20. Summertime Sadness
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Caleb was the first to break the kiss. He didn’t feel like stopping. If it’s up to him, he’ll just take Lucca there and then but he has to rationalize himself. For Lucca’s sake. Not his. He is a pervert in his own way and he can’t care less of their situation despite of the fact that he knew there’ll be plenty of time to pick up from where they had left of but… “Lucca, the tent,” he reminded. And it was then that Lucca realizes that even if they wish to continue, they’ll be exposed. Because their tent is not up yet and as immediate as the realization sets in him, he lets out a genuine laughter. Caleb laughs along too.


Finally, Lucca feels the urgency of wanting to learn how to pitch the tent. “Let’s get to work then,” he suggested. Caleb only nodded in answer, his face is still half-smiling, his eyes half-flirting. Lucca looks away and knows that his cheeks are flushed red by now. He had forgotten what it was like to be in someone’s arms. The only memory he has of such intimacy was during his childhood. But he yearns for it now. He yearns to feel Caleb’s body pressing in on him. Just like before when they were kissing. He wanted to be even more intimate with him.


The sun was setting rather quickly. With little light left of the evening sun, they managed to pitch up their tent. It wasn’t as perfect as they had expected it to be but it was moderate enough for an amateur and also a boy who only went out on his second time camping. “Well,” Caleb spoke after admiring their hard work of bringing up the tent as she shoots a dirty look to Lucca. “Shall we?” He asked and offers Lucca his hand like he’s making a proposal.


Grinning, Lucca was about to take his hand when he heard a girl’s voice behind them. “Ehm, excuse me?” She called. They both turn around to face the owner of the voice abruptly and cautiously, ready to engage in a fight. The girl looks at them perplexed by their demeanor. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you guys,” she said. She almost laughs to their reaction. She thought that they were spooked by her presence completely unaware of the fact that the boys had actually almost simultaneously attacked her. When the boys didn’t reply to her apology, she thought of getting her job done as quickly as possible before heading back out to her camp. “I’m the representative of this camp site. Just here to inform you that, later, we will have a small get-together. There will be food, karaoke, and dancing. Do join us if you have the time. It will be held in the middle of the site,” she informed.


At that, nearly dismissed as a calculative response, Caleb smiles at her in his most charming smile. One that he knew would work on anyone if he tries hard enough. The girl blushes at the sight of his smile and only then begins to realize how handsome and beautiful the two boys are upon closer examination. She, in fact, had never seen anyone as fine before in her life. “Thank you, miss. We’ll try to be there,” Caleb stated. It was obviously a lie. He never intended to show up there. He just wants to shove his dick into the blond-haired boy next to him and spend his time exploring Lucca’s body, owning him completely. He doesn’t want to waste time mingling with strangers.


“Karaoke, you say? That sounds lovely,” Lucca said. He, too, is smiling. But it was a genuine smile. Unlike Caleb’s, it was one with kindness. And as Caleb looks over at Lucca, he grasps that Lucca is entertaining the thought of joining. His heart aches at the sight of Lucca’s sad eyes. He knew that Lucca had missed that part of his life. He might’ve never even been to such gathering. Should he wait before satisfying his wolfish lust? He wondered. He thought then that that’ll be left for Lucca to decide later.


The girl smiles back at them sheepishly. “It is fun,” she said, trying to convince them. “I really hope you guys will be there. See you,” she bid goodbye and hesitantly walks away although she is truly rushing to get away from them for her heart had been beating crazily all the while being around two fine-looking young men. She can’t wait to head back and tell all her friends about them.


When she’s gone, Caleb turns to look at Lucca with a concern expression on his face. “Lucca, do you want to go there?” He asked. Lucca looks back at him quizzically and shrugs a little. “I don’t know. Sounds like fun. I watch people singing karaoke before. On TV, you know? Looks fun,” he said. Caleb leans in closer to Lucca and places both of his palms on Lucca’s shoulders. He looks down on him like he is a child, like he is the younger one when in fact, Lucca is always older by age. Caleb clearly doesn’t see Lucca as the older one. “It’s decided. We will go,” he then declared.


Lucca looks surprised at what Caleb had said and immediately understands that Caleb was being considerate of him. Again. “Caleb, you don’t have to do this for me-”


“-It is done,” Caleb cuts in at the remark made by Lucca and starts to walk away towards the path where the girl had headed. “Are you coming?” he called out from the slight distance.


