Chapter 42 – The Cure Feels Good
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We returned back to the inn quickly and found that the inn was closed for the night, but Polovina still knocked the door and went inside.

"Everyone! We've brought back Morus!" Polnyya shouted. 

And as soon as me and Itia opened the door, "Mori-san!" Mary obviously was the first one to come running to me. 

Polovina and Polnyya immediately went to the room Mary came out of and didn't even greet the little kid. 

Good thing there's me. "There, there, you good?" I instinctively pat her on the head, "What's going on Mary?" Itia closed in on the hugging Mary to ask her a question. 

But before she even could respond. "Glad you came back quickly Morus." It's Marina with a tired expression. 

"Marina what happened—" And before I could even respond. 

"No time to explain." She grabbed my wrist and pulled me to the other room. "You'll understand why after this." She told me with a fake smile to try and cheer me up. 

But obviously didn't work, especially so as soon as I arrive at the room in question. "Cough! Cough! Cough!" "...Arrghh!" "Everyone bring the bucket!" "It hurts...!"

It's absolute anarchy. 

"...W-What's..." I try to ask, but everytime I try to say anything there's someone vomiting or coughing up blood, even at the corner there's someone pulling their pants down. 

In the lodging area there are approximately five girls that are laying in makeshift beds in horrible condition, with two of them I know about. The masochistic couple Rudas and Visoko. 

I look around the see Leonon carrying a bucket on his hand while trying to balance his cane as to not fall. Kumo multitasking by giving out various wet towels. With finally Marina and Gabril tending to each girl.

This is pure chaos. But the one shining line in this is these two fastly approaching me.  ""Morus help us!"" It's the mother and daughter pair. 

"Polnyya, Polovina, please what's happening." But I need to know the situation first before I could ask. 

"Uh-uhm—" "Mom—"

The two seemed panicking as, "Cough! Please..." "You two come here!" it seems that they have many priorities. 

"Alright you two continue to tend and I'll—" And the perfect timing. "I'll tell Morus-sama the situation you two." It's Kumo with no more dried towel in his hands. 

""Thank you!"" They nod to him quickly before going back to their posts. 

"Morus-sama." He bows his head. "I'll explain it as—" 


[What a disaster!] I thought in a panic. The sound of the people here is enough to make me move, "Kumo, tell me while I move." I head quickly. "Itia get your healing spells going." I order her. 

"Yes Mori-sama!" It was so serious that she forgot to call me her sister.

But moving on, [Health potion, check.] I grabbed up a couple bottles of these potions out of my bags while Kumo tells me what happened as he wets another batch of cloths. 

The two women known as Polovina and Polnyya have arrived at the inn asked who this Black Witch was that cured Marina. Then when realizing its me, they were greatly surprised and then begged Marina and Leonon to ask me for help. Marina more than gladly helped and even say to bring them in the inn, but even she didn't expect how problematic it is, leading to the current situation. 

...Those are what Kumo basically said. 

I now know what lead to the current situation. But the question now is. "Then what caused this sickness anyway?!" I couldn't really calm down as I was making the girls drink the potion down [I'm glad Itia's here.] She's the one casting spells equivalent to pain killers as I gave out the health potions to Polnyya, Marina, and all the other people tending the sick right now. 

Right now I'm dealing with two, specifically Visoko and Rudas. [Drink it you two!] It seems they are struggling to swallow anything right now. 

[I guess I have no other choice.] I look at Kumo first. "Explain to me what caused this illness in the first place." I said to him as I put and stored the health potion in my mouth. 

"Of course Morus-sama." And now time to focus on the situation at hand. 

[I have to forcefully make her swallow the potion.] I opened Rudas' mouth and connected our mouths. I use my tongue and the laws of motion to basically use my mouth as a hose to propel the red liquid down her throat. [I completely don't feel anything ecchi about this.] I thought in an instant before listening to Kumo's story. 

According to what Polovina and Polnyya explained to him, it seems to be that when they opened the brothel an unusual number of men waited outside The Succubus Nest. They didn't think of anything strange at the time because they looked at least clean at the surface and rather wealthy, as they all paid the owner Soumis for five of the most popular/expensive girls in the brothel. 

