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It was finally over.

We came here to grind our levels and luckily enough one super hard dungeon was all it took to get us what we wanted. I walked up to the prison cell, looked at the mother and child trapped behind bars. This was the quest that we received as soon as we entered the dungeon.#


The chain used to secure the gate fell to the floor, leaving the cell door ajar.

[Quest complete: 500 XP, 50 Gold]

[You have reached the experience limit for the tutorial phase. 500 XP has been converted to 5 SP]

Nothing could be done about the experience limit, this was set up to force people to leave the tutorial area as soon as they reach level 10. 5 addition SP is not a bad thing, considering my plans have to be revised now that I have <Off-Hand Wield>.

Mia: Is everyone well-rested?

“Yes! I can't wait to see what the new area will look like” Silver replied, her cheeks were already red from the smile plastered on her face.

Mia: Ok let's go out, stick with me! And get ready to fight

I noticed everyone grabbing their weapons ready to fight as soon as we stepped out of the gate.


Outside the gate.

“WTF someone cleared the Hell Mode of this dungeon, they must be insane. I am guessing it must be some elites who have been farming the previous modes. They must have gathered a fair amount of equipment before taking on the Hell Mode, I'm sure of it” Someone was trying to convince himself and his friends.

The information on the screen suddenly showed some changes. A new line now appeared under the Hell Mode. 


  1. Candy Shop




Everyone looked in horror, the information being displayed on this screen could only mean that the group that cleared the Hell Mode was from this Old Town. Everyone started spreading the message in their factions.

“Wait! Who remembers the people that went into the Hell Mode dungeon” someone asked curiously.

“I think it was 2 guys and 3 girls, one of them must have been a hunter/ranger because of the wolf pet that was in the party” another replied

While the crowd were discussing the light of the gate suddenly changed from white to blue to red.

“They are coming out!” someone cried out in the crowd.

I walked out of the gate first and was followed closely by the rest of the party. I wasn't aware of the tense atmosphere we just walked in as I had something on my mind.

I swung my sword to attack, this was done perfectly without breaking my stance. I could now perfectly combine offence and defence. ‘I have 33 points in strength which already put me on a pedestal as a godly tank this early on in the game. Especially since I could attack. Loody should have a base strength of about 60 points, 33 points is more than enough for a tank at the moment. I plan to have 100 points in defence, 50 or more points in vitality and strength by level 20’ I thought to myself.

“Mia” Loody pulled me out of my thoughts

Mia: What's up

“Look,” Loody said, he had already pulled out his axe

It was only now I realised that we have been surrounded by a crowd of people outside the dungeon.

“How did you clear the Hell mode dungeon; can you give us tips?” Someone asked from the crowd, not revealing themselves.

“They must have cheated,” someone else said in another part of the crowd.

Mia: It looks like someone is already aiming for us. The information about clearing the hell mode dungeon should have been announced to the other beginner towns as well. Someone here might be trying to recruit us.

Mia: let's go, we need to manoeuvre past the crowd. When we get close to the city, this episode will be over.

“YOU FIVE, STOP RIGHT THERE” a yell came from behind us.

‘There is a crowd of people here and you want 5 random people to stop just because you yelled. If this was the old earth, I would have been inclined to stop. But this is not the old earth, why should we stop. The wild side of human nature had not yet kicked in.’ I thought


Mia: We will be using Faction chat, to speak for now. Don't Stop! Follow me!

“Make way!” 

“Get out of the way for {Lone Survivors}” a group had started a commotion in the middle of the crowd as they moved in our direction.

Mia: Shit! They blocked the exit. We are going to have to hold our ground! SIlver, can you buff us. If it comes to a fight, use your heavy-hitting skills first.

Silver: <Prayer of Mending>; Used on me.

Silver: <Prayer of Mending>; Used on Loody.

Silver: <Prayer of Mending>; Used on Srebrna.

Silver: <Prayer of Mending>; Used on Maya.

Silver: <Prayer of Mending>; Used on herself.

Silver: I only have a quarter of my mana left.

At the exit from the clearing, leading to the forest pathway were 20 players who were followers of Lone.

In most video games on earth, the first to attack is always penalised. So after we were buffed by Silver, we waited for the emery to take the bait.

“Hahaha, why so serious (this was said in a similar way to joker from the dark knight movies). I am Lone, the founder of {Lone Survivor}.” a voice sounded from behind me, causing me to turn around. “I am not one to beat around the bush, you are Mia Rose, from your equipment you must be the Tank of the party. You and your team should join us. There are many benefits to receive, 5 of you will be immediately promoted to officers. I own a guild creation token also, this means as soon as we leave this area we will be amongst the first to have a guild of our own” Lone added.

