Chapter 14 – Wobbling matters of G.
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A side chapter!


Like a thin wall of silk, there was a barrier separating the material universe and the many realms associated with the same world. Small dimensions of many things also were also floating freely between those realms and were managed by beings of great power.

Something that looked like a bundle of wires appeared out of nowhere and screamed in the emptiness of the void.

“Necimos! Necimos!”

The blackness turned white and the idled space moved to reveal a large white turtle that had blended perfectly with the background. The white turtle opened its eyes and looked at the thing that had made a ruckus.

“Why are you coming here? I am trying to sleep.”

“It is not the time to sleep! Necimos, help me!”

The wires-like entity morphed into a more humanoid form with an eye for a head and tentacles for the body. Meanwhile, Necimos’ turtle form had disappeared and transformed into an orb of light. His intention to sleep was gone as the nuisance had found him.

“What is it now?”

“My planet is gone! Puff!”

“Again? What did you do?”

Although Necimos asked that, he had already started looking for the cause with his power. The other entity was in an excited state and couldn’t seem to calm down.

“The civilization I was nurturing had opened a gateway to our prison dimension by accident and had gotten consumed.”


“That is not all! A wandering god I invited over to play was stuck inside our prison too! He tried to help but your security system thought he was a prisoner and pulled him in while he was holding the gateway!”

“Tsk! I told you not to advance them too fast. Your civilization is still too inconsiderate for the consequences of such knowledge.”

While he was complaining to the spinning eyes with tentacles, they had relocated to the scene where the apocalypse had occurred. A grayish planet with metal covered most of its surface appeared between the two beings. The planet was like an illusion that could be held in one hand was constantly emitting extreme gravity waves that were slowly destroying the whole star system. It was beyond repair at this point.

Hands of light held the planet and disconnected it from the material realm. In the perspective of a normal mortal, there was no hand of light or any monstrously huge beings that were looking at their planet. The remaining living creature on the planet just suddenly felt like time had stopped and the sky was gone with dim light replacing everything above.

“Do you wish to restart with this race or something else?”

His voice was tired and slow as Necimos asked the entity that sought help from him.

“Ugh! I think I will stop doing this. I have enough divinity to last for a while.”

Necimos deconstructed the planet and extracted its essence to smooth out the space where the gateway had appeared. He reopened the gateway and fished out the foreign god that was accidentally locked in with an extremely high amount of power. He looked like a sheet of paper with two gems for eyes. The presence of god near the planet made it crack up even if briefly. But the planet and the gateway were already out of the material realm and in the between of dimensions so there was nothing to worry about. The creatures on the planet would be returned to the soul cycle without any pain or anxiety. Souls would be merged back into the great cycle and reborn anew to fill in for other planets.

Necimos sent those souls to his tier three assistant that managed the soul cycle as he needed to patch the prison back or else the trouble-makers inside would try to get out.

“Hah hah… that was scary! T-Thanks you very much, High God Necimos.”

“Uh huh. Just be more careful in my universe. I set up a few security systems as my pantheon has some crazy tier four godlings to handle."

"Ah, I think I saw some of them in there."

Necimos faded away and returned to his divine realm as the work was done. Floating there in the empty space where the planet was before were the two gods that had started this problem. They looked at each other without saying anything for a while. The eye with tentacles for body broke the silence first.

"Helix, sorry for that. I didn't think giving them your artifact would be this bad."

"Well, I should have resisted more. This is also my fault. Anyway, what are you planning to do, Orbital? Do you want to go wandering around with me?"

"Nah, I will take a break. How about crashing at one of my friends' place? She wouldn't mind us laying around looking."

"Should we? I am a bit low on divinity now. I think I should find something to do soon."

The two thought for a while before the tentacle eye Orbital shivered up with an idea.

"Hey Helix, do you have any rare souls left?"

"I do. Do you want one?"

"No! Actually yes! My friend likes to inject rare human souls into her world. If you give her some she will give you some hefty divinity."

"But I don't have any human souls."

"That's… well, we could try to haggle. Rare soul is rare."

"... If you say so."

The two gods faded away too and left the star system to consume itself. Things were lost and things were born. Even stars. Cycles inside cycles. So those two gods didn't need to do anything more with a dead system.


