Volume 3 Chapter 20
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“Boss, there is a G-5 marine battleship coming this way,” a pirate runner reported to Doflamingo who was enjoying a neck massage from a beautiful lady in the palace.

“G-5, that place brings back memories. I still owe the marines for what happened to Vergo” Doflamingo said “Don't trouble them, when they arrive lead them here, Shushushu it looks like more secrets would be left on this island”

“Okay Boss!” the runner replied before heading back to his post.

Ezra and a handful of Lieutenants made their way off the G-5 battleship. “Take us to the Warlord,” Bomber said to the pirates who stood at the port to welcome their arrival.

“Start the Operation,” Ezra said

“Omoi Omoi no Mi (Mind Mind Fruit): Mass Hypnotise”

This was another application of the Mind Mind Fruit, as soon as the skill was used all the pirates around the area stood as if their minds had been erased.

600 Frogmen made their way out of the water, one by one on the port. 

“You all have your mission! The battleships should be enough for the civilians! I want the whole island evacuated and that mysterious Sugar found.” Ezra announced

Everyone: “Yes Sir!”

The marines slowly infiltrated the island. Each of them holding an odd-looking rifle. It had a silencer at the nozzle and scope on the barrel. These were part of the upgrades that Caesar had done to the initial rifle design. This was a case of giving wings to tigers. The new weapon coupled with their marksmanship, balance training and team coordination, this group were perfect for missions of this type.

Thud! Thud! Thud!, the pirates who were placed on defence fell like flies.

"West, Secure"

Thud! Thud! Thud! 

"East, Secure"

Thud! Thud! Thud!

"South, Secure"

Thud! Thud! Thud!

"North, Secure"

“Start moving the civilians.” Brains commanded using mind transfer.

As soon as the 600 soldiers had made it into land, Brains cancelled the “Mass Hypnotise” skill, returning the mindless pirates back to normal. 

Bomber: “Take us to the Warlord”

In the palace square, just in front of the coliseum. There was a crowd of civilians gathering. Everyone was confused why all the top members of the Donquixote Family were all showing up in the same place at the same time. They had no idea what was coming but it seemed that a show of force was inevitable.

No one noticed a marine slip into the shadow of a person, jumping from one shadow to another until he stood on the tallest pillar in the middle of the square. This pillar overlooked the entire Square.

Shade: “It is just as the Captain said, you can see everything from up here”

After speaking to himself, he placed 2 den den mushi of different sizes; a very big one which was almost the size of a box and a small one next to it. He pulled out another den den mushi from his jacket. 

“Morgans are you ready, I am turning on the Large Cameko mushi, Now,” Shade said as he soon vanished like he was never there.

All over the world on different continents, people noticed that a Proko mushi and a huge screen had been placed at locations where people normally gathered.

‘Something big must be happening' the people around the world thought

“Warlord Donquixote Doflamingo, you are under arrest for the attack on a Marine Instructor, killing over 50 marines”. As Bomber spoke his voice was also heard in various corners of the Island from the strategically placed den den mushi’s. “That is just one of your crimes, you are also under arrest for manipulating this kingdom causing the fall of the king and taking over”.

Doflamingo: “Shushushu, you don't have any proof.”

“We have more than enough. Firstly, there were 3 Marine survivors from the raid you carried out a year ago. Secondly, One of your associates had already provided us with all the information we needed. The others we also arrived at a conclusion by interrogating some of your men” Bomber said with a stern face

Shus...hmmm,” Doflamingo could not help but frown. ‘Did someone talk or were the marines bluffing.’

“All civilians make your way to the port, this place is now a battle zone.” Bomber said as he and the others stood in a standoff with the Donquixote family.

At the port, Ezra was standing controlling the ships out to sea after the civilians made their way on it. 

“Captain our mission is completed. All the pirates on the Island have been terminated or detained. More civilians are making their way to the ship as we speak.” a soldier said

“Evacuate the Civilians, we are still waiting for Brains and the others to find Sugar,” Ezra replied


Bomber: “Doflamingo, what did you do to the royal family?”

Doflamingo: “What do you mean? Shushushu”

Bomber: “Dont play games with me, I said we are aware of all your crimes. We know about Sugar.”

Doflamingo: ‘He really does know, does that mean someone really talked’

Bomber: “We learnt of the Dirty deal you made with the world government, the reason why no one questioned you taking over Dressrosa because you could make people disappear by turning them into toys?”

Doflamingo: “--”

“Bomber, we got Sugar.” Brains sent a message using his Devil Fruit power to Bomber on the surface.

Bomber: “It was only a matter of time for Justice to catch up with you and that's where we come in. We are here to end this reign of terror, no longer will people fear a normal life, or people go unpunished. I am Captain Bomber, an Atlantean under Rear Admiral Atlant. We are here to free this kingdom.”