The owner agreed to this but was suspicious of them, so he told that two of them, Polovina and Polnyya, have already been paid for the night. They objected for a bit before agreeing else they be refused service. 

And so, five girls were put into one of the rooms and the five men did their business. Seems fine for now until they all suddenly left after finishing one shot per girl. Obviously the girls found it weird as although a one pump chump is not unheard of, or in their proficiency is sadly a rather common type of customer, for all five to be that way then leaving is just strange. 

But they couldn't wonder about it for too long as all of them felt sick afterwards and their condition becoming worst and worst by the second. The owner Soumis was shocked and angered by this development and immediately called in the city guards for help and even volunteered to be part of the search team. 

And finally, before leaving he asked the two remaining girls that could be relied upon, Polovina and Polnyya, to look for someone to treat them. Afterwards desperately looking for somebody to help, they heard the rumor of a 'Black Witch' that cured Marina's curse that was residing in her inn, and with no one left to help, they turned to that rumour...

When Kumo finished his explanation to what resulted in this whole mess. I already finished the third mouth to mouth treatment and the other two were done by Gabril and Polnyya respectively. 

"Haa..." That was exhausting. [I didn't even do much but the stress of it all is making me tired anyways.] But I was only tired mentally and not physically, what about those that were tired at both? 

"Morus..." It's Polovina, after running around frantically her dress that was supposed to seduce men are now revolted by the smell of blood, sweat, and other mucouses staining the dress. Now only being covered by a light coat. 

After all she went through she collapsed by my arms and sat down the floor beside me. "This is the worst..." She holds her feet and I can see the bruises that she sustained from running with those uncomfortable footwear. 

"Oh Polovina..." And standing for now is Polnyya. Who sat down and looked at her daughter's blistered foot. Caressing it and trying to make it feel better. All the while her own feet are as bruised as her own daughter is as well. 

[I couldn't accept this.] I must kill the perpetrators. No exceptions. But first, 


I healed Polovina's foot that Polynna is caressing first. 

"H-huh?" Both the mother and the father were surprised at the recovery. 


I cast it again. 


""W-wait!"" They tried to stop me but I was too focus to notice. 

Finally, {"Heal"}

One last heal for all four of their feet, now they have feet that could run a marathon. 

I smile at that but, "Y-you didn't need to heal our feet!" Both of them, especially Polovina, protested. 

I smile even longer, "You two were the ones that worked the hardest to save everyone here right? This is the least I could do." Then I look towards everyone, and Polovina and Polnyya looked at everyone as well, and they,

"Yup, Morus is right." What Leonon said. 

"Polnyya, my dear friend, she was right, you shouldn't underestimate yourselves." What Marina said. 

"I believe the two of you accumulated the most sweat out of everyone here." What Kumo said. 

"Yeah! Mori-san is completely correct!" What Mary said. 

"...I agree with Mori-nee." Is what Itia said, but only said it because of the flow. 

And now, "You see?" I made a corner grin at them. 

They all agreed of my opinion. 

"Everyone... Morus..." Polnyya looked at everyone involved and finally tear up. "Thank you all so much..." Someone at her age crying may be corny to some, but I couldn't help but smile in happiness and wipe out her tears. 

"Come here mother." Polovina, who's also about to cry, held it back for the sake of being her mother's support by hugging her tight. 

[What a happy ending.] Everyone working together to help some a big problem with everyone at the end crying and all that happiness. It couldn't be more cheesy than this

Now all we need is... "...H-huh...?" The people themselves waking up. 

""R-Rudas!"" Both of them immediately let go of their hugs to check on Rudas who's the first to wake up. 

I also joined in to see her and not just me though, everyone in this room is now checking on her, the first to wake up. 

"Are you fine Rudas?"

"How do you feel?"

The parent and child pair each asked questions to Rudas. It took a while to get her to speak, and after she does we can finally get an answer and have a happy ending right? 

"I'm fine..."


