Chapter 122: Evening tale 2
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The prince saw a new world after he went to the academy. He was obsessed with cultivation and learning. He didn’t even go back to see his father.

This continued until one day he accidentally met with a girl. She was beautiful and fragile like a flower. She was able to move something deep inside the prince’s heart.

Later, they met ’accidentally’ again and again, but the prince didn’t know how to start a conversation. The girl realized something wasn’t right, but she was a little afraid of the emotionless man and didn’t dare to ask him.

It continued until one day, they went on an expedition in a closed world. The prince fought with a demonic beast and he was injured. While running away, he ran into the girl’s team. They helped him and continued the trip together.

After this incident, they became closer to each other. Their friendship slowly developed and after some years, they became lovers. The prince was older and finished the academy earlier, but he didn’t go home. He patiently waited for his lover.

During these years, the king happily planned his son’s future. He built a big mansion and after different tests, he chose 200 wives for him. He wanted to be sure his grandchild would born early.

But on the day when the prince went back, it caused a big fight. The prince didn’t want a 2nd wife. The king was angered. He knew how hard it was for him to have a child and it would be worse to his son. They couldn’t agree and the prince ran away.

Years passed and the king couldn’t forgive his son’s stubbornness. Continuing their bloodline was the most important. Why was his son so crazy about true love?!

The king’s patience reached its limit and he was ready to send assassins when the hermit prophet appeared in front of him again. „Your son knows his duty. He chose the most suitable one.”

The king was taken aback. He knew how hard to find the right one. If his son really found it, then he wouldn’t force him. He sent away all the chosen wives and went to speak with his son. They made up and worked together to develop the country.

For years they lived in peace. But one day, treason happened.

The king died without seeing his grandchild and the prince was forced to run away. He gave up his kingdom, his position, and his wealth, but the traitors weren’t satisfied. They couldn’t stop until they killed him.

The prince traveled around the continent with his wife and remaining followers. Years passed and he desperately tried to survive, but his enemies always found them.

During this time, his wife finally became pregnant and gave birth, but died not long after it. The prince was desperate. He wanted to take revenge, but the pursuers didn’t give him the chance to take a break. In the end, he was killed when he tried to travel to another continent...

Belinda confusedly looked at Bertold. It was a beautiful night, why did he say such a sad story? Sometimes, she really couldn’t understand what he thought...

„Isn’t this the story of the last cultivator’s country?” she muttered.

  But... those books didn’t mention the prince’s kid... Or there was another country with a similar story?

Bertold watched the moon and didn’t say anything else.

Horác stood in front of the door. Originally he came to call them out to eat some cookies. In the end, he just stood there and listened to the whole story. After the room fell into silence he left without making any noise.

In the living room, Cseke and Marina fought for the last cookie. They didn’t even care about Horác coming back alone.

Szelim slowly sipped his wine. „The kids?”

„They are young. They need their own free time.” Horác waved.

Cseke was stunned and looked at them. „I didn’t know they had that kind of relationship...”

Marina ate the last cookie and hit his head. „Are you stupid? Beel just a kid!”

„If you think my students the same as those kids eating monsters, then I won’t cook for you anymore!” Horác narrowed his eyes.

Cseke’s body shook. „They are angels! There’s nothing in this world what purer than them!”

„Don’t dare to resemble them to those shitty things!”

„Yes!” Marina grabbed Cseke’s neck. „Just their appearances are pure! They have dirty thoughts! Only stupid men can be misled by them! If you continue it this way, one day you’ll be eaten by them!”

Cseke was speechless. It was just a saying, why did they turn it against him?!

„Choose a room and go if you guys want to fight that much!” Szelim put down his glass and stretched out his hand toward Horác. „They don’t need it! Give me the cookies!”

„In your dream!”

Horác turned away and supported his forehead. Would this team really be okay? But he didn’t have friends and it was already late to call for help... He could only leave it to their fate...

He left the room and wanted to go back to his bedroom, but ran into Bertold. He held Belinda in his arms.

„She already fell asleep?” Horác was surprised. It wasn’t even 10 minutes.

Bertold nodded and walked away.

Horác followed him and watched as he put Belinda on her bed and cowered her with a blanket. Then they left the room and stood on the corridor in silence.

„Do you want to drink a little?” Horác took out a bottle.

Bertold looked at him and didn’t answer. If it was food, it was okay, but drink...

Horác understood his expression and became angry. „I bought it!”

Bertold finally nodded and they went back to the previous room. They sat there in the silent darkness and drank wine while looking at the starts. This was really a beautiful night.

Szelim came after them. He wanted to get some cookies, but in the end, he gave up. He sat next to them and enjoyed his wine.

The wolfar lay on his back and slept without caring about the world.