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It is all new for Lucca. Everyday he gets to learn something new and exciting. And each day, Caleb hangs by his side. He is contented by just that. They are currently at an amusement park by the side of the beach. Caleb took Lucca there, as he had promised to himself that he would. Lucca had loved the thrill of the rollercoaster ride. He had ridden it three times already in the same day. He looks at him and realizes that even when they're seem to be having fun, the past still had its' grip on them. Caleb never touched him ever since. It was probably out of guilt or out of the trauma, Lucca couldn't tell but he hopes they'll get pass that someday. He is by his side now overlooking the sight of the rollercoaster and the setting sun. The wind blows on their faces. The air is calm. Caleb's hair is longer on one side and shaved clean on the other side. The longer side hides the side of his missing ear. Despite of this, Lucca still thinks of him as beautiful. His deformity is beautiful to him. It could be a fetish or it could just means he's accepting him for however he looks.


Luke has not appeared again. Not since that day. The day they bid goodbye. He guesses that maybe there will come a time for when Luke will appear again because, honestly, the guts that that guy has really amuses Lucca at times. The kind of guts he won’t ever have for himself. But he isn't sure about Olivia II though. The night of the fatal accident, he can't remember what actually happened. He has a feeling that it was either of them. It's either Luke or Olivia II. But it doesn't matter. For something much worse is carried with him. The deal.


They both didn’t realize that out in the distance, somewhere far, unbeknownst to them, an artist is drawing a painting of them. Just like how they are. By the side of the beach, overlooking a roller-coaster ride. However, unlike how it is, in the painting, there’s a silhouette of a man and another silhouette of a woman stood by their side, invisible to them. The shadows were holding hands. If their faces could be seen, is it possible that they are also smiling happily together? The shadows will be with them for all eternity. For every single thing from here on, the shadows will influence them. Because, don’t they know? The Codrins are eternally cursed.