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/ Series / Taken Hostage By an Angel
Taken Hostage By an Angel
Taken Hostage By an Angel
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"You do so enjoy employing hostage takeovers, Neil. It's about time you're on the receiving end don't you think?"

My father said those words to me while Bree was pinning me down on the floor. She wore nothing but her underwear and an oversized hoodie, that only covered up to her slender snow-white thighs.

I asked him what he meant exactly, but he only chuckled through the cell phone and said,

"Well, I guess from today onwards you're going to be taken hostage by an angel."

With that, the phone call, as well as my normal life, came to an abrupt end...

The story of Neil Dameson starts out as if it were any other regular day. He woke up, ate breakfast, took a limousine to school, and fired a couple of incompetent employees. It was the usual life of an everyday teenage millionaire. Then out of thin air, an angel named Bree appeared before him and gave him the powers of an angel. He then could see people's life spans and took on the mantle of being a "Death Watcher." With his newfound powers, he had to use them to save humanity from the threat of the "Overshadows." The Overshadows" were evil dark angels who lived eternally by stealing the life span of humans and threw the world into chaos. The weight of his duties only heightens when he finds out that he dies if he fails to save even a single human life. Forced into a situation, where Neil has to become the reluctant hero everyone wants him to be, and with his life at the mercy of the angels, he truly was a hostage.
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ActionAdventureComedyDramaMysteryRomanceSchool LifeSlice of LifeSupernatural
Angels Beautiful Female Lead Coming of Age Complex Family Relationships Conditional Power Discrimination Dreams Fallen Angels Friendship Limited Lifespan Magic Magical Technology Mysterious Family Background Mysterious Past Narcissistic Protagonist Reluctant Protagonist Seeing Things Other Humans Can't Sharp-tongued Characters Soul Power Souls Tomboyish Female Lead Unlucky Protagonist Unrequited Love Wars Wealthy Characters
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