Chapter 4 – Meeting Draco
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I woke up to shuffling sounds on the hard, dusty hut floor. I opened my eyes to see my twin putting three small bronze coins into a pouch on an owl's leg ... with a newspaper in its beak. Dafuq?

"Harry, what the hell?" I muttered, sitting up.

Harry glanced round, startled. "Well, this random owl came in and started pecking Hagrid's coat, so I took out this wallet thing and held up the golden coins. It kind of shook it's head. Then I held up the silver ones, and it shook it's head again. Then I held up the bronze ones and it held out it's leg. And it said on the newspaper 'three Knuts' sooo ..." The owl dropped its newspaper on top of Harry's head and soared out the window. I snickered and he glared at me.

"It's really bizarre." He said. "This new world and all, I mean. It means so much to both of us, and yet I can't really process it much in my mind ..."

"I know. It's really odd." I replied.

"Indeed." Harry said.

"Naturally." We chorused, and we both laughed.

We have this thing of making fun of the teachers at our old school. They're all really pompous sounding whenever they speak, so we imitate them! It's hilarious. First, one of us twins would just say a normal sentence, then the other twin will be all like, "Indeed." And then we'd both finish with, "Naturally." 

"Right, we'd better get up ter London then, to get yer school things n' all." Hagrid said from behind us. We both jumped.

"Yeah, you both woke me up. Ah well, nothin' wrong with a pair of lively twins, is there, eh?" Hagrid smiled. "There's another pair up at Hogwarts. You two could give them a run for their money."

Harry and I grinned sheepishly.


We were standing in front of an old, run-down looking pub named the 'Leaky Cauldron'. Everyone else around us wasn't even looking at it as they went past. 

I began to get suspicious. "Hagrid, can normal people see the Leaky Cauldron?"

He grinned down at me. "Nah, the Muggles can't see it. It's a charm put on, so on'y magic folk can see it."

"Muggles?" Harry asked, sounding startled that there was something else to know about in this world. I had a feeling that he was going to be more startled, soon...

"Non-magic folk." Hagrid replied.

We stepped into the Leaky Cauldron. 

"Jus' Hogwarts business today, Tom, jus' passin' through..." Hagrid said to the bartender.

The bartender looked up. His eyes fastened onto my forehead. 

"Can it be ... the great Daisy Potter?"

Whispers immediately started up all around us from the customers.

"Look, there, it's Daisy Potter!"

"How can you tell?"

"Look, her scar, on her forehead!" (I didn't have a box fringe, I had a side fringe on the other side of my forehead, so my scar stood out very well, whereas Harry had a sorta-box-but-not-really-fringe, and his scar was hidden). 

"Then that means that's Harry Potter, beside her!"

"Oh my ..."

"Don't they look identical!"

"The Girl Who Lived!"

"The Boy Who Lived!"

"The Twins Who Lived!"

"Mr and Miss Potter! How long I've waited to see you! How fantastic, how wondrously splendid!" A little man said, bustling up to us and shaking both our hands at once in each of his hands. "The name's Dedalus Diggle!"

Then, all of a sudden, everyone was surrounding us, shaking our hands, exclaiming how wonderful it was to meet us, introducing themselves.

But one person interested me the most.

"This is Professor Quirrell, Daisy, Harry." 

A small man with a purple turban stepped up to us.

"H-h-how simply s-splendid to m-m-meet you at l-last, M-mr and Miss P-potter." Professor Quirrell said, shaking our hands.

"Nice to meet you too, Professor!" We both said simultaneously.

Hagrid and Quirrell looked at us weirdly. What? Isn't it normal to say things together at exactly the same time?

When we finally got away from our 'fans', we were standing in front of a brick wall. Seriously. Like, are we supposed to go though it or something, to prove our magic-ness?

Hagrid tapped the bricks on the wall in a sequence, and then there was a hole in the wall. And it kept growing bigger, and bigger, and bigger ...

And suddenly, there was an archway, leading into the most bizarre street I had ever seen.

There were all kinds of weird and amazing shops, selling broomsticks, robes, cauldrons, spellbooks ... I was kind of attracted to the broomstick store.

"Look, the new Nimbus two thousand! The fastest broom ever!" A small boy said to his friends, pointing to the window. There, sat the most beautiful thing I had ever seen ...