"I'm fine—ARGH!"

But the happy ending is not as simple as that. 


"Aaaaaarhhhhhhh...!!!" She's not fine. 

"Rudas just calm down!"

"It huuuurrtttssss...!!!" Definitely not fine. 

I need to move quickly. "Itia! Cast your spells earlier!" I shouted. [Shit! The symptoms are coming back!] Rudas is holding down her  stomach. [There must be a source where it's coming from!]

I gave her a true order and immediately, 

{"Make the pain disappear!"}

She delivers. 

"Haaa...haaa..." Rudas has somewhat stabilized for now. 

"Rudas, where does it hurt?" I almost pleaded at her to answer this question. 

"...h-here..." She nervously points at an area above her crotch but under her belly button, the area where her reproductive system are. 

Then it all clicked, it was caused by those men ejaculating into her right? Then there's only one area where the source of her pain are. 

"Everyone move!" I forcefully move everybody out of the way. Even Polovina and Polnyya as I grabbed her dress and pull down her underwear, revealing her privates. 

"Eh—" Before Mary could see. "Maria don't look!" Good job Marina. 

"Alright." I use my two hands, my right hand for her hole and the other above on the skin checking to see anything weird on her surface area. [I'll cast magic again.]


The tips of my right finger lets out a blue fluorescent light that could be seen on her skin, and now as the blue light covers every part of her reproductive system— I could see it. And as more light came into view, it dawned on me. 

But, "Is that—!" Marina seems to be the first one to notice. 

Though I am not far behind. "It is..." It's the first medical thing I've done in this world and a curse that was just recently removed by me. 


Or at least, something similar to it. 

"W-why is something like that—!" Of course due to her history with the thing Marina looks at it with great fear, as she is backing off at it as we speak. 

"Moreover..." I checked it in detail and it seems like, [It's way bigger than Marina's.] If hers was the size of a maggot than Rudas's is the size of my thumb.

[This will be troublesome indeed.] So I did the same procedure I did with Marina but with more force accommodating its size. 

First, I let out mana on my right finger to make the creature notice, when it does I cast a spell, {Vibrate} to make my finger like that of a vibrator essentially to scare the creature and hopefully get to my arm. 

And the result, "It works!" The creature got scared of the vibration, lets go of the walls of her uterus of its root-like tentacles, and finally bit down on my finger. It doesn't hurt but I grabbed it with two fingers before I pull it out. 

And... Pluck! 

"Aaaaaahh...!" Rudas was particularly disturbed by the sensation of getting pulled out, even though a pain killer spell is on her. 

And the thing— "Eew..." If I had to say anything this creature looks like a freshly grabbed sentient radish-worm still with its roots attached. 

"What a nightmare."

"What a disaster."

"It looks disgusting..."

"Burn it with fire!"

Everyone gave their opinions. 

And with Rudas herself? "T-that thing was inside me...?" Although she can't see the thing that was inside of her, just the sensation of that left her with utter shock. She couldn't say anything more than that afterwards. 

I look at the thing again as I see its tiny mouth. {Burn it with fire!} My thoughts were so strong that it actually incinerated the bugger and turned it to ash.

"You can stop now Itia." I gently told her this time and, "Of course Mori-nee." She responded. 

"Rudas!" Polovina immediately hugged her friend. 

"I'm alright now Vina, I'm alright now..." She hugs her friend in return of course but then she asks the question that made us return to reality. "Is Visoko alright?" Then we realized something.

I look at the four other girls still waiting for their manasites to be removed. 

And... "...Hmmn..." Some of them are waking up as well, like Visoko who's next. 

Before all that could happen though, "Marina, I know you're scared of them so it's alright to go out you know?" I said to Marina for her own safety. 

"I can still—" 

"And there's Mary with you Marina, she's not old enough to see this yet." I also want Mary out of this. 

"Hey! I'm old—mnhhgh?!" Before she could say anything Mary was blocked off. "Yeah your right Morus, My Maria is still too young." And she looks beside him. "And you too dear, you are out for a different reason." She makes a sinister smile of him. 

