Chapter 2 – The Incident
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The team continued their mission through the night. 

There was only Captain Jackson in the lead, Darren the medic, and besides the heavily injured Lex, there were a few other teammates all with minor wounds, including Leslie, Collin, Brian, Aaron, Barron and Tony. 

They trekked through the mountainous region in the dark night, scouting each cave and hole in the ground for enemies. 

Twice, they found enemies hiding in the caves, lobbing grenades to kill everyone within and killing anyone who exited the caves. 

As the day broke, they approached another cave. 

It was formed in the hills at a funny angle, and you would not be able to see a cave from the air. 

Captain Jackson used hand signals to command the team as he and Leslie entered the cave first to scout it out. 

As they turned the corner to enter the cave, suddenly there was a swift movement from an enormous body. 

Captain Jackson was instantly impaled by what looked like a metal rod 20 feet long. 

Leslie was shocked at what he saw, immediately roared and started opening fire. 

The team who was around the corner and couldn't see what was happening, only seeing Leslie's reaction, quickly rushed in to join him. 

To their shock, they saw a 20 foot giant lifting Captain Jackson's body in the air, impaled on the metal rod he was holding. 

The giant had red hair, a red beard and wore what looked like a bearskin cloth to cover his enormous genitals which still could be seen. 

"Aaaaaaah" Leslie yelled, joined by Collin and Aaron, emptying their bullets at the giant. 

Bullets seemed to have only a small effect on the giant, causing shallow wounds on its body as he protected his face with his free hand. 

The giant lunged forwards, using his rod, still with Captain Jackson's body on it, to smash Leslie, Collin and Aaron. 

The rod sliced Leslie in half, while Collin was smashed by Captain Jackson's body, preventing him from being cut in half, but smashing multiple bones in both people's bodies. 

Aaron managed to dodge, but the giant punched with his other hand, his fist smashing Aaron into paste on the ground. 

"It's eyes! Shoot it's eyes!" Lex yelled as Brain, Barron, Tony and Darren opened fire at the giant's face. 

It covered it's face and had to retreat. 

One by one, their rifles ran out of bullets, and they had to change bullet cartridges. 

"Fuck!" Barron yelled as he started changing bullet cartridge. 

The giant senses the bullets coming at him dwindle and started charging at them again. 

The huge body smashed into them, with Aaron and Tony being squashed by the giant's heavy mass. Lex made a split second decision and ducked forwards between the giant's legs. 

Barron and Darren managed to duck and reload and immediately started firing at the giant's face from either side of it. 

Lex looked around as he struggled to get off the ground. 

The giant was on it's knees after charging and squashing Aaron and Tony, with its hands covered in the gore of both bodies, blocking its face from the gun fire of both Barron and Darren on either side of it in the narrow cave entrance. 

Lex knew that any time the bullets stopped, the giant will crush both Aaron and Tony too. 

He was actually facing the giant's huge ass as the giant's balls and humongous dick which was the same size as Lex himself hung several feet away from him. 

Deciding quickly, Lex got up and dashed at the giant, not opening fire, but instead hooking several grenades' pins to his fingers. 

He yelled as he climbed up the giant's smelly dick, punching and shoving his whole arm into the giant's asshole. 

The giant only felt something small entering it's ass as Lex yanked out his arm, each finger holding the pulled pin of a grenade as he jumped down, bouncing off the huge testicles and started running for his life. 

"Fire in the hole!" Lex yelled as a huge explosion erupted from within the giant's belly. 

Both Barron and Darren screamed as the cave shook from the explosion, with giant guts flying everywhere. 

Dust covered the site as Lex felt something heavy but yet soft land on top of him. 

Suddenly, the cave started caving in as rocks broke off and covered the cave. 


"... this is strictly classified. You and the other soldier have to keep this confidential, do you understand?"

"Yes sir..."

"The body was mostly intact except for the groin area and the stomach. The big brains will have a field day with this..."

"Hey look.. there's another body part"

"It looks like... the giant's cock! My... what a huge dong.."

"Look underneath it... is it... yes... it's a body..."

"He's still breathing... medic!"

"Hey that's the hero that saved us!" 

"Are you sure?" 

"I'm sure. No one would be so brave as to shove his arm deep into the giant's ass and pull out 5 pins inside the giant's ass"

"Careful... he was already seriously injured from before the giant"

"Yeah... he's a regular Captain America. He saved us when we were parachuting down, killing half the enemy forces before we got to land by cutting his chute"


"Uuuugh..." Lex moaned as he opened his eyes.

"Oh! You're awake! Doctor! The patient is awake!" the nurse called as she saw Lex open his eyes

"Mr Marshall! Good to see you awake!" the doctor said

"Doctor.. where.." Lex said, but found his mouth was dry and felt like he hasn't talked for a long time

"Take it easy soldier. You've been in a coma for 6 months" the doctor said

"Six months?" Lex gasped

"Yes... your injuries were extensive. Multiple broken ribs, a punctured lung, bullets lodged in your left shoulder and right leg, laceration on the right temple. That was just from the gunfight. Both your legs were crushed in the land slide, and the lack of oxygen to your brain made us concerned that you might have received brain damage. But seeing that you've come out of your coma, maybe you were lucky. We need more scans to confirm" the doctor said

"My... my phone... I need to tell my girlfriend I'm ok" Lex said

"Oh, your personal affects are kept at the base. I think you will need to go through a debriefing first" an important looking officer said, suddenly standing at the door. 


The debriefing took several hours, with Lex being forced to sign disclaimers to the incident and contracts to prevent him saying anything about the giant. 

He was informed that besides Darren and Barron, everyone in his squad was dead, and that he was to be assigned to another team. 

Finally, he was back in the barracks and he took his phone out of his locker. 

Unfortunately after 6 months, the battery was completely dead. 

Urgently, he plugged in the phone and turned it on.