Necimos looked at the two tier four gods that jumped from realm to realm. They finally stopped at a realm of a young goddess that had a lot of small pocket dimensions floating around her planet in another galaxy.

That place was familiar to him. One of his apostles was from there. She was also doing some missions on that planet recently. It was slaying a menacing vampire or something, he didn't pay attention there.

Right, it was a Vampire Lord.

His apostles were scattered everywhere around the universe. He lent them to other gods to do some odd jobs now and then to keep them busy while he was sleeping. Normal gods didn't need sleep and he was one tier above them too so he was anything but weaker. Sleep was a way to conserve his power in time of need. His divinity stocked up massively with all the tributes from the gods in his pantheon and their planets. His apostles brought him some too but not much.

Although his reason for sleep was logical and noble. He actually liked sleeping too so he never complained.

What are they doing now?

The two gods were making another ruckus at the divine realm of that young goddess. He could use some power to listen inside other's realm but that would be rude. Just looking was impolite enough but if he didn't say it, they wouldn't know. Spying fully was where he drew the line.

Orbital was not evil but he was bothersome and annoying. He wasn't good at managing his civilization at all. The recently doomed planet was the fifth one. It would be a long, long time before Orbital could start to touch the base of the next tier. With his personality like that, he seemed to not care about advancing up at all. Which was fine actually. Unlike those lunatic gods that craved power more than anything else.

Obliterating a tier four entity took a huge amount of divinity even for a tier five like him so he didn't even want to do it. Putting them in a prison was enough. Without any way to gain divinity, they could be overpowered by even the weakest god.

The security system he put over the prison dimension was the same as his level of power so nothing could get out once put inside. Just seeing how the wandering god Helix was powerless with it was enough to feel safe.

Although that artifact Helix possessed was somehow able to reach the prison but that would just bring doom to the place the gateway opened. A god without divinity was still a god. Their presence would obliterate the planet in such a closed distance. The creatures that had survived were the top of the top on that planet. There could be some tier two entities even, he didn't check.

It looks like she will let them stay. Helix is really carefree. He will do a better job than Orbital if he joins a pantheon. Pity.

High Gods created universes to generate divinity while normal Gods joined under them to get their own planets. The universe was large but the ideal planets for raising a solid civilization were few. A half-ass habitable planet would just make the god spend more divinity just to keep a race alive so he needed to create the whole star system to get that delicate condition.

Any tier five entity like Necimos could manage their universe by themselves, the presence of other Gods didn't change anything. The total divinity gained would actually decrease but they would have free time and less work. Not like entities of their level would feel tired but they generally like to be idle.

Necimos looked to his strongest apostle before he went back to sleep.

She looks energetic. Good.

The girl was doing some zombie herding while protecting a small group of humans. He remembered telling her to do work there through another of his tier three assistants that managed the records.

He looked a bit into his apostle's future and saw no dead end so he stopped observing through her eyes. Once again preaching other's privacy but he didn't care. He didn't overstep the line he made. There was an emergency task from the young goddess of that planet on his strongest apostle's to-do list but it didn't look so dire to him.

Necimos transformed back into the white turtle for the best of sleep. Gods took form based on their interests and personality. And he particularly liked this aquatic creature's way of sleep.

His realm turned dark again and no sound or noise arose further.


In a distant mountain range far away from the habitat of humans, an earthquake appeared briefly and ended, leaving the rocky terrain to rustle slightly.

A giant blue dragon was squashed under an even bigger one's paw. Its head was ripped off and spat out by the other massive dragon.

This dragon had skin and scales like a stone mountain, rough but not brittle at all. Its head had two long protruding horns to the back on both sides, making four horns in total. The slitted eyes were a bright yellow that emitted faint light of mana continuously as it adjusted its two massive wings to a comfortable position to lie down again.


The corpse of the blue dragon was tossed far away by the massive hand paw. When it had returned to its resting pose, it looked a bit to the right to a small hill. There was a small female human in light leather armor with a big curved sword kneeled there.

"We are grateful for your help, honorable dragon god."


The rumble of his voice decreased as he returned to slumbering. There was nothing more to discuss as the human didn't want to anger the great being before her.

