Volume 3 Chapter 23
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In another part of the city, Leo was lying on the ground with his eyes closed. “It looks like everyone has started fighting. Since I was lucky enough to get no opponent. I will just take a quick nap.”

Just as he was about to take a nap, a lady with long, wavy, light green hair came asking for directions. She was average in height, wearing a blue and white striped shirt and blue bloomers as well as a set of blue heels. She had a distinctive set of glasses that had circles in a ripple pattern on the lenses.  “Excuse me, the road has been destroyed, how do I get to the port from here? Please help me, Mr Marine Lion”

“Oh a civilian” Leo replied with one of his eyes open, he raised his hand pointing at a street not too far from his position. “Take that street, it is a straight road to the port, you should know this already, Special Agent Monet. I guess you are my opponent”

“Someone did tell you everything about the family, you even found out about me. That is not a simple feat Mr Marine Lion.” She said shyly.

“Call me Leo, It was quite challenging actually, but it wasn't me that carried out that task so… yawn. Anyways why did a pretty lady like you mix up with this bunch?” Leo asked

Blushing You think I'm pretty?” asked as she lifted her glasses, slowly positioning them above her head. She combed her hair back with her hands revealing more of her face as she bent slightly flashing a bit of her cleavage.

Leo wasn't expecting this move, his face was red with embarrassment.

“Why don't I give you a nice belly rub, nothing like getting that from a lovely lady, don't you think?” Monet asked.

“Sure” Leo replied

“Yuki Yuki no Mi (Snow Snow Fruit): Snow Sword”

Monet slowly walked to Leo, she slowly froze her hand transforming it into a sharpened, solid snow-blade.


Leo: “Tekkai”

“I knew you were up to no good” Leo replied as he slowly got up. “I really don't want to hit you, you are pleasing to look at, just get arrested”

“You wouldn't hit a lady, right?” Monet asked while blinking her wide eyes and her cheeks rosy. “Please, just stand there and die” Monet yelled.

“Yuki Yuki no Mi (Snow Snow Fruit): Snow Storm”

A stream of snow was quickly released from her lips, slowly surrounding Leo within a blizzard, blocking off any possible exit.

“Yuki Yuki no Mi (Snow Snow Fruit): Snow Rabbit”

With her arms raised, she summoned numerous solid hardened snowballs which looked like rabbits.


Leo: “Soru”

“Sorry, you cannot hit me with that slow attack” Leo laughed

“How about this” Monet yelled

“Yuki Yuki no Mi (Snow Snow Fruit): Perpetual Snow”

Monet completely turned into snow, using the snow caused by the blizzard she slowly entrapped Leo, immobilizing him with the severe cold. 

Leo stopped moving as his skin slowly turned blue from frostbite.

“My skill is not yet complete, now it's time to face a snow demon,” Monet said as she transformed into a  large snow monster with long fangs made out of solidified snow. “I will rip through your flesh and bones”

“Thank you for turning into this demon, now I have no problem in smashing your face” Leo replied

“Neko Neko no Mi (Cat Cat Fruit) Model: Lion | Twin Lion Fist”

Leo’s body started heating up, “Tekkai allows you to use your blood and muscles to improve your defence, Shigan allows you to move your energy freely in your body. This attack is what I developed for combining both techniques” Leo's fist were on fire, the fire slowly took the shape of lion heads. “I already knew you were a Logia power user, my fist has been imbued with Haki, So get ready to go to sleep.”

“King Lion One Two combo”

Leo threw a left and a right punch at the approaching Monet in demonic form. Smashing the snow monster into powder.


In a small market area, Iron Soldier lifted himself out of a collapsed stall. “Beast you were also sent flying in this location?”

“Yajuu Yajuu no Mi (Mimic Mimic Fruit): Eagle Flight”

Beast who was slowly floating down from the sky nodded in response, before lifting his chin in another direction. “We have company”

“Machvise, it's you and me,” a tall, obese man with brown eyes, large lips, dark shaggy hair, and a double chin said. He was wearing a pink bonnet and purple aviator sunglasses and carried a yellow pacifier in his mouth. He also wears a blue scarf with white polka dots around his neck with a pink bib underneath it. He wore a purple cut off, sleeveless shirt with the logo “Let’s Baby” in yellow on it, and a small swim trunk with stars all over it to resemble a diaper.

“Sui Sui no Mi (Swim Swim Fruit): Dive”

Nihihihhihi! Senior Pink, Try not to get in my way, you will only get crushed” a large overweight man, with long, wavy blonde hair under a big red peaked cap that also had the crew’s jolly roger on the front replied. He also had a large beard and moustache. His chest was hairy and thick, with his hairy club-shaped arms, thin forearms and short hairy legs. He had on a large red shirt with swirly designs on it and a tail-like appendage on its back. He had a clover-shaped iron plate on his back.

“Ton Ton no Mi (Ton Ton Fruit): Weightless”

Senior Pink dived into the ground as if it was water, the ground also rippled as he disappeared from the surface. On the other hand, Machvise floated up into the air.

Beast who was already in flight mode, flew up into the sky. The nature of his fruit meant he could mimic some skills of some animals but could not transform like a Zoan type. Getting to the highest point where he was face to face with Machvise, Beast hovered in the air.

“Sui Sui no Mi (Swim Swim Fruit): Surprise Attack”

Senior Pink shot out from the ground with a dagger in his hand attacking Iron Soldier on the leg. As the attack was about to land Machvise followed through was a combination attack

“Ton Ton no Mi (Ton Ton Fruit): 100 Ton Vice”

Machvise body weight increased to 100 Tons as he rapidly fell from the sky on top of Iron Soldier.


The dagger attack of Senior Pink bounced off the foot of Iron Solder.

“Shit, He is a cyborg,” Senior Pink said before swimming away from Machvise’s attack area.

“Prepared to be Crushed Marine” Machvise jested as he pulled his clover-shaped iron plate in front of him as he fell

“Arm Docking Change: Spring Boxing”

The arms of Iron Solder were pulled in, a different looking hand appeared. The fingers and palms were made of tightly wound springs ready to absorb the shock of the fall.

“Megalo Boxing: Uppercut!” 

At the same time Iron Soldier attacked the flying Machvise, Beast who was hovering on the side also attacked, using the same attack style of Machvise.

“Yajuu Yajuu no Mi (Mimic Mimic Fruit): Hippopotamus Weight”

He also quickly fell from the sky, right on the location which rippled as if someone was swimming under it.

Boom! Crack The sounds of broken bones followed as Machvise was sent flying into the air.

Boom! Crack The sounds of broken bones as Senior Pink was crushed into the crater formed from the attack.


More Fights to come!

There 2 - 3 more chapters left in this volume