Volume 3 Chapter 22
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An extremely tall and thin man with a muscular upper body stood in the street alone with a rapier in hand, behind him his red cape fluttered even without wind. He was wearing a light-coloured hat with brown locks of hair coming down from it. He had striped, orange and red rectangular streaks that ran down from his forehead, through his eyes, all the way to his chin. A light coloured shirt with brighter red pants.

Shade: “Diamante, Diamond seat of the Donquixote Family. Formerly known as the Hero of the Colosseum. Devil Fruit: Hira Hira no Mi (Flutter Flutter Fruit). Known to cheat in every battle.”

Diamante: “Impressive isn't it. Why formerly known, I haven't been defeated yet. Uhahahaha. Stop hiding, come out and face me, Marine.”

Shade: “I am right next to you”

Shade appeared out of nowhere, and was standing side by side with Diamante!

“Tempest Kick”

“Hira Hira no Mi (Flutter Flutter Fruit): Steel Cape Lock”

The fluttering effect on the red cape was undone, leaving a steel block to defend against the Wind blade of the kick.

Diamante: “Uhahaha, what will you do now, Marine”

“Hira Hira no Mi (Flutter Flutter Fruit): Corrida Glaive”

Diamante flattened his sword, reforming it into a Bullhead mace.


“Armament Haki” “Tekkai”

Using his hardened Legs, Shade defended against the mace attack.


Diamante: “Oh, I see you know some weird moves, but this is not enough to save you”

“Hira Hira no Mi (Flutter Flutter Fruit): Vipera Glaive”

Diamante flattened the blade of his sword. The flattened blade extended itself shooting out in the direction of Shade like a snake.


“Shakou Shakou no Mi (Shade Shade Fruit): Shadow Walk”

Shade used the power of his Devil Fruit, pulling him to the shade of a nearby structure, before disappearing

Diamante: ‘Seems to be Shadow type of power’, “It doesn't matter you cannot escape from my greatest attack”

“Hira Hira no Mi (Flutter Flutter Fruit): Stardust of Death”

Diamante pulled out several folded up confetti cannons, releasing his power over them, before firing them all into the sky at once.

“Hira Hira no Mi (Flutter Flutter Fruit): Mass Release”

Using his Mass release skill, Diamante transformed the paperlike confetti that shot out of the cannons into Spiked Iron balls which covered the entire street.

Diamante: “Where can you hide now?”

“Hira Hira no Mi (Flutter Flutter Fruit): Human Flag”

As his body started changing shape into a flag, to avoid receiving damage from his own attack. He did not notice that his shadow was slowly changing in shape. The shadow peeled itself off the ground, in the process a seastone cuff appeared out of nowhere.

Noticing that something was happening behind him, Diamante turned around. But there was no one there, he looked at his feet only to see that his shadow that should be on the ground was now hovering beside him.

Before he could scream the shadow placed the seastone cuff on Diamante's wrist before returning to the floor.

Shade: “Show me how you will be dodging your own attack”


In another part of the city.

“It looks like we all have to fight, I suddenly have some inspiration,” a woman with a plump upper body and very skinny legs said as she thought. She was wearing a purple dress, with yellow flowers on it, and had a pink bead necklace. Her hair was orange on the right and blonde on the left, each twisted together on top. 

Chef: “Looks like I get the Artist”

Giolla: “Yes yes, you didn't have to call me beautifully charming supermodel Artist”

Chef: “Of course,” ‘I didn't say any of those things if that's how it is then this won't be a long fight.’

Chef: “World-renowned Giolla, Miss Universe. Show us some of your art”

Giolla: “Praising me, won't do you any good. But if you really want to see it. I will turn this brick house into a work of art.”

“Ato Ato no Mi (Art Art Fruit): Inspiration”

A cloud slowly rose from her forehead, grabbing it with her hand she threw it at the building. The building started distorting and transforming into an abstract work of art.

While Giolla was concentrating on the transformation of her art, she failed to notice a sneak attack from Chef


“Naifu Naifu no Mi (Knife Knife Fruit): Blunt Knife attack”

Chef appeared behind Giolla hitting her with a knife at the back of her neck, knocking her out in the process.


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