Chapter 2: Neil and His Hate for Children
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As I slouched over the railing in deep thought, the laughter and joy of children filled the air. To me, they were nothing but mere annoyances. Their tiny legs running amok the town, living like there was no care in the world, it all just got me fuming. 

"Don't these kids have any other thing to do besides wasting their time in this tepid town?"

One of the children, with a flick of his wrist, threw a paper airplane into the air, but what set him apart was that he didn't play with the rest kids. Instead, he was wandering throughout the town by himself. I could see the resemblance between him and one of the employees I just fired. They both were fair skinned and had a mole right above their lips, and right below their nose. If I had to place my finger on it, this kid was definitely related to the employee all right.

The airplane then curved towards the right and started to head towards my direction. By some stroke of bad luck, the paper airplane landed in my hair; its tip and wings were surprisingly undamaged.

"Hey, mister are you all right?  Sorry that I hit you. May I please have my airplane back?"

Seeing the bright eyes of a child would move even the smallest of hearts, but that bull-shit wouldn't work on me.

Human emotion is more of a hassle than anything, and it always ended up in two different scenarios:

1. They would put you in a bad situation

2. You would be easy to be manipulated and used

I chose to have no part in the matter and instead only focused on the one thing that was tangible- myself.

I did what anyone would do in my situation. I pulled out a marker, scribbled on the airplane, and crumpled it with the force of my palms. I made it a point to emphasize my scribbling because a surprise was waiting for him when he was going to unravel it.

The child had a mixed look of shock and anger written on his face. He even teared up! To be honest I quite enjoyed seeing him like this. I'm not a sadist or anything, but I simply hate children.

"Mister wh-wh-why did you d-d-do that to my airplane"

The townspeople walking along the road were starting to crowd around me and the child now, their curiosity getting the better of themselves. The child quivered as he spoke, trying to show some confidence, but it was a failed attempt. Tears were rolling down his cheeks and boogers dripped from his nose.

If I knew it would have lead to this much trouble, I would have opted to just give him back his stupid airplane. It was too late now. I was in too deep and just had to weasel my out of this like every other time I messed up.

"If that airplane had hit my eye, it could have led to a torn cornea, which would leave me hospitalized. And with your dad jobless, I doubt he could have paid for my medical expenses"

"What? How do you know my dad was fired?"

"Why don't you open up that airplane of yours"

The little boy's hand trembled and shook as he unraveled his airplane, and what he saw put made his jaw drop.


I could see the look in the eyes of the crowd. There was no coming back from this now, I guess I'll be labeled a monster.

Just kidding, people like this were ordinary. All I had to do was wave a couple of Benjamins in their face and they'd "forget" that any of this ever happened.

You see, money is like a special type of magic that can fix anything. Of course, this includes making people forget you traumatized a little kid.

"Hey everyone here, please take 100 dollars each as an apology from me. I'm terribly sorry, but I felt that this little boy could have hurt me since the tip of the airplane was too sharp"

Just as expected, everyone swarmed around me like dogs who were about to receive a treat, I don't even think they noticed my terrible acting. The only thing on their minds was the money, and they were nothing but slaves to my magic.

"Oh, I remember now you're Neil Dameson, the son of the president of the Dameson Group. Thank you for creating new job opportunities in our small humble town."

"You are so handsome, I'm glad that someone as young as you knows how to make reparations for his mistakes"

While I was being praised and complimented, the little boy was being reprimanded for his actions and his eyes were sullen and soulless.

"I guess I broke him. Kids are easier to break, I guess"

Aside from the child, I felt that something was off. A strong breeze blew through my hair and sent chills throughout my sweaty body. This was odd because I shouldn't feel cold, especially in this weather. Then from within the crowd, I noticed something or someone that wasn't there before.

"The kid has had enough lecturing. Can't you see how miserable he is?"

It was a teenage girl that spoke out. Her powerful and confident voice quelled the crowd.

"If you want a piece of this kid, you're going to have to go through me."

She then stood behind the kid with her legs firm on the ground and her arms in a fighting stance. Sheesh, the kid looked sad earlier, but now he just looks equally as terrified as the rest of the crowd. Everyone in the vicinity left, because either they felt bad for the child or because they were scared of her. Her commanding presence was almost otherworldly as if she stood above regular humans. Was this girl from a rich family? Impossible, I knew every prestigious individual in this town.

"Hey, are you ok? What's your name?"

She then bent a little on her knees and hugged the child, his face smothered in her bosom. I kinda wish that I was that kid right now. She was at least a C? No with a chest of that size, she had to be a D and above.

She seemed very kind and the opposite of scary as she comforted that child. Something about her was a little off though. I couldn't put my finger on exactly what it was. Did I really need to be afraid of this girl? I was still trying to figure that part out myself.

"I'm not going to hurt you, so don't worry. Everything is going to be ok", she said.

The little boy's eyes regained their color. He smiled, whispered in the mysterious girl's ear, and pointed at me. She then walked towards me and her aura screamed I will murder you. Time seemed to crawl to a stop as she got closer to me.

Its official, this girl was an S class hazard and my life was in danger. I wanted to run away, but my fear and pride kept my feet glued to the ground. If I ran away from a girl, what would my father say if he found out? I couldn't drag down the image of my nobility. The Dameson Financial group was a powerful symbol in this town and I had to show its strength no matter the circumstances.

"If today is the day I die, and If there is a god may he have mercy," I whispered to myself.

I hate to admit it, but even though this girl was terrifying, she was beautiful. It was unlike anything that I had ever seen before. Her blonde hair swayed in the wind and her golden eyes glimmered from the light of the sunset. Even her clothes complimented her eyes and hair. She wore nothing but a simple white dress, but she was still stunning. There was a certain allure to her, and I couldn't stop my heart from throbbing. She donned white flats, and had a gold bracelet with a red jewel in it on her left hand. I would wonder what type of jewel was on the bracelet, but I didn't have time for stupid thoughts. She was now within an arm's reach of me, and the scent of death thickened.

I was a black belt in Karate and Taekwondo, so I was prepared to defend myself or at least delay my inevitable death. However, what she did when she reached me was something that I wasn't prepared for. Her mouth started to open and form words, but my mind was still in fighting mode. 

Her words didn't get through my ears, and it looked like she was mouthing something. It took me a slight second to figure out what it was. Though when I did, I just couldn't stop myself from dropping my jaw and shouting.