28. Together, At Last
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He had grown numb to the sting he felt on one of his ears. He began to think that he is used to it by now. He can't help in that moment to think that he might just end up like his mother. All chopped up and dead and silent. The only difference would be that the psycho had said he will do it to him while he is still alive. That means, he'll feel more pain. So to him, the pain on his ear now... it should be nothing compared to what's to come. However, to his surprise, upon waking up, he was lying on quite a comfortable bed, the surroundings was mostly covered in white, and there's beeping sound by the side of his still attached ear. And he also realized that he is covered in bandages. The pain is more tolerable than before. He gathers that he must be in a hospital. But how could that be? He was about to be killed by Edmund before so how can this be?


He tries moving his half-opened eyes to find anyone or any clue at all as to how he got there. He is engulfed in confusion. He wanted to call out to someone. To Lucca, perhaps. And he prays again this time. So that Lucca is saved. He could care less to what will happen to him himself. "Hmm. You're awake," he heard a voice coming from a corner. It was not a familiar voice. But he has to admit that the voice is attractive. He turns to find the source and almost immediately jolts out of his bed if it wasn't for the man coming to hold him down and calm him. "Whoa... Don't be scared," he advised. "I'm on your side," he assured him.


He then smiles and backs away a little as if understanding where he stands. Also, as if reading Caleb's mind, the man starts to explain his reason for being there. "Lucca is fine, Caleb. No worries about him. Edmund is dead so no worries about him too. And the rest of Edmund's men, from the two vehicles, are all gone. So, you and Lucca are safe now," he quickly muttered. "I was on the way to the estate when I found you guys. It was a horrible sight," he commented but strangely, in his eyes, instead of sympathy, Caleb can see amusement. "I've taken care of everything with the police for you two as well. I'm quite influential, you see," he elaborated.


"Wh-," Caleb finds it difficult to speak out the questions in his head.


"-What's the catch?" He asked. And it shocks Caleb straight out to learn that this guy, he seems to really be reading his mind! But then he thinks about how impossible that is. Maybe he is just a good guesser. Maybe this is common to him. "Well... I have my reasons," he indicated, ready to leave. Caleb wanted to ask more but the man then said; "I'm sure you have a lot of questions but believe me, it's better not to have them answered." With a pretty smile flaunted across his face, he takes his jacket and leaves the room.


Bedazzled and clueless of what to do, Caleb lets himself give in to the tears that he had held back for so long. Maybe he is right. Knowing nothing is better than knowing after all. The door to his room swings open again and at the sight of the person who enters the room, Caleb breaks down into more uncontrollable tears. "Caleb," Lucca called out. He dashes towards Caleb and holds him close. Lucca, too, cries. After a while, the brief moment which felt like eternity, amidst the serenity, they let go of their hug. "So you saw him, huh?" Lucca asked. Caleb only nods at him. It was a struggle to speak so he chooses not to. He is just glad that Lucca is okay... that they're both okay... and together now. If this is just a dream, he wishes to never wake up ever again. "It's all going to be okay now," Lucca reassures him and slowly, he plants a kiss on Caleb's dry lips.


Caleb doesn't have to know about the 'deal' that he had made for him. The night where he was helpless, the two headlights had approached him. And the man that came out of the car was no other than Mr. Adrian McGroy, the artist that they had seen before. He told him that he was on the way to the estate to return the painting of Olivia. But even then, Lucca could swear that on the man's face, there was no surprise, no emotions whatsoever. He appeared to be amused of the horrific scene, almost as if he had expected it. But he was the only one who could help him. Lucca had no choice. He had made the 'deal'. It is done. It doesn't matter. What matters is that Caleb is safe and they can finally be together.