But I rather be in your arms, Lucca thought to himself a little selfishly before starting to pursue Caleb. The truth is, he doesn’t really want to spend more time with Caleb. The more memories they make, the harder it will be for him to walk away. But he didn’t know why he didn’t protest. He’s sure that if he sternly said ‘no’, Caleb would just stay back with him. Maybe… he doesn’t want to go? Maybe he wants to spend more time with him and just cherish all these little times that he had left before having the courage to run away. Insipid, a condemning voice echoes in his head. Luke? He called back. But there was no answer.


The sky had completely darkened when they reached the middle of the site. They can hear music, laughter, and chit-chats. Caleb’s stomach twists a little at the sickening thought of socializing but he wants to be brave for Lucca. Eyes turn to look at them when they walk into the gathering. They were greeted by the girl who went to their camp from a while back. “You’re here!” She said excitedly. “Karaoke, right?” She said to Lucca and immediately pulls him towards the karaoke booth which had been set up by the corner. Caleb follows them from behind, denying himself the urge of just pulling Lucca back. The fact that the girl was all over Lucca enflames him with jealousy and possessiveness so strong that it even astonished him himself. It’s the kind of rage he never felt before. The kind of possessiveness he never had before.


Lucca is completely oblivious to the invisible fire building around Caleb. He is instead mesmerized by the machine in front of him. “How do this work?” He asked. Excitement shines in his eyes. That look alone manages to sooth down the jealousy Caleb had previously felt. “Here,” Caleb came forward and offered to help him with the buttons on the machine. “What song do you want to sing?” He asked. The girl from before came back with a mic for Lucca which Lucca gladly takes.


Lucca thought for a while before deciding and his thought landed on a perfect song. “Lana Del Rey; Summertime Sadness,” he informed. Caleb smiles at the song choice. “You’re so girly,” he teased. “Shut the fuck up,” Lucca spat at him and Caleb instantly laughs at him. “Well, you better sing good,” Caleb said as he plays the song. The soft melody of the song’s intro made Caleb feels strangely at ease.


Kiss me hard before you go, Summertime Sadness… When Lucca started singing, Caleb can’t help but to have his eyes solely fixed on him. I just wanted you to know that baby you’re the best… Lucca was staring at him too with a smile on his face and points his finger over at him like he’s dedicating the lyrics to him. Caleb smiles back and this time, his cheeks flushed red. I got my red tux on tonight, dancing in the dark in the pale moonlight… It’s rare of him to blush. But Lucca managed to make him so. And Lucca keeps singing. Done my hair up real big beauty King style, Leather shoes off, I’m feeling alive. And then, though there were many people surrounding them, at the moment, Caleb only sees him. There’s only Lucca in his eyes now. The rest of the world goes black and Lucca was the only thing made of color.


Oh my God, I feel it in the air, telephone wires above are sizzling like a snare. Honey, I’m on fire, I feel it everywhere, nothing scares me anymore. Kiss me hard before you go, Summertime Sadness… I just wanted you to know that baby you’re the best


It felt magical for Caleb. And when the song finally ended, it took him a while to come back to reality with the sounds of hands clapping around him. Another person entered the stage for a new song now. It is a groovy song. And everyone around them started dancing. They’re being led to the middle of the dancing crowd too and without them even trying too hard, they started dancing too. They both hadn’t laugh that hard in a while. They both hadn’t had that much fun for a long, long time. And as for Lucca, it was the first time he danced. It was awkward at first but later on, he gets the hang of it and his body moves naturally. Caleb helps him to get in the groove. Their body moves together. It almost feels like they’re being as intimate as they should’ve been in bed. As they realize of the chemistry, they read each other’s mind and slowly sneak themselves out of the crowd. They ran together towards their tent, still laughing with their hands held tight together.


They waste no time as soon as they reach their tent. Caleb pushes Lucca down on the hard floor of the tent roughly and pins him down with both of his hands, mouth locked onto his. They both are drenched in sweat and engulfed in lustful heat. Lucca can feel Caleb’s tongue exploring every inch of his mouth and something hard pressed against his body right in between his legs. His is hard too. He tries not to think too much about it and to just let the kiss lead him where to go. Lucca is broken free from Caleb’s grip when Caleb back away to undress himself. Lucca reads that as a sign that he should start to undress too but before he can even start to take off his own shirt, Caleb was quick to pull it up and roll it over out of him for him and he was quick to pull down Lucca’s pants too. Lucca sees Caleb’s harden dick hanging in between his leg as he eases down to suck on Lucca’s nipple and he moans to the tingling sensation he felt shooting through his body. “Caleb…” he called out softly.


