Ch8 – The current situation
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Ch8 - The current situation

Just when I got out of the baths, I face another problem. Right in front of my eyes are a girl's nightgown and a pair of girl's underwear, panties!

[Oh, Onee-chan, I kept your clothes for washing and got you some sleeping wear I brought with me.]

Lily explained the reason for the sacred object in front of me when she got out of the baths. So this pa-pa-panties are for me, and it belongs to Lily. I did wear a pair of panties before but that was without my knowledge of it since it was already there in my set of equipment. Wouldn't I become a pervert with no return if I wear my sister's panties? I just look at her and then the panties back and forth with a flustered face.

Right now I have two options. One, don't wear the panties and maintain my honor as a man but become a no-pan pervert. Two, throw away my pride and wear the panties but gain the protection for my delicate area. This is a tough choice!

[Onee-chan... Don't tell me... You are not going to wear any underwear?]

She said that as she gave me a look of disgust but her mouth is in a wide U-shape.

[Wa! Of course not. I... I am just taking a while to prepare myself mentally.]

[Just wear it already. Or, do you need my help?]

[I decline! I will put it on myself!]

I pick up the panties, take a deep breath and put on the panties in one shot. (a.n. the mc is taking in a big breath of air, not smelling the panties!) After I wore the panties, I feel that I lost something as a man again. I thought that I might be getting further and further away from being a man.


After the bath, I am sitting on the bed together with Lily. We are discussing about what happened during the six months and what did she found out about this world.

According to Lily, about twenty players arrived in this world two years before she arrived. The first player that came to this world is Milguard.


I interrupted Lily when she is explaining.

[Is he a tall and muscular man with blonde hair using a big sword?!] (me)

[Umu. He was also quite famous when DHO was still a game.] (Lily)

It's really him! Milguard is my best friend in real life. We always went hunting together with two other friends that we met online. Our party was well known as we always successfully hunted high rank elder dragons and limited time event elder dragons which were all ridiculously strong. Milguard is a master at using greatsword, just a swing from his sword can mow down a high rank dragon. He has the role of tanking the dragon and dealing heavy damage when we hunt together.

Lily continued to explain what she knows and apparently, according to her, Milguard is the leader of the S rank hunters and he was the one that lead the confused and panicking players that just arrived in this world.

[Onee-chan, do you know him?]

[Yup, he is someone you know too. He occasionally came over to our house to hang out.]

[The only person that Onii-chan used to invite over to our house... Don't tell me he is Jun-niisan?!]

[Bingo. But you don't have to word it that way...]

[Eh?! I saw him several times before in meetings for S rank hunters and I didn't realise it at all! He doesn't really act like the Jun-niisan that I know though.]

[I am not amazed that you didn't realise as he is always role-playing in DHO.]

Lily went silent after hearing me say that and gave me a blank look. She looks like she is about to hit her head on a wall.

We decided to go find Jun(Milguard) tomorrow and went to sleep.

[So, why are you in the bed together with me?]

[Don't be so stingy. It had been so long since I am able to see you, just let me sleep with you for today.]

She said to me while puffing out her cheeks. Honestly, I am so tired that I don't really care anymore so I just gave her a nod and closed my eyes.

In the first day that I came to this world, I feel that I had already lost ninety percent of my pride as a man. (a.n. well... you are now a 100% girl after all.)


Bang! Bang! Bang!

I awoke from my sleep by the sound of someone banging on the door. Looks like the Sun is already up. Lily also woke up due to the noise and started staring blankly at me. It seems she is still sleepy.

[What is it? Do you have a debt or something?]

She said while rubbing her eyes.

[No I don't... I will go and open the door now.]


Lily stopped me when I am on my way to open the door.

[Change into this before you open the door. Or... Are you going to go out looking like that?]

Lily said that while holding onto a white dress and a white cardigan.

My face turned bright red as I realised that both Lily and I are currently wearing nightgowns. Both of us quickly changed out of our nightgowns before I open the door.


When I opened the door, a man dressed in a white and blue robe greeted me.

[Kalia-san right? I am an attendant in the guild, here to deliver a message. Milguard-sama had asked for your attendance. Please go to the guild as soon as you are ready.]


Author's Note:

No-pan - not wearing any panties.

-sama - a Japanese honorific that is used for people higher in rank than oneself or business settings to address their customers.

Next chapter shud b about 3-4 days~ Enjoy~