27. EDMUND CODRIN: All that I Love..
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The instant I gained my consciousness, I am aware of the burning pain on my leg and my back. That's when I realize that I am being dragged by someone. The person was rumbling something inconsistently. It took a while before I knew who it was.


"Damn your men, papa! Don't they know how to drive?! Those little pieces of shits! They're lucky my beautiful face is not ruined. If it is, I'll fucking bring them all back from the dead and kill them all all over again!" Lucca was speaking. But those words are not his. His manner is also very different. His voice has a lower pitch to it. He is more feminine. What's dreading for me is that I knew who that is. The psychotic Olivia II.


"Olivia..." I called out to her. She stopped dragging me and let me go. I laid on the floor trying to gain my strength.


"Oh you're back, papa. It's been a while..." She said as she faces me, squatting down by my side. There's a sweet smile on her face. But I know better that it's nothing but sweet.


And I started to notice something. "I can't move my leg," I said it out loud. And it hurts so much. Everything below my waist is filled with intense pain. I look down and gasp in horror. "Olivia!! Damn you!" I cursed. My legs are maimed. I assume that it had been beaten over and over before I am dragged. It almost surprised me that I didn't gain my consciousness earlier while it was being beaten by her!


She laughs at my reaction. "Oh papa, don't you like my work on you?" She asked insinuatingly. "You see over there," she pointed to the other side. I follow her finger and saw Caleb lying motionlessly on the ground. Damn it! I hope that boy is dead. I should've killed him when I had the chance! "That is the love of my life, papa. You hurt him! And now you're going to pay for it!" She said and then she screamed hysterically as she kicked me on my guts over and over.


I tried calling her name and asking her to stop but she won't relent. She's acting like a mad girl. "Wait, Olivia. Isn't it me? Isn't I'm the love of your life?" I said, trying to coax her. I hope I can manipulate this bitch for my way out. Before I can rid her off of Lucca for good. Like how I did before. What the fuck did Dr. Neilson do with all my money?! He should've cured Lucca out of his DID! Why is she still inside Lucca for fuck's sake?!


She stops hurting me and lets out a maniacal laughter. "Are you joking, papa? You are already history for me. Yes, once upon a time, it was you. Until you sent me off to that stupid institution to destroy me!! And yet, I still loved you! I bid my time. I waited for a time to get back with you. And I made it! You took me back... but then, papa... Then, there's Caleb. Younger, handsome, and more interesting than you. So, why should I still feel anything for a useless shit like you?!" She laughs again after she said her part. "Unlike you, I won't waste my time," she said and she took out a knife. I look at the knife in surprise. That knife is mine! "You used this knife to cut my beloved boyfriend's ear off, remember?"


"Olivia, wait..-"


"-it's only fitting if I cut you off with the same knife, no?"


"Wait, Olivia. Papa loves you. Papa will al-,"


"-Liar!!!" Without listening to anymore of what I'm trying to say, she stabs me over and over.


In that moment of pain, my thought drifted back to mama. I always associated pain to her. Oh how had I suffered? Was it all worth it?


I thought of my love for her. She destroyed me. All that I love and loved destroyed me. Yeah, I'm ready to go. I guess I'll see her again. I'll see mama again. Now we will be together. Perhaps I should thank Olivia II for this. Perhaps I knew all along that Lucca will be the death of me. Perhaps I am meant for this. My mere existence was for this sole purpose. To be hers.