. 

Ezra pulled out Vergos Journal, looking for information on the last transactions. I see, somehow Doflamigo got hold of the Zoan-type Mammoth Fruit, which was sold to the Beast Emperor Kaido. 

Kaido provided 4 different types of fruits for 2 Zoan types. One was Mammoth and the other should be this black fruit over here, the Neko Neko no Mi (Cat Cat Fruit) Model: Black Panther. 

It says Kaido provided 4 fruits, why do I only see 3 fruits, Naifu Naifu no Mi (Knife Knife Fruit), Shakou Shakou no Mi (Shade Shade Fruit) and the other is called Plus and Minus.

Caesar: "Plus and Minus! Does that fruit exist?"

Ezra: "You heard of it before?"

Caesar: "It looks like one fruit but it is actually two fruits. the right side is Purasu Purasu no Mi (Plus Plus Fruit), while the left side is Mainasu Mainasu no Mi (Minus Minus Fruit). This is a Special Paramecia fruit that must be eaten by twins. One takes the power of the positive charge, the other takes the power of the negative charge. When they are close to each other, they can release a high voltage electric shock."

Ezra: "Call me No. 3, No. 4, No. 9 and No. 16, Everyone is dismissed. No. 19, pay attention to the mushi’s for any information on the rescue."

"Yes sir!"

Donquixote Family!


Donquixote Doflamingo

Elite Officers




Trebol Army Officers



Diamante Army Officers

Lao G

Senor Pink



Pica Army Officers



Baby 5


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