Chapter 09 – Test (part 2)
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(Ice Fairy POV)

'HOW DID THEY GET THE CHARADE RIGHT? IT WAS TO BE IMPOSSIBLE!!!' I thought to myself after those two kids walked through the door.

'The master said that this riddle was very difficult to get right and so the answer was worthless'

The real reason of the test was to see how united they are. The master weapon can only be wielded by humans if its power is divided between two people, so if only one of them was left to answer the riddle both of them would die regardless of the answer.

"*sigh* they're not that bad, just the fact that they didn't pass out with my killing intent already gives them some credit. Plus, they both seem to have some feelings for each other, even if the girl's feelings are stronger."

"They're perfect to wield that weapon together, but I hope that idiot dragon doesn't do anything stupid..."

(Stay calm, you know me and you know I wouldn't do anything exaggerated as I prefer to sleep...AND WHO IS THE STUPID HERE!?)

"Yourself you dumb dragon who only does sleep and do your suspicious things to pass the time"

(I'm the idiot!? I want to see if you'll say the same after the awesome challenge, I'll do you dumb midget!)

"why do I have a feeling this is going to end in a very bad way...AND WHO IS THE DUMB MIDGET?!"

(End of POV)

 ----------------------------// ----------------------------

As soon as we walked through the door, we immediately felt a huge rush of heat in our bodies. Not even a minute after we got off the ice, we are already sweating like rock lee when he is training.

The scene we saw when we walked through the door was like a totally different dimension from the previous view. There were holes spewing out large amounts of steam from within it, some even had boiling water being expelled.

They had small volcanoes of about 10 to 15 meters releasing lava from their summit and around them several rivers of lava were formed.

There were also some cute magma-shaped animals and from my point of view they seemed harmless, but I wouldn't dare get close to an animal like that due to traumas I had from a certain game from my previous world.

As much as there were more than 10 volcanoes around here, there was still one that stood out.

It's a volcano that was around 60 meters high, and I'm having the same doubt as you 'how the fuck does that fit in here inside the cave?'

This volcano had one more distinguishing feature besides its height, instead of the lava coming out of it being orange, it was blue like ice and the fire in the vicinity of the mountain was also blue.

I don't doubt that if we get anywhere near that we'll be roasted alive, but now I'm sure we're really going to need this item from the fairy if we're going to get through here. I still don't know why that ice fairy gave us a cold jacket when we have a taste of hell ahead of us, but we're going to need it.

We keep walking towards the mountain as it's our only clue how to get through here. We walked along the only straight path around here while dodging the 'magma cubes' that were coming around.

Similar to the way it was when we were in the lobby, now we are so drenched with sweat. It even looks like we've taken a bath.

And if you're wondering if we bathed during the time, we were at the cave entrance, then the answer is yes. We took advantage of the rain water to bathe and not to die of thirst.

Back to our current situation, our clothes are wet with sweat. Apparently the longer we stay here the more our body water is evaporated due to sweat and our water bowl is exhausted as we could not hold our thirst.

I'm not sure how long we've been walking down this path. Sometimes it feels like hours have passed since we passed through the ice gate, but apparently, we are reaching the surrounding part of the blue volcano.

We were still a little afraid to put on a jacket for cold in the middle of this hellish heat, but we decided to trust the fairy and put it around us as we walked glued to each other.

This surprised us at the moment we put it on because we did not expect it, or rather, we were stupid not to expect it. The moment we were covered by the jacket a stream of ice covered our surroundings and deprived us of the scorching heat.

"Really? How I regret being dumb sometimes and not posting this sooner" I said with a sad expression on my face.

Suddenly I felt a hand caressing my head. It was Konan's hand that was pampering me as a way of comforting me. I think she's really taking the big sister role seriously.

"Thank you" I replied as I gave her a grateful smile as that was cute and helped me a little.

"Let's keep moving" I said.

Now I am more determined to be stronger and protect that gentleness of hers and never let her go through all that suffering again.

We kept walking until we entered the area surrounding the mountain. I expected this, but the reason the flames are blue is because they are so hot that their color had to change due to the high concentration of energy.

For comparison, when we put on our jacket, we didn't feel the slightest bit of heat, but when we got to that area of blue flames we started to sweat.

I don't want to stay here for too long as we have no more water, so if we feel thirsty it's fucked for both of us here. Luckily, we don't have to try to climb the volcano amidst the lava, as we saw a much bigger gate than the previous one located at the base of the volcano.

I'll be honest here; I was a little afraid of this gate. Unlike the previous gate, this one had some kind of scary aura coming out of it, and it made me wonder if this is the gate that's going to take us to a place, I don't want to go any time soon.

Unlike the surrounding blue scenery, the gate was red and seemed to measure around 14 meters high. It had decorations such as skulls at the top and a giant onis mask at its center.

It really felt like a gate that corresponds to that place and passes a feeling that makes me want to walk away from it, even if we are over 100 yards away from it.

Anyway, I can't afford to give up for something like that so we'll move on with no regrets. Besides we've already walked a lot, so going back now would be a bit complicated...

We kept walking and with each step the pressure from the gate increased. It felt like gravity was pulling us harder and harder, and each next step of mine became harder and harder to take.

I don't know if we'll be able to take all this increased pressure until we get to the gate. My legs are getting shaky and my breathing was getting labored even though I have been using basic breathing constantly since I went through the ice gate.

I think we've walked about sixty meters and there's another forty to go before we reach the gate, but the pressure was already making my legs wobbly. Konan and I were doing our best to make it to the next step, the bones in my feet were starting to creak and felt like they would break at any moment.

Each step felt like torture on our bodies, the pressure no longer let me open my mouth and I have the impression that my teeth would break if I tried to open my mouth to say anything.


When we got about ten meters from the gate, I heard the sound of a snap and a cry of pain coming from Konan. I looked at her face and saw that she had fainted from the pain and her feet were probably broken.

I had no idea what to do in that situation and I would probably be in the same state if I kept walking there. I feel like shit for saying she wouldn't suffer, but I let her feel horrible pain right next to me.

But I can't stop here. I can't go back now and I won't let her die out here after we've come so far.

The next moment my legs gave out and I fell to the ground with Konan on top of me and my coat covering us. I had nothing else to think about so I kept crawling across the hot ground with her on my back.

The ground was boiling hot and my chest is being burnt, while my bones are being crushed. My hands were already full of burns and blood, but I still kept crawling, for, our lives depend on it.

I could no longer feel my legs and I didn't even know how I was still conscious. My breathing was getting weaker and weaker until it got to the point where I didn't feel like I was breathing any more. Blood was pouring out of my mouth as my organs were already burnt from the inside.

Reaching within a metre of the gate I used my last strength and with the tip of my finger I touched the gate and it was at this very moment that my vision darkened and I lost consciousness.

just so you know, I am not a sadist. Give me your feedback!