The Nimbus Two Thousand.

We went to the weird wizarding bank, and Hagrid requested that we visit our vault, and some other vault, which he sneakily snatched a tiny package from. Hmm ...

As we went past the broomstick store, I stopped by it again.

"Sorry, Daisy, firs' years aren't allowed 'em. Come on, better buy your robes first. You two go on in, it'll be too crowded with us all in there..."

Harry and I walked into a store called 'Madam Malkin's Robes For All Occasions.'

There was a bleach-blond haired boy already there.

I got placed next to him on a stool, whilst another store attendant whisked Harry away to the other end of the shop, where the only other stool was. 

The store attendant I had waltzed round me, draping a cloak over my shoulders, and putting pins here and there ...

But all I could really focus on was the guy next to me. He was ... really good looking.

Oh, who am I kidding? He was hot AF.

"You're ... you're Daisy Potter, aren't you?" He said, staring at my scar. The store attendant gasped, but didn't say anything and continued with her pinning and stuff.

"Yup. And you are?" I replied.

"Uhhhh ..." He said, whilst giving me a head-to-toe scan with his eyes popping.

"Yes?" I asked, a smirk pulling at my lips. But it so did not help that I was kind of scanning him, too. And he's so much taller than me ... grr. Tall guys are just attractive to me ...

"Draco ... Malfoy." He said, his gaze flitting down to my eyes, then down several inches, then up again. I raised my eyebrow at this, but my gaze had been in the same place moments ago. So I can't talk.

"Nice name. That's 'dragon' in Latin, isn't it?" I said.

"Y-yeah." He said, his gaze flitting to my scar again. "And your name's pretty." He went a little pink. Then he tried to change the subject. "Can you ... can you remember ... what it was like?"

"What what was like?" 

"What ... when you ... got that scar. When you survived." He had an admiring look in his eye now. I felt proudness blazing up inside me again, of what Harry and I had achieved.

I paused for a second. Should I tell him? I'd only known Draco Malfoy for about two minutes, but already I felt comfortable with him.

"Sorry - you probably didn't want to remember. It was tactless." Draco began to babble.

"No, no ..." I said, thinking. "I can ... remember a bright flash of green light. A searing pain on my forehead. A - a woman s-screaming." I shuddered, realising that that was probably my mother. "Somebody yelling 'Avada Kedavra' or something. And - and a-a ..." I faltered. That was the thing that had been haunting my nightmares for as long as I could remember. I was terrified of that laugh. Pure terror struck me whenever I heard it in my mind. Sometimes I feel like I can ACTUALLY hear it ... "A h-high, cold, c-c-cruel ... laugh." I described, stuttering a little as a sudden, seemingly random wave of fear washed over me.

Draco looked at me with sympathy in his eyes. "Wow ..."

Oh gosh, why did I tell him that? He was bound to sympathise ... I wasn't not a girl for sympathy. I was tough as old boots, nothing could break my stride.

"It haunts my nightmares, ever since I can remember ... I'm terrified of that laugh ... I literally ... feel terror whenever I imagine it." I mumbled absently. "And sometimes I think I can actually HEAR it. Does that make me mental?" I burst out, then clapped my hands to my mouth. What was I doing, spilling to a practical stranger?

Draco's eyes widened at the 'hear it' part, then went back to normal. "No, it doesn't." He said firmly.

I breathed a sigh of relief.

"Well, I'll see you at Hogwarts, I suppose?" I said, reaching out to shake his hand.

"Yeah, friends?" When his hand touched mine, I felt sparks. I'm pretty sure, by looking at his face, that he had felt the same thing. My hand felt all tingly when I drew it away.

"Definitely." I told him with a cheeky grin.

We exited the shop together after paying for our things.

"See you." He said, leaving with his father, who looked at me interestedly.

Harry came out of the shop a moment later and bombarded me with questions.

"Why did you leave without me? Who was that? Did you like him? I saw you - you look like you fancy him, do you? Are you friends? Would I be friends with him? What's he like? Is he going to Hogwarts, too?" 

I answered all the questions as we walked round the shops, buying our things, leaving out the ones about me 'liking' him. Of course I didn't! Right ...?