Ch8 – The current situation
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Ch8 - The current situation 


Just when I got out of the bathroom, I'm faced with another dilemma. My Vampaer armour set is nowhere to be seen! Instead, a nightgown and a pair of underwear for girls, commonly known as panties, can be seen in front of me.

"Oh. Onee-chan, I've kept your clothes for washing so you can wear mine for now."

Lily explained the reason for the two foreign objects in front of me when she just got out of the bathroom.

So this pair of striped panties belongs to Lily and she's expecting me to wear them?! I was wearing panties before, a pure white one, but that was without my knowledge of it since it was worn as a set with my Vampaer armour. What's worse is that the pair of panties now in front of me belongs to my sister! Wouldn't I become a pervert with no return if I wore my sister's panties?!

For a while, I just kept looking back and forth between Lily and the pair of panties with a flustered face.

Right now, there are two possibilities. 
Possibility One: Don't wear the panties and maintain my honour as a man, but become a no-pan pervert.
Possibility Two: Throw away my pride and wear the panties, but gain the protection for my delicate area. 
This is a tough choice!

"Onee-chan. Don't tell me… You are not going to wear any underwear?!"

Lily said it like she was shocked and disgusted but it was not convincing at all when she was trying to hide her smile behind her hands.

In order to protect my dignity, I'll still go along with her little scheme even though I know what she's playing at.

"Of course I'll wear them! I'm just taking some time to mentally prepare myself."

"Just wear it already… Or, do you need my help?"

Lily said with an evil looking grin.

What? Does she thinks that I'm like five or something?! I'm old enough to put on a pair of underwear by myself! 

"I decline! I'll put it on myself!"

I pick up the panties, take a deep breath, and put on the panties in one shot. (a.n. MC is taking a breath of air and not smelling the panties!) 

Right after I released the straps from my hands, I feel that I've lost something very important as a man. I might be getting further and further away from being a man…


Right now, I'm sitting on the bed together with Lily as she explains to me what she went through in the six months she was here and what she found out about this world.

According to Lily, there were around twenty players that arrived in this world about two years ago. And the one that leads the group of confused and scared players was a player named Milguard.


I shouted, interrupting Lily in the middle of her explanation. 

"Is he a tall man with short blonde hair that uses a greatsword for his weapon?"

"Umu. That's right. I think he was also quite famous when DHO was still a game."

It must be him! Milguard is the game character of my childhood friend in real life. We always hunted together with two other friends we met online. Our party became quite famous when we successfully hunted ridiculously strong high-rank elder dragons again and again. 

Milguard is a master of the greatsword. His attacks are slow but deadly, a single swing from his sword can mow down a normal dragon. In our party, he has the role of tanking and dealing heavy damage when he finds a chance.

Lily then continues by explaining what she knows about Milguard. Milguard is currently the leader of all S-rank hunters as well as the guild master of Distodia guild branch. He was trusted to both the roles by the king of Distodia because of his strength and charisma. 

"Onee-chan, do you know him?"

"Yup. He is also someone you know very well, someone that always came to our house to hang out."

"There's only one person that Onee-chan will invite over to our house… So… Is Milguard perhaps... Jun-niisan?!"

"That's correct but… you don't have to word it that way…"

"Really?! I saw him several times before in meetings for S-rank hunters but if I remember correctly, he doesn't really act the same as the Jun-niisan I know."

"Well… He was always role-playing in DHO so… maybe that's why you didn't realise."

Lily only stared at me blankly when she realised what I meant.

After the explanations and a little chat, we decided to go to bed and meet Jun at the guild tomorrow morning. 

"So why are you in my bed?"

I asked Lily after she laid down on the bed beside me.

"Just let me sleep with you for today. I really, really miss you after not being able to see you for so long… So just let me, for tonight."

She said that with a pout but I can see tears forming up at the corners of her eyes.

Is she still afraid that I will disappear if she leaves my side?

Without saying anything else, I moved over to hug Lily and we just fell asleep like that afterwards.


*Bang! Bang! Bang!*

The loud banging sound coming from the door startled me awake. Lily also woke up, staring blankly at me while rubbing her eyes.

"Who's that? Do you have a debt or something?"

Lily asked drowsily. She looks like she will fall back into the bed at any time.

"No, I don't. Hold on, I'll go check who is it now."

I said as I dragged myself out of bed and proceeded to the door.


Lily shouted right before I open the door and threw me a white one-piece dress and a white cardigan.

"Change into that before you open the door. Or… if you don't mind being seen while dressed like that… you can go ahead."

My face turned bright red when I realized that both me and Lily are still in our nightgown. 

I quickly changed into the dress that Lily handed me, not even caring that it's a dress since I'm in a rush.


I opened the door after both of us changed into a more proper attire, and the person that greeted me at the door is a man with short brown hair dressed in a white and blue robe.

"Kalia-san right?"

The man asked and I nodded in response. 

"I'm an attendant in the guild and I'm here to deliver you a message from Milguard-sama; please meet him in the guild as soon as possible."


Author's Note:

No-pan - not wearing any panties.

-sama - a Japanese honorific that is used for people higher in rank than oneself or business settings to address their customers.