She stood up and ran away with a movement spell. Her figure blurred leaving a long trace of black by her dark hair. Her small face and black eyes told of her heritage from a foreign world.

"Naomi-san! All good?"

Some other people with similar characteristics as her joined her run midway.

"Yes. He doesn't have any negative responses. There is only one disaster-class monster left to deal with but we can't lead them here anymore. He sleeps."

"This is going to be tough. At least we only have one more to kill."

"The remaining one is a metal golem, right? Couldn't we just leave it alone?"

Naomi turned to look at her companion critically.

"We will decide that after assessing its intention. A disaster-class monster is no joke."

"Alright alright, sorry!"

They stopped talking and continued to run back to civilization. It took them the whole day but they finally arrived at their village to report back to their chief.

The situation in their village was normal as always with a few people doing some hunting and farm work. There was no tension in the air at all.

"Oh, your group is back! Some good news?"

A shirtless old man appeared and greeted them in the middle of the village.

"Chief! Five monsters are dead thanks to the dragon god. We only have the golem left."

"Good work everyone! Take a rest! The remaining monster has been taken care of."

The whole team that was with Naomi had a surprised look on their face. That was good news but how? The entire force the village had sent out was regrouped into one unit to deal with the monsters one by one after the Lich's power was revealed. There was no one left that had enough power to deal with such a creature in the village.

"Where is my husband? Was he leading the monster to Silver Pass? I will break his legs!"

"Whoa whoa calm down! Sagat would never do that! Unlike the dragon god that our tribe is acquainted with, we have no relation with the new powerhouse at all. Leading monsters there will make us an enemy to them for sure."

Naomi stopped her outburst and listened. Her team was also curious. The chief continued his explanation when she seemed to calm down.

"Yesterday, the Goddess of light, Lumine-sama paid us a visit."


They made a loud sound and attracted the attention of everyone in the village. But everyone had already known the news so they quickly ignored the noisy group.

"That's right! The bigshot came here."

"What did the Goddess want?"

"Well, there is a potential apocalypse with a Vampire Lord on the loose. We have to be on the lookout for the creature."

Slight tension hovered on the returned team. They had to deal with death again.

"Worry not! She left us some anti-vampire weapons. I told her to get rid of our monster problem too and she accepted. The golem is in the warehouse waiting to be dismantled."

"You old fart dare to demand things from a Goddess!? But why couldn't she get rid of the vampire herself then."

"I did ask and it looked like the Vampire Lord knew and hid himself very well. The Goddess is busy with a few other apocalypses too and couldn’t deal with him, it seems. And I am old, what can she do to me? Smite me? No way."

Everyone was amazed at their chief's balls of steel. But they were glad someone like him was with them. The old man was reliable when it counted.

The general information had been passed to them. The team was disbanded and went back to their home to rest. If anyone wanted more information, they had to wander around the village and ask everyone themselves. Naomi was still with the chief as she still had a report to tell him. They went to the chief's house as this report was kind of a sensitive topic.

"Chief, I think you were right. The dragon god has confirmed that ambient mana has changed. Lesser monsters are growing stronger little by little. The Demon Lord may revive soon. Did the Goddess say anything about it?"

He was silent and didn't answer her question. She didn't rush as she knew how serious the problem was. A Vampire Lord was nothing compared to the Demon Lord.

Finally, the chief stood up and retrieved an old leather book from his closet. He opened the book and read carefully aloud.

"The Demon Lord's presence made all monsters stronger, even vicious animals. He consumed the mana of the world to make it his power. That is not an existence we could coexist with. Hesitation is death. The world will only survive when the Demon Lord is gone. My descendants, I do not believe the Demon Lord has perished forever. It is something I can't explain. My soul tells me it is not over. Beware, my descendants, for when the mana changes and the monsters grow stronger, prepare for the worst…"

The continuation of the book was all the experience and knowledge the old Hero had left behind in his old age. But the beginning was enough of a warning of constant vigilance. The chief muttered out to Naomi who had been listening carefully.

"This is the time, isn't it? The Goddess didn't say anything so that means we still have a lot of time."

"I feel the same, chief. Unlike the time of old, the Demon Lord needed to be revived instead of growing steadily from a creature. We needed to investigate the Demons. They could have been doing something similar to the Demon Lord to cause this phenomenon. The uncaring of the Goddess could also mean that this is not related to the Demon Lord."