Doflamingo: “SHIT! They got Sugar!”

Doflamingo shouted as all the toys started transforming into humans


Eleven: “Are you telling me that all these toys are people”

Brains: “Yes, there should be a hidden member of the Donquixote Family that has the Devil Fruit power to turn people into toys. We need to take them out.”

Sensing the seriousness of the mission the 5 limit breakers, could only nod their heads. Compared to the others the 5 of them had been subjected to various training and medical treatment with the aim of improving their physique. This has been paired with constant sparring, they all became monsters in their own right. Unlike the others, they chose to retain their numbers as their codenames.

Brains: “Let's go”

The 6 marines moved swiftly in the underground level of the city as they headed for the direction where toys were preparing for a black-market auction. This was Doflamingo's underground organization for weapons, slaves, even Devil Fruits.

Brains: “Watch out!”

5 People including Brains moved back quickly, the only one that was late to responding was Eleven, who was now caught by the neck in the hands of a short old man, with a bald, vein protruding head. His looks carried the sign of age with his grey beard and wrinkled skin. He wore a blue jumpsuit with a white arrow pointing upwards with two blue lightning bolt-like shapes pointing towards his shoulders. The jumpsuit’s belt was fitted with the letter "G" on the buckle. He also had white gloves and boots as well as red tights under his jumpsuit, with blue arrows pointing downward on his legs.

Lao G: “I knew I smelt something unpleasant. When did Marines start sneaking around the sewers like rats.”

Brains: “Let go of him”

As Brains spoke the others pulled out their weapons.

“Kick Armada”

Brains sent a flurry of kicks at Lao G, only to stop halfway withdrawing his legs

Brains: “He is using Eleven as a shield”

Lao G: “You all are not leaving here today, you already know our secrets! It's either you die or join our toy army.”

“Armament Haki”

Eleven protected his neck with his beginner Haki. Due to the pressure of death, his body started squeezing its potential as his Haki slowly started to advance nearing medium mastery.

Lao G: “ What a  talented marine, too bad you met me now.”


The eyes of Brains and the others were red with anger. Eleven just died like that, they had to fight.

Brains: “Four of you, I know you are upset. I am too but we have a mission to complete, leave him to me.”


The others jumped as they moved in the direction of the open door.

Lao G:  “I will not let you interfere with the Captains plans,” 


Just as Lao G was about to enter his stance, he noticed that Brains was now standing in front of him.

“Omoi Omoi no Mi (Mind Mind Fruit): Mind Copy”

Using this skill, the user can copy the martial skill and attacks of his opponents. This was Brain's method of fighting he had developed over the past year, he had perfected it was the fight with Lao G, a renowned martial artist.

Brains: “You will pay for the death of Eleven.”

Lao G was fuming! He had never failed a mission before until today. He was tasked with guarding the entrance to the market and now 4 marines had broken through his line of defence.

“Lower Back Pain Stance”

Lao G bent his knees with a slight lean of his body to the front. His arms stretched in front of himself into a letter G shape

“Copy and Store”

Brains also bent his knees with a slight lean of his body to the front. His arms stretched in front of himself into a letter G shape

Lao G: “Oh, Copying what you see doesn't mean you know how to use them. The young these days are too daring. I have to end this quickly as I have to stop those who made it past here. Tch”

“Pain Snake of Undying Warrior”

While in the Lower Back Pain Stance, Lao G jumped forward as he performed a flurry of kicks and finger attacks in an attempt to strike all of Brains Joints.

“Copy and Store”

At the same time Lao G jumped forward, Brains like a mirror also struck out using the same technique countering every single attack of Lao G.

Lao G: “How is that possible, You cannot know Jio-Ken, it is a martial art passed down only in the G family. Your bluff is over, Marine! Don't think I will go easy on you because of my age. Prepare to face my strongest attack.”


“ULTIMATE SECRET TECHNIQUE: Battle Preservation Fist”

The elderly Lao G screamed as his body began to transform. The deflated aged muscles drastically increased in size, his hunch also disappeared. Leaving behind a very muscular man.

“Copy and Store”

Lao G: “I don't know what your trick is but you cannot copy this technique. The technique allows you to conserve the power of your muscles from your prime. Now it's time to die, Marine.”

Expiration Devil Withdrawal Immolation"

Lao G gathered all of his energy into his fist for a final blow, becoming surrounded by an aura of electricity in the process. 

“Armament Haki” “Copy and Store”

Brains: “Did anyone tell you, that you talk too much”

Before Lao G would release the attack he was gathering, Brains who was now covered in an aura of electricity, his hand coated in bluish-black Haki shot forward to attack. His hand pierced right into Lao G’s chest grabbing his heart before crushing it.

