Ch11 – Departure
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Ch11 - Departure


The Sun is setting. Lily, Jun and I spent the whole day chatting that we even forgot to have our lunch. Jun was talking about what happened the past two years while Lily and I are just listening. At the end of his long talk, he started to tear up.


[I am really glad that I can see you two again. Even if both of you look different.]


Jun said with a wide smile while looking at us. We said nothing but smile back at him and went over to give him a hug. It had been hard, even Lily is thinking six months is nothing compared to two years.


Since the talk had come to an end, we decided to have dinner together. But, before that, I need to settle some urgent business, I need to use the toilet! This time, I have Lily to show me how to do it properly but she looks like she is trying to hold back her excitement when we are walking to the toilet. I have a bad feeling about this. (a.n. I will leave this to your imagination)




We are currently having dinner in Golden Valley inn. The food that was placed on our table is three plates of spaghetti in white mushroom sauce with some shredded meat. Without further delay, we started slurping down the thin noodles on our plates. We were really hungry since we skipped lunch but we did have some tea and snacks served by Jun himself.


There is really good food in this inn just like what Rufus-san and Thomas-san told me. I am really glad that the food in this world have the same taste as my former world or maybe even better.


After having our fill with the delicious food, we made plans to meet in the guild tomorrow and parted ways at the entrance of the inn. Jun headed to the guild while Lily followed me back into the inn.




[So why are you here again? Don't you have your own place to stay?]


I said to Lily with a stern look. I do not want to experience what happened yesterday again but judging by the current situation, it will happen.


[Of course it's to be together with my dear Onee-chan. Where you will stay is where I will stay, we are family after all.]


Lily boasted with a smug face even though behind that cute face is a devil that teases her Oni-, I mean Onee-chan. Though I already expected what she will say to a certain degree. Since I need to get used to being a girl, endure me! My past self that relied on my future self should really praise the current me for how hard I am trying.


Thus the day ended after I had a bath with Lily.




The next day, in the guild building. This time, I wore my hooded cape instead of the cardigan and of course, with the hoodie up.


The first person to greet us when I entered Jun's office with Lily, is a tall lady with wavy pink hair down to her waist. She got this cool and mature aura radiating from her as she smiles kindly at me. That person is Seria. Base on her looks, her words and her actions, she really is an elegant lady, it was embarrassing of me to actually thought that she was a man. It's not my fault that I thought she was a man as I really thought no girls will play DHO. But thanks to what Jun told me yesterday, I finally understood why there are so many more male characters than female characters in DHO.


Other than Seria, Jun who is sitting on a chair behind the desk also greeted us.


[Kalia! How are you doing? You must have been scared right? But it's alright now since I'm here for you.]


Seria said as she walks over and hugs me with a calm face.


[Oh~ As I thought, hugging the real thing feels so much better.]


Seria nodded as she agrees with herself and the calmness on her face quickly left her. In DHO she will occasionally hug me randomly but I did not really mind since I couldn't feel anything. But now, I can feel every part of her body touching mine! My face started turning red from embarrassment as I am struggling to free myself from her grip. She probably thought that I am a girl both in and out but I am a man inside! I can't help it but feel embarrassed when such a beautiful girl is hugging me.


[Alright alright, that's enough. You will be troubling Kalia if you suddenly hug her every time.]


Jun said that while separating Seria away from me. Thanks Jun, you are my savior. I leaked out a relieved expression when I thanked Jun in my heart.


[Yes, that's right. Besides, Onee-chan is mine so you will have to go through me before you can hug her.]


Lily proclaimed with a triumph look. Just how many people is she planning to say that to? I sigh to myself while thinking that.


[Second me on that.]


Jun said while holding back his laughter. Why are you joining in?!


[Ho~ Then I shall fight now for the rights to hug Kalia.]




After hearing them, I became speechless, am I some kind of pet?! Seriously, what is wrong with this group of people, even Seria is joining them.


In the end, we just started talking nonsense, that is excluding me. Now that I know Seria is a real girl, I don't really know what to say to her. To be exact, I don't really talk much even in DHO so it can still be counted as normal.




It is now noon, the Sun hanging high up in the sky.


[Kalia, who is this Jun you keep saying?]


Seria asked about the name that Lily and I often mentioned when we were chatting. It's natural that she do not know Jun's real name as he is referred to as Milguard in DHO. I don't really know how to answer that as revealing a person's real name in game is taboo. We were so engrossed in the talk that we totally forgot about that.




[Oh, that is my real name.]


Jun revealed his real name without hesitation. Now that DHO became real, I guess real name and character name doesn't matter anymore. It seems the others also thought so since Lily also remained silent while Seria just replied with an 'oh'. Since Seria knows Jun as Milguard, she said she will continue to refer to him as Milguard.


(Knock! Knock!)


Our chat got interrupted when someone knocked on the door. It is amazing to see how quickly both Jun and Seria regain their composure. The atmosphere they give off now is completely different from before.


[Come in.]


Jun said as he went back to sit on his chair. The person that came in is the same guild attendant that delivered me the message yesterday.


[The preparation of the horses and supplies to Yokke Village are finished.]


[Understood. You may take your leave now.]


After Jun said that, the man left the room. Looks like Jun prepared horses and supplies for me and Lily to travel to Yokke Village. Lily will be excused from S rank duties as she will be following me to find Taki. Jun and Seria will not be accompanying me as they still have their duties as leader and vice-leader of the S rank hunters.


Looks like it is time for us to part ways.




After Lily and I went back to the inn to get our equipment, we left Distodia while riding on the horses that Jun prepared. 


Let's get this over with quick and come back to Distodia. To Yokke Village!


Author's note:

Sorry for the half-assed coloring~ tats my standard -.-


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