Author’s Note -2021/6/18
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Hi. I'm Kino. Thank you for reading this story on Scribble Hub. You can also find this story on Wattpad, Amazon, Hinovel, iReader, Readict, and Tapas.

I don't know yet if this will be the only book I'm posting on Scribble Hub. I'm posting this here as a test to see if this book will be taken down since my book contains paraphilias and is normally censored. If you bound to find me posting another book here then you'll know that means I like it here.

For any of my latest story, you may look for me on Wattpad since I already have a significance number of readers over there and I'm reluctant to move elsewhere. I might also entertain you on my DM over there since I check in regularly. If you like this story, you may check out other stories from me. Some of my works are sold exclusively on Hinovel and they are paid version but I will post selected chapters on my Wattpad account for you to check out. In the future, I am planning not to sell them exclusively anymore because I like it better to be engaged with my readers T.T

That's all from me. Love, K.

My wattpad page:


*P/S: I've posted a new story here. The title is 'White over Red'. Would be happy if you guys read it too. Thanks! But be warned it is very mature. -2022/9/5