Brains: “That is for Eleven! You are too old, it takes you a while to return to your prime. On the other hand, I am not far from my prime.”

After saying that Brains watched the corpse fall to the ground, he looked at the shocked expression of Lao G. Thinking about what must have been going through the old guy's mind as he died.

Twelve and Thirteen ran out with 2 marines, a small girl and a cage.

Thirteen: We completed the mission but the cost was too great. They had an army of toys down below. Seventeen was turned into a toy and destroyed. Fourteen sacrificed himself to take Sugar out. Our part is done, after saying this she collapsed on the floor. Her back was still riddled with bullet wounds.

“Rest well,  Twelve can you still move?” Brains asked

Twelve nodded

“You take Thirteen with you to the ship, I will bring the others,” Brains said

Twelve did not say anything, he picked up Thirteen and started heading to the exit.

“Everyone Listen up. The Marines of G-5 under Rear Admiral Atlant are in battle with the Donquixote Family. You are no longer controlled by the Donquixote family, make your way to the port, there is a ship to extract you off this Island. Those of you who have to face the law, I am afraid it is something that cannot be changed.” Brains yelled. “ In a while, this place will be destroyed. I repeat, this place will soon be destroyed”


Back on the square! 

“What are they doing down there?”

“Wait how did they find out about the secret underground base”

“WHICH OF YOU BETRAYED ME!” The ever-smiling Doflamingo was furious.

“Boss, I think this is part of their tactic. In house fighting will make their Jobs easier” Trebol said as he disgustingly pulled back a long droopy snort back into his large nostrils.

“You are right, everything seems a little rushed. It is as if they are fishing for… FISHING. I see so you guys are not the only ones on this Island. You must have sent your marines to search the whole island while you delayed me here at the square. Shushushu I knew you were up to something.

Yes, the secret is out, Do you know that more than half of the toys on this Island are people the world government wanted to disappear. You freeing them is only placing a target on yourself.” Doflamingo laughed

“Oh, the world government is involved as well?” Bomber was confused

“Didn't you know? why do you think we could do as we please. We are of course vassals of the world government. We do their dirty work! It's a shame you were not informed of this. Who did you say is your superior again?” Doflamingo jested

“A pirate working for the world government, I think I have seen it all. We are known as Atlant…” Bomber

“Stand down Bomber” Ezra casually worked over. “I am his Superior, I will be arresting you for all the illegal activities on this Island. Even if you were the crown prince of the world government, you will still be arrested today. We are marines, keeping the peace is our duty.”


Marine HQ

“Fleet Admiral there is a problem, News keeps coming in from every village, town and city of a special broadcast by New Coo. There is one happening right now in the middle of Marineford Town.” A Commodore reported the information he had prepared

“Speak plainly, what is happening?” Fleet Admiral Sengoku instructed

“Sir! Rear Admiral Atlant and his G-5 unit are about to engage in battle with the Donquixote Family.”

“WHAT! Why did he not report to base before starting this Campaign, Doflamingo is not someone we Marines can touch as we please. Get me a den den mushi, quickly” Fleet Admiral Sengoku instructed 

Ring Ring

As Ezra was walking towards Doflamingo his private den den mushi rang on his wrist.

Ezra: “Hello, I am in the middle of an arrest. I will ring you after this is done”

Sengoku: “Rear Admiral Rose D. Ezra, This is an order to step down and return to HQ immediately.”

Ezra: “Sorry Sir, but that is an order I cannot comply with”

Sengoku: “This is not the time to be stubborn, Doflamingo has friends in high places. He is not someone we can afford to arrest. Think of your career in the Marines.”

Ezra: “So you are saying because of this, we should allow the people of this land to suffer. We should continue to let people be kidnapped and turned into toys until they are sold to the nobles.”

Sengoku: “You already know about it?”

Ezra: “I think the whole world knows about it now.”

Ezra disconnected the call

“I cannot believe he had the nerve to terminate the call on me.” Fleet Admiral Sengoku was fuming with rage. 

“Fleet Admiral, you will not like this. The whole world just heard the conversation between you and Rear Admiral Atlant” the commodore shivered as he said

“ROSE D. EZRA!” A loud voice sounded out from Marineford, with it was a shockwave which reversed the flow of the sea and caused a high tide to one of the islands at Sabaody Archipelago.


“Just be a good dog and do as your admiral had commanded. Shushushu SHUSHUSHU” Doflamingo laughed hysterically. “Officers teach them a lesson.”

“We are not here to challenge them, we are here to serve a well-deserved Justice. Arrest them all” Ezra said to his Lieutenants.

“Yes Sir”


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