"... hmm… you have a point. Your husband and son are trying to make connections with that individual. You can go with them if you want."

"Thank you, chief. But I will go somewhere else. The more people investigate the Demons the better."

"Hazz… you are so like the ancestor Hero. Perhaps you should try to pick up the Divine Sword at the Cathedral."

A smile appeared on her small face at the half-joke of the chief.

"Too bad it is a straight sword. I have only wielded nodachi and have never intended to master another weapon. Not like the church will let us touch it though."

"Haha, you're right. Those bastards."

They laughed it off and discussed some other matters about their village. Keeping the dangers away was a sacred duty that they would never abandon.


“Orges! Retreat!”

Groups of adventures scattered through the forest as monsters above their power appeared. Those people were experts in monster hunting but still not the extraordinary folks that would make legends. They knew their limit well.

The forest in which they do their job was to the north of Count Heuser's territory. This expedition was commissioned by the Count himself to clear a path for a new castle town. For this job, the adventures were well-suited. The soldiers and knights were making camps and drawing land. A lot of logistics were happening at the same time so the protection of high-level fighters like Silver Pass's knights couldn't be divided into other tasks.

However, they would gladly take on big monsters that the adventures had led to them. They were quite eager to unleash their might too.

"Sir knight!"

Without a need for more details, a knight launched himself over the hundred meters distance and disconnected the Orge's neck. The application of wind magic to both their body and blade was super deadly in preemptive strikes. They wanted to fight but they were also dutiful. No drag-out battle occurred near the safe zone. The other Orges were also slain at the other location nearby.

The adventures relaxed and walked back to a nearby camp slowly. Their work in the morning was done. They were grateful that the Count even gave them employment, they could use the coin. Their camps were in a big clearing that the mages had flattened with earth magic. The groups in their camp hadn't all returned yet. Some were still on scouting duty. Could never be careless while in the wild.

"Oh man, the knights are all so strong. Which rank will they be if they join the guild?"

A few adventures sat around their campfire and made conversation. Trivial gossiping kept life interesting.

"I know, right? Just look at Sir Knight over there. He is no one famous but is still so powerful. I bet he must be around Silver rank in power."

The adventurer guild worked in simple ways. Their ranks went from Recruit to Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

Recruits were basically no rank. The majority of adventures were in the Bronze rank. Bronze was where the distinction became clear between a true fighter and a normal person.

To rise in rank, one had to have power first and then achievements came second. The guild used to judge people wrongly based on achievement until the Hero came around.

That made the ranking in the guild become a serious prestige.

Monsters were ranked from tier one to tier ten by the Hero and the guild was the same. Humans didn't have divine power to support them like a Hero did so there was no shortcut.

Bronze rank required the basic physique to be ten times a normal human. Then the adventures could apply magic reinforcement to rise further, reaching doubling their strength and contested with even tier two monsters alone. A group of Bronze ranks could kill a magicless Demon with good teamwork.

The same was true for the other ranks. Silver, Gold, and Platinum were equivalent to tier two, three, and four. Humans were really weak in nature. But with magic and the number of their population they could defend themselves well enough.

Even with that said, there were only two Platinum rank adventures alive and they often worked in the bigger empire next door. People that could kill a tier eight monster single-handedly were very sought after but they were also very scary to approach.

High-ranking adventures were often said to have stopped being human in both body and mind. That didn’t discourage anyone from training to get there though. Power was anything but unwanted.

“But did you see that move that kill the Orge? That is new. I haven’t seen anything like that before. He closed the distance in a blink of an eye and the wind pressure from that strike was so thrilling!”

“I heard the soldiers talking a while back that there were some new techniques developed by the Knights while they trained. Something about a new way of utilizing wind magic.”

Those adventures could sprint the distance of one hundred meters in about a second without magic as their physique was ten times that of a normal adult. Not anyone could apply magic reinforcement freely without magic tools or a support mage so seeing a legit knight with magic at their disposal was exhilarating. What the knight did was equal to a tier four monster with the added of wind magic, the force produced would be tremendous. A tier four Orge stood no chance.