“Your voice is so sexy, Lucca. Don’t blame me if I lose control,” Caleb warned. His voice was whispery. At the time, Lucca thought that he is the one who might lose control. “It’s going to hurt, is it?” He asked, trying to maintain a normal voice but failing in some parts. Part of him is nervous but the other part is beyond excited. Caleb smiles a little. He looks charming but also devilish in his own way. “It will. I’m not good at self-control” Caleb informed. “Especially since it’s you that I’m doing it with right now,” he added.


“What is that supposed to mean?” Lucca snapped in annoyance. “It means…” Caleb started to answer but bite back on his tongue, thinking on whether or not to profess. So instead, he kisses Lucca softly and pushes him down again while his hands help to spread Lucca’s legs wide. Then, he breaks the kiss and descends to lick Lucca’s opening. Lucca moans abruptly and reflexively arches his body in pleasure, lifting up his ass to ask for more. Caleb continues to lick the opening to ensure that it is completely wet and ready. He then back away and started to slide his finger inside. “Ah!” Lucca moans louder and jolted in surprise but he didn’t protest. He feels like giving it all to him. He feels no shame. No disgust. Unlike with his previous experience, this time, it doesn’t feel wrong.


Two fingers now and Lucca has started to squeal. “Be patience, Lucca, I’m trying to make it less painful for you,” Caleb spoke. Then, unexpectedly, Lucca started to laugh. The laughter was kind of menacing but there’s also a hint of amusement in it. Caleb had to stop finger-fucking him due to his surprise at the sudden laughter. And when he strains his eyes to look closer, he understands why. “Enjoying yourself, Luke?” he asked.


“Could you just cut the crap and fuck me already? Don’t worry about the pain. I’m accustomed to it,” Luke said. Caleb tsk-ed at the unwelcomed guest. “But Lucca is not,” he stated. “Can you please bring him back?” Caleb asked, as politely as he can. He wanted Lucca right now, not Luke. “It’s okay, Caleb,” Luke said but the tone of his voice has changed. It had softened. “I invited him,” he told. And Caleb realizes that… no. It was Lucca this time. “Lucca?” he called. Lucca smiles at him blushingly. “Yeah. I invited Luke,” Lucca said. “Just do it,” his tone change again. Caleb catches immediately that it’s Luke now. “You are both here? And aware?” Caleb asked, just to be sure. Lucca nodded. “As I said,” Luke pushes himself up a little and pulls Caleb up so that Caleb would be on top of him. “Cut the crap and just fuck me,” he ordered.


Caleb sighs a little, feeling amused. He narrows his eyes a little at him. “As you wish,” he said and just as immediate, he pushes his dick into Luke’s openings. He groans in pain a little. “Next time, I will do the fucking,” Luke said. Caleb laughs a little as he pushes his dick deeper. “Ahh!” Now, it’s Lucca who’s moaning and tears started to form in his eyes. He feels like the skin there is being torn apart. “If you can handle me,” Caleb said, in dedication to Luke. He pushes in again, pulling it back out a little before pushing in again. He keeps repeating the process until his dick is completely walled in by Lucca’s ass hole. All the while, Lucca or Luke, he could not tell anymore, had been moaning and groaning at the same time, tears streaming down on his face. “You like pain, is it?” He asked, unsure of who is it that he was asking to. Maybe to both of them. Luke or Lucca just nods their head in answer. “I’ll be merciless then,” Caleb informed. He then immediately pushes Lucca’s legs up and starts shoving in and out roughly, knowing well how much pain he is giving to them.


The moaning had turned to screams now but there’s no indicator that they wish Caleb to stop. Caleb had turned into a savage beast from a considerate lover, giving in to his sadistic desire. Looking at how much pain he had given to the pretty boy under him satisfies him even more that he couldn’t even stop himself from smiling as he sees the tears and the expression of pain portrayed across that pretty face of Lucca Codrin’s. He is enjoying every moment of it.


Lucca and Luke, on the other hand, feel like their ass is being rip apart and it was like it’s being lit up on fire. But they enjoy the pain. It is pleasurable for them to be used in such a way, to be subordinate to another greater power, to be owned by a monster. Only this time, they feel a strong connection to the person fucking them. They are the willing victims of this monster. Being taken willingly, is different than being forced into something they don’t want. As the pleasure surmounts, Lucca and Luke ejaculates while their mouth is screaming and moaning at the same time. Caleb sees that as his cue so he speeds up his pace and also ejaculates inside of them. He moans a little, feeling despunked. He hadn’t had sex in a while and this time, it is so satisfying he almost feel like crying. Only that, he did cry. He can feel cold tears rolled down on his face. “Lucca,” he called. He doesn’t know who’s he speaking to at the moment but he will say this to Lucca. “I love you,” he finally professed.




Tsukino Migoto (Kino M)’s cover of Lana Del Ray – Summertime Sadness