V3ーChapter 81
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In the middle of the night, Irana woke up and found herself in her bed. She is panting as if she has just seen a nightmare. She then looks at her surroundings and notices she is in her room. Irana then takes a sigh of relief.

"It was just all a dream?" Said Irana.

She wipes a sweat on her forehead and then gets up from the bed.

"I need to take some water."

Irana then proceeds to exit her room and go to the kitchen for a glass of water. As Irana opened the door, she saw the light from the kitchen was still on. Irana frowned and was confused. She looks at her phone and sees what time currently is 02:37 AM. Who is currently in the kitchen? Her father and mother already passed away many years ago. So that only leaves one person.

"Onii-chan? Is that you in the kitchen?" Ask Irana with a soft voice as she carefully walks out of her room.

But there was no answer. Irana began to feel nervous as she questioned why the kitchen light was still on. Is there an intruder breaking into the house? It is not her Onii-chan as her Onii-chan didn't answer her call. Then who is it? Slowly, Irana sneaks her way to the kitchen. As she got closer and closer, she noticed there was no one in the kitchen.

"Huh?... did Onii-chan forget to turn off the light?" Said Irana.

She then rubs on her own chest and takes a sigh of relief.

"It seems like I am a bit paranoid. I should have known." Said Irana.

Irana then walks into the kitchen and takes an empty glass. As she walks into the fridge, she kicks something soft.

"What is that?"

Irana then looks down. She saw a girl lying on the floor wearing very minimum clothing. Irana was startled and could not help herself but scream in shock. The girl lying on the floor was shocked and woke up because Irana screamed. It was then a man suddenly appeared, seemingly out of nowhere.

"What is going on?! Irana, are you alright?" The man said.

"I am okay, Onii-chan. I am just startled seeing her on the floor. More than that? Onii-chan, Why is she in our house?"

The man is Irana's only brother, Ari.

"Last night, I am out drinking with a friend. When we were all about to head back home. Shera is too drunk to went back home on her own. So I brought her back to our home." Said Ari with a smile.

"Ugh...hip... my head... hip."

"You brought a woman home in the middle of the night?! Also, why is she sleeping on the kitchen floor?" Said Irana.

"I don't know why she is sleeping in the kitchen. I am sure I brought her to my room." Said Ari.

"You brought her to your room!!" Said Irana.

"What are you... hip... Are screaming at little girl!! F*ck, my head... ugh," Said Shera.

"Hey, I sleep on the couch alright. I did not sleep with her."

Irana then proceeds to berate her brother, late at night.

In this new reality

As always, the way I convey a story might confuse you. But from now on, the Normal chapter will be given to Irana, while ExChapter will be given to Aria.

Thank you for reading!!