“Hey, do you think we will be dragged into the war soon? You know…”

“Don’t worry too much. They wouldn’t force us to join. Furthermore, fighting monsters may be more deadly than fighting soldiers.”

“Yeah, right. I still remember the undead defense. I wonder if the other disaster-class monsters went to the empire. That would be good.”

“Gee haha, you evil bastard.”

Those disaster-class monsters were the kinds that were too strong to assess their power. To determine a monster’s tier of that caliber was suicide for any scout. The situation was scary but they were adventures so they didn’t dwell too much on such despair. What took their worry was how the situation between the Kingdom and the other powers around would turn out. It would affect their livelihood a lot more than some monsters that they could do nothing about.

“But honestly, the Kane empire seems to be warry of our Count. They wouldn’t start a war with us now for sure. The empire is a hated foe that would be ganged on if they lost a big army to us.”

“You sure know a lot about these stuffs.”

“Gahaha, it comes with age!”

“Age my ass. More like gossiping.”

They joked and laughed about carefreely while they could. Such was the life of those who lived close to the line of death.

The scouting groups had returned in time for lunch by this time. They brought some odd news that could be a bit worrisome as usual. The report with the Knights was long so it had to be something complicated.

In the evening, when everyone gathered up for defense and sleep, a Knight with a red band on his right arm indicated he was of importance came to the center and announced.

“All adventurers, listen up! Tomorrow, there will be no scouting or monster sweeping in the east. The Empire has set up a camp similar to us near the border so we Knights of the Heuser House will take over the Eastern border. You all will reorganize and map out the cavern system in the mountain range. Then your job will be done.”

It was a short message as the Knight knew adventures didn’t pay enough attention to long speech and did something that could harm the County. This was a time of chaos and change. They needed to be careful to be the last one on top instead of a stepping stone for the power-hungry enemies all around.

The Knights moved the soldiers in the night to expand their control of the border further. This was a risky move but they had permission from the Count in case such as this happened. The Kane empire could not be allowed to step over their land as they pleased because they would never step back. The ambassador group at the capital was a lost cause already. The overall power of their knights was lower than the Count’s so there were still some reassurances left.

The border became a high-strung place but the castle town would continue to be built nonetheless. The Knights of Count Heuser had high morale and motivation as they knew there was a powerful combat maid on their side that could obliterate a Lich single-handedly. And their idolized Young Lady that had shown them many marvelous ways to increase their combat power in her training time as well as her might with large scale magic. Their Kingdom had the making of legends ready to grow in the future and those people were from their territory.

Outside powers and even the Knights themself may not realize it but the Count’s force would crush the opponents completely with their zealot-like attitude and new techniques. Perhaps being under the presence of an extraordinary existence like Elena for a long time rubbed on them in some way.

As the progression of the Castle continued, Elena in the meanwhile still was doing her best to sleep through the ordeal that she had caused. The preparation to go to the Royal Academy would be taken care of by her maids and family without any need for her to do anything more. And so she slept soundly.


End of Chapter 14.


This is for the people that like math! Some fun calculating!

A person with 10x strength will produce 10x launching force and will have 10x speed.

Let’s take a soldier who could run 100m in 10s (or 10m/s) as a base for easy math.

So Bronze rank could run 10x that => 100m/s based on the equation below. Let say that the body weight change is minimal so we don’t have to calculate that.

Force = Mass * Acceleration

=> F=ma or (F/m)=a

=> 10.(F/m)=10.(a)

That is pretty fast.

And the force of impact (body plant into the object, not a punch or an attack) is a square the velocity based on this equation.

F = (mv)/t

Because if the speed is double we will arrive at half the time so we have a new t=t/2 too:

(m.2v) / (t/2) = 2.(m.2v)/t = 4.(mv)/t

= 4.F

The force of impact increases in proportion to the square of the increase in speed. So 3x speed will be 9x force and 10x speed will be 100x force.

This is just a full-body plant without attacking lol! I hope a 10x stronger body is enough to bear this force. I ain’t calculating that.

So if a 60kg soldier runs over something in a second it will be:

(60kg).(10m/s)/1 = 600N

Equivalent with 60 kg drops straight down on you.

And getting run over by a Bronze rank will be 100x that, 60 000N! It is like 6 tons drop on you!

That will be all!