Mia: Thanks for the offer! We are not interested.

The other members behind Lone were outraged. Their boss was just rejected so casually in front of everyone. 

“You don’t know what is good for you, you should just join us, or you won’t be able to progress past your current level,” someone said with spite.

Mia: Okay, I get it now. You mean to say that I only have one option. To join you now or to join you after being threatened and bullied. I understand, but my answer is still the same.

While We were at a stalemate, someone laughed in the crowd.

“Lone you and your thugs have already fallen to this extent. You are now trying to force a lady into your faction, or should I say guild since you will be creating one soon, right” a man in a white robe similar to what Silver had been previously wearing spoke as he walked out of the crowd with two other priests.

Angelus! Another person who sold earth out, in my past life

After he challenged Lone, he turned to my party. “Silver, oh Silver what should I do with you. Leave these guys and join up with us. I made a faction called {GODs}. I know people at the temple were mean and started spreading rumours about you, calling you names and all. But do you know how many of them begged me to come here just to ask for your forgiveness? If you were the so-called noob healer, how is it possible you solo healed a Hell mode dungeon run? Come join us, we priests are the messengers of God in this New World, we are the ones with the power to save lives. We should not mix with the brutes.” Angelus spoke with all self-righteousness.

“Thank you, Angelus, but I think every healer should be free to join parties and help humanity improve. I am not interested in {GODs} I will be staying with {Candy Shop}” Silver politely declined the invitation.

Lone looked at the frowning Angelus, this was the first time he had heard of {GODs}. He had noticed for some time that a few healers had resigned from the faction even though they were promised positions when the guild was created.

While Lone and Angelus were discussing the healer situation, a dual-wielding warrior walked up to me.

“Are you Mia Rose?” she asked

Mia: Yes, I am. How can I help you?

“Can you sell me the method to clear Margaret's Hard mode Dungeon?”

Mia: We cleared the Hell mode dungeon. How are you so sure we have the information on the Hard mode Dungeon?

“Intuition! If you could clear the Hell mode, it means you could also clear the Hard mode. Maybe there are some similarities in the mechanics” she replied.

Mia: Okay, We have it. How much are you offering for such information?

I had seen situations like this in my previous life. I wasn't going to stop her business opportunity she was constructing.

“25g. I am an officer of {Farmers}” She replied.

‘{Farmers}, those crazy people. They were gold farmers. They spent days farming monsters and dungeons gathering gold. If I remember correctly, they eventually started a house of commerce. they were trustworthy, they only went after information they could turn into gold.’

Mia: Sure, 25g is enough, I will send you a message with an included “Pay on Delivery” payment method. 

I wrote a detailed report on the Hard mode of the dungeon. Monster gathering points, Boss skills and behaviours, Boss Mechanics and some special uses of the terrain. This guide was definitely worth more than 25g, but there was no need for it anymore. 


[25g received]

I led the party onto the forest pathway leading to the South gate.

“I am called Deaf, can I add you to friends?” she said.

Mia: Sure, we never know, I might need your faction's help in the future.

After we left Deaf became the focus of the crowd, she knew this was going to happen and took the opportunity. I wasn't interested in how {Farmers} were planning to handle the information they just bought. In the end, people will be using this to get to Level 10 quicker.

Old Town South Gate.


The party could finally relax. They had all been on edge since we left the dungeon. Especially on the shaded pathway leading to the south gate, everyone was on alert. It was a good thing for them to feel a little pressure, this will make them alert in tough situations.

Mia: No one in their right mind will attack us in the town. More so if we were to be attacked, they would have ambushed us before we arrived at the town

‘The lawlessness had not yet begun’ I said in my mind.


I led the team to the registration house, it was time to leave the tutorial area.

[I see you all are now level 10; you can now take the transfer portal to the next city Europe]

Next to the reception was a gate, glowing in pink light. This was the transfer portal that would be taking us out of this generated space called a tutorial. It was time to go back to the New Earth called Terria.

I quickly went through all the information I remembered regarding the cities. 

There are 4 main cities named after continents on Earth – America, Africa, Asia, and Europe. 

Europe was for players levels 10 to levels 30, it had families of werewolves and vampires.

America was for players levels 30 to levels 50, it had a lot of demonic cowboy monsters.

Asia was for players levels 50 to levels 70, it has a lot of pugilist human monsters, 

Africa was for players levels 70 to levels 100 and it was a beast haven.


Mia: System!

Mia: How much is it to send a system message to all players

[25g per message, there is no word limit.]

“Great! can you send this message for me”, after giving the message and payment, we all entered the portal to Europe City.


This brings us to the end of Volume 1, It is also the end of the rewrite.
Volume 2 is being written and edited. I will start uploading the chapters soon.