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Before anything else, since it has come up once or twice when I assumed it was implicit - I'm going to put a blanket content warning for changes in gender identity, sexual orientation, and slight personality changes. If any of those would trigger you or make you uncomfortable in any way, I would recommend not reading this series, because those elements will play relatively large roles in the series as people are converted into members of the swarm.

So, let's talk a little about this series, because it's a little different. As mentioned in the description, this is something I write while "turning my brain off". That might seem a little weird, but basically it means that nothing is thought about too hard. I just write, and whatever comes out comes out. There is rarely a concrete plan for what comes next. I have next to nothing about the world or the system until it comes up. New plot elements might be introduced randomly, or there might be minor plot holes. If that's the sort of thing that bugs you, then I just recommend not reading, because I'm not going to be making an effort to fix that. That goes against the whole point of what I'm doing in writing this. It's something that is, first and foremost, written for me, and posted here because I thought people might enjoy it.

If you have a question on how a certain part of the system works or about the world, then I most likely do not have the answer. It was not thought about. That being said, if it's clarification on something that was mentioned in-story, then feel free to ask the question, I can explain more.

A lot of people may ask, is this shared universe with my other series? (Spoilers for my other series below, minor spoilers for this one)


Nothing is set in stone, but tentatively yes. I'm thinking it takes place in the universe of the Administrator who made Levi. The only reason he's not nipping this in the bud is because these planes are quarantined and he sees a lot of potential in it. And, at the end of the day, people being converted aren't being warped beyond recognition. They are still, fundamentally, the same people they were before conversion.


And, again, as mentioned in the description, the release schedule is highly inconsistent because of that. They come when they come, and that's all I can really say about it. Well, at least after ten chapters are released. Before then it will be one a day until chapter ten.

Now, let's talk a little about the tags. Many of these are things I foresee happening but have not yet happened, some have, let's just go alphabetically:

Antihero Protagonist: Uh...antihero is really the wrong word but there's not really a right word, I feel? Lia's eventual goal is to take over the world, but she's not evil, so I hesitate to call her a villain (even though, to the world at large, that is exactly what she is), and she doesn't have a lot of the "gritty" feel that I feel accompanies antihero protagonists. That being said, she does things that are, almost without a doubt morally wrong, so calling her a hero is almost certainly wrong as well. It's a grey area for sure.
Edit: Antihero Protagonist was removed after some deliberation. I'm leaving this explanation here though so people who read the foreword are aware of that much at least, I guess.
Edit2: I have been made aware that "Antivillain" is a pretty close term to what this is going for.

Army Building: Heavily, heavily featured. Lia converts things into part of her swarm, which is essentially an army.

Beastkin: Before being reincarnated, Lia was a foxkin.

Brainwashing: Also pretty heavily featured. Turning things into part of her swarm comes with giving them undying loyalty to her and a willingness to work with other members of the swarm. Lia also had some mental alterations before the story began.

Caring Protagonist: Lia likes to keep the sapient members of her swarm safe when possible, and is quite kind to them. She's not callously throwing them away. Non-sapient members are another story altogether, though.

Comedic Undertones: Exactly what it says on the tin. It's not enough to be a full-blown comedy, but it's there, I feel.

Dungeons: Pretty heavily featured as well. Much of what is currently written takes place inside one.

Enemies Become Allies: See army building and brainwashing. Converting things into part of her swarm does this.

Evolution: Lia's a monster, and so is every member of her swarm. They evolve. It's one of the main ways of gaining strength.

Female Protagonist: Lia's a girl.

Girl's Love Subplot: The GL is not likely to take center stage for quite some time.

Heroes: Exist in the world, they are one of the few things thought about. They do not feature for a while.

Insects: This tag originally existed because Lia's 'original' form (post reincarnation) is insectoid, though she's working to get back to being a foxkin. This tag was removed because I felt people tended to get surprised/disappointed when Lia, inevitably, moves away from being insectoid. Consider yourself warned, I guess.

Kingdom Building: Comes with trying to take over the world.

Level System: Things level up.

Magic: ...Magic exists.

Monster Society: All members of the swarm are monsters. The swarm will have a society. You can see where this is going.

Monsters: Like most of the past few things, this should be obvious.

Mutations: Converting something into part of the swarm often comes with mutations.

Non-Humanoid Protagonist: Lia's trying her best to get humanoid again, but she's not for a while.

Overpowered Protagonist: Lia probably has some of the most raw potential of anything in this universe. She does not fully realize it for a while, though.

Personality Changes: Lia's personality was tweaked before the start of the story. This is mostly a duplicate to brainwashing, though.

Polygamy: Lia's eventual relationship will by polygamous. That being said, it won't be a harem - all parties will love all other parties involved.

Souls: Exist, and feature a bit.

Wars: She's going to cause wars. There is no question about it.

Yandere: The friend who reincarnated Lia is a massive yandere. 

And...that's about all. Comment below if you have questions on anything here, I'll answer what I can!