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Special ch11.5 - Distodia wiki


Distodia is the main capital in the continent of DHO. It is shaped in a circle if you looked from the top with the castle in the middle. It is surrounded by a wall about eight metres high on its perimeter to defend itself against dragons. Multiple races live in Distodia other than humans, for example, the popular ones like elves, dwarfs and beast-kins.


The architecture of Distodia is like that of medieval Europe with a mix of modern style. The change to modern style of architecture was only implemented when the players arrived in the world of DHO for their own conveniences. The idea of having a toilet and bathroom was obviously from them.


Distodia does not have any electricity but they have magic stones to make up for the power supply. Magic stones are used for the home appliances in Distodia according to the attributes. For example, a refrigerator will use ice attribute magic stone to power it while a hair-dryer will use a fire attribute and a wind attribute magic stone. However, nothing complicated like the telephone was made yet thus people still uses mail to communicate.


Hunters ranked from E to S.

E - Able to defeat small monsters in a party.

D - Able to defeat small monsters alone.

C - Able to defeat medium-sized monsters in a party.

B - Able to defeat medium-sized monsters alone.

A - Able to defeat dragons in a party.

S - Able to defeat dragons alone.

All S rank hunters are expected to work together to hunt elder dragons when they appear.


Before the players arrived in the world of DHO, the wall was very useful as there were occasional dragon attacks. There were simply not enough hunters, not to mention hunters that were actually capable of hunting a dragon. Now that the players arrived, most of them joined the hunters guild and the dragons that were sighted around the vicinity were all hunted by them.

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