"Of course!" Leonon agrees without giving a fight and that family went out of the room together and closes the door. 

I look at everybody still here. "Alright everyone, let's finish this mess." I told them, and they seem ready for it now. 

[Let's go!] Four more to go. 







"That's the last one!" I shouted. Removing the final bug and burning the thing to smithereens. 

After pulling the last one a great feeling of exhaustion flashed over me and I lay my legs on the floor and shouted out, "Finally!" And with that, everybody in this room, including the patients, burst out their emotions,

"...E-everyone! We did it!" Polnyya couldn't hardly speak and immediately hugged her daughter. "That's right mom...!" In return Polovina hugged her mother even tighter,  practically smudging her face on Polnyya's breast. 

"Finally...! I-It's over...." Visoko, who's currently laying down is hugging and kissing Rudas next to her. "...Mnn, yeah I'm glad it's over with too." Rudas seems mildlyannoyed at her partner's clinginess but buckled and embraced Visoko back.


"It's over..."


And the other girls are celebrating as well, and finally. 

"My respect towards you Morus-sama has reached an even greater height." It's Kumo, stranding beside me with eyes of total admiration.

"M-Mori-nee—!" And Itia as well, coming down and hugging and cuddling all over me. "The brave figure of Mori-nee saving lives like that and that look of seriousness on your face—I'm so happy to be your sister~!" She's also singing my praises. Although normally I would be embarrassed to have someone fawning over me like this, [I need every help I could get.] I thought while patting your head. 

With finally I can see Gabril with a wide smile on her face, "You should rejoice this moment Mori-sama~ You have done the most here out of everybody." Completely un-Gabril-like she's the one that made the most sensible answer. 

"Yeah." I nodded to her completely as I stood up with Itia following behind. "I'm glad we managed to overcome to this everyone, thank you all." I sincerely bowed to everyone in this room. 

"Oh please, don't be like that." It's Polnyya, "You were the one that saved us. We don't even know how to repay you at this point." She admitted to me while scratching her head. 

I look up and answered, "Don't be. You should think of my compensation later and first help these girls to get a full recovery." I said as I look at the five girls; although cured, it seems that they are still weakened by the manasite's absorption of their mana. 

"That's right." Polnyya nods and agrees and checked the girls in their condition. Leaving me with Polovina to talk to. 

"But still Morus," Polovina tries to move on to a more lighter subject. "I never thought that you were the rumoured Black Witch." She says to me scratching the side of her forehead. 

"Really." Then I remember my first conversation with her, "Didn't I introduced myself as Morus, 'The Black Witch'?" I really thought I did. 

"Oh yeah~" She giggles a little bit. "I guess I forgot hehe—" Polovina tried to chat to me more before, "Dear, I need your help." Polnyya asked her to. 

"Sorry~" She turns around and I nodded with understanding. 

"It seems that Morus-sama's name is finally becoming known in this city." Kumo listened to our little chat and interjected in. 

"Yeah, I guess so." I calmly replied. 

"That's right!" Itia joined in with  with my palm atop her head. "They should all know the greatness of Mori-nee!" She shouted with conviction.

"Mori-nee eh?" Now that the situation has calmed down Gabril finally noticed the change in Itia, "I want to be called with a -nee too~" And teased her now age appropriate attitude.

"Huh?! Pervert is enough for you!" And with her new found childishness Itia pulled out the tongue. 

"Aww so cute—!" Gabril couldn't help but tease her more as she squatted down to her height. 

"...Please be more dignified in front of Morus-sama..." With Kumo, being the last remnant of the original servant personality, is trying to save these two from what he sees as deviations. 

[Thank god it's over.] I look around and see that all of us have taken the results of this incident as strength and becoming even better people now. As it seems that the aftermath of a struggle would make the bonds here stronger. [Now I just need to—] And just as I was thinking of what to do next—


"Everyone!" It's Marina who suddenly opened the door.

"Marina!" I walk towards her. "It's good now the girls are actually fine now." I tell her the best news first.

