Carefree parents and a Nosy Mother
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Our date went smoothly in the end. During our time spending with each other, Kate did her revenge in her own way. For the second time, Kate kissed me again.

When it comes to being physically assertive, Kate is ahead of me. The only thing I can do against her is by hugging and speaking my thoughts aloud. Suffice to say Kate has me in the palm of her hands. In this relationship, she is the one who has more authority than the other, which is me.

Even now, she is still so snuggly close to me as we are walking home. Holding on to my arms with no intention of letting go.

“Hehehehe♡~ This is it. I’ve always wanted this. Spending time with Ken♡.” Kate mutters to herself, with a delighted voice. Obvious to see how happy she was with spending our time together. 

“...and you will need to go home now though. Tsk!” She continued, now sounding frustrated and annoyed.

“Ken♡~ Can you just not go home and live♡ with me instead?” Kate said, her face showing the most brilliant smile she could ever show to me right now.

“...You know I can’t do that. My parents would kill me if they knew their own son is freeloading at someone else's house….Also won’t your parents also be mad if their daughter suddenly brought home a guy just so I could live with you?”

“Not really, my parents actually support my relationship. They even encourage me to do it.” Kate replied.

“Such carefree parents!!! Don’t they even care if I was any bad influence on you?!” I retorted, yelling out my concerns.

“Not really. You might not know it but my dad is one of the rich CEOs in the country. Using his connections, dad made sure to investigate you and your backgrounds. He got worried at first when I told him about you. He was surprised to know that you were not the type of guy he thinks you are.” Kate replied.

“...A type of guy…?” I questioned, confused about what she had said last.

“Yeah, a type of guy, you know like a delinquent but because you weren’t such a bad person at all. Dad gave me the okay to date you...though he would still want to meet you in person and have a “talk” with you.”

“I-I see. I understand, then when I get the chance I would also like to talk with your dad.” Determined, I told Kate about my plans for the future.

“Yeah, that’s the spirit. Don’t get cold feet when you actually meet him in person alright.” Kate teasingly says.

“I won’t...probably.” 

“Probably, my ass! Have more confidence, will you?”

“A-Alright, I got it.”

“Good! Well we’re already in front of your house now, so I’ll see you tomorrow alright?” 

“Yep, see you tomorrow.”

“...Wait, before I♡!!” Kate exclaims as she leaps in front of me and gives me another kiss on the lips.


“A goodbye kiss♡~~ fufufu~” With a bright smile, looking at me with such an adorable appearance before she went and walked home herself.

*Haah* I sighed as I thought to myself how I’m no match for my very cute girlfriend.

“Well now, aren’t you guys very close to each other? You’re still young so don’t do anything that you might regret alright.” 

Saying so, my Mom who was at the door said to me as she had a smug look on her face.

“I know that already!!” Embarrassed, I loudly replied to my Mom.

“ to tell your dear mom about your cute girlfriend?” With a smirk, mom continues her teasing.

“Geez! Leave it at that already, I’m going to my room!” Embarrassed and now completely red in the face, I dashed into my room to retreat from my mom’s annoying nosy behavior.