She's visibly happy by what I said, "That's great!" Before turning serious again. "But everyone, someone named Soumis has come to the inn with the city guards and is asking you all to come." She reported. 

""Soumis?!"" Polovina and Polnyya were the first to react, and of course. "He's here huh..." It's me. 

[Well it's pretty obvious why.] Even though he's a shouta sissy girlyboy he's still the employer of these girls. 

So that's why, "Everyone, help the five girls get up and meet up with Soumis." I asked them all. 

""Of course!""

They all agreed and as for me. "I'll head there first." I walked out and headed to Soumis. 

[I gotta know what happened on their side as well.] If they caught the perpetrators or not. 


"...And I managed to pull all of them off." I just now finished explaining what happened since I came here. 

"That's really great." Sighing in relief in the middle of the couch is Soumis. "I'm glad that all you girls are safe." He said to the five girls sitting behind me.

"But I would still like to apologize that I haven't helped you all." He apologizes.

""That's fine!"" The five girls shouted, particularly Rudas and Visoko. "You were busy searching for those bastards right? Tell us what happened to them?" Rudas shouted loudly. 

"Uhm..." Soumis struggles to explain. 

Right now we are in the reception room, but it's quite crowded right now. 

First off is me, I'm in the middle of a couch with Itia and Gabril to my left side with Polovina and Polnyya to my right, with Kumo standing by just to the side. 

Behind me is Rudas and Visoko along with the other three girls sitting on chairs that were borrowed from this inn's pub. 

Since this matter involves primarily the brothel; Marina, Leonon, and Mary, the owners of an inn, is not really a part of this and is sitting further back as spectators. With Mary being particularly interested. 

And finally in front of me is Soumis, sitting on a couch opposite to us and to the sides of him are, "Before we could explain what happened, we would like to see what those 'manasites' are exactly?" Men wearing armor, presumably the search team. 

"Sure." I looked at Kumo and he nodded. [Thank the gods I didn't burned them all.] Thank you for your foresight Polovina. 

And when Kumo placed the thing on the table... "...What is that?" One of the guards said. 

"Was this really inside you all?" The other guard looked at the five girls behind us and saw their faces in disgust when they saw the thing that were inside them just earlier. Except Rudas for obvious reasons. 

"Sigh..." One of the guards flipped his hair back in frustration. "This may be a more troubling matter than we thought..." He touches his chin. 

"And especially since if her testimony is true..." One of the guards looks at Marina. "Marina right? If your testimony is true than this case would involve both a slave trader and a noble." He said in a grave tone. 

Previously while I was explaining, Marina added her own testimony of the creature that cursed her looks extremely similar to the worm in the table right now, and with that omitting the connection of the noble Jschovenne and the slave trader Pucki, which caused the guards to furrow their brows. 

The connection of the slave trader is because Soumis had already linked this incident from the attempted attack yesterday and thus told this to the guards. 

"I think we've stumbled upon a conspiracy of some sort." The guard then looked at all of us with squinted eyes. "Due to the subject and sensitivity of this investigation, you are all not allowed to leak any of this matter from now on." He added. "Any and all leaks of this will be blamed on you and we would have no choice but to arrest you at that point, understand?" He finished it off, "We will be monitoring you all, so don't try anything funny." 

We didn't say anything but nod. 

"Good." All of the guards stood up. 

"Wait where are you all going?" Soumis was surprised by the people standing suddenly.

"Soumis, this matter has become even greater than you are now that a noble has been suspected." He says. "We will be taking custody of that...thing on the table and will be immediately delivering it to the captain Lefer-sama." Then he bows, "So I apologize but we will be stopping the search for tonight." After saying so, one of the guards grabs the creature and put it on a glass container before leaving. 

And as a final note, "You can now tell what transpired during our search." Before they all left the inn. 

While leaving, "...Leonon-sama, what have you gotten yourself into?" It seems that Leonon is still famous in the guard as they casually exchange words before leaving. 


The door was shut and silence surrounds the Starting Point Inn. 

"I guess I should explain now." Soumis meekly said. 

[[[That's right.]]] 

That's what everybody thought.

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