Chapter Five : The Day She Made Friends
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Sorry I forgot to submit a new chapter of this last week! To apologize, this Wednesday when I also update Kamifan, I'll submit another chapter of Mouikkai Musume!

Madoka wheels into the school yard, looking around as she does so. She can push herself forward without too much difficulty. Her arm muscles have built up quite a bit from wheeling herself around at home and the physical therapy regimens. The protein shakes the master is always making her drink might also play a part, though she doesn’t want to give him any credit. The yard in front of the school is fairly standard. Madoka notices a statue in the middle of the yard that looks like a bust. Madoka squints her eyes, but without getting closer is unable to read the inscription on it. There are trees in areas not covered with cement.

The main entrance of the building consists of two double doors that are pulled open when groups of students approach it. The sounds of light chatter fill the schoolyard. Students watch Madoka with interest as she wheels up to the doors, but go on about their business. Here is the first of Madoka’s trials. She reaches up for the door handle and pulls it, but has difficulty with her insufficient leverage in the chair. She looks around but nowhere in sight is any sort of electronic button to cause the door to open for her. After a short while she gives up, frustrated.

What am I doing? Maybe I’m not ready after all, she thinks to herself. She feels her chair suddenly pulled backwards and the face of a boy peeks around the chair.

“Hello there… I don’t think I’ve seen you around here before. I think I would remember a lovely face like yours.” The boy is tall and his hair is greenish, his eyes a masculine hazel.

“No… I’m a transfer student,” Madoka replies. “I’m having a little trouble getting inside. Do you think you could help me out?” Madoka asks, smiling. She feels so self conscious. It’s her first time talking to another boy since… to a boy since her accident.

“Oh sure… I planned on it. I suppose we shouldn’t linger out here.” He grins at her and slips past to open the door. It seems he pulled her chair away so that he could open the door for her. He gestures, bowing to her, moving his arm in a sweeping motion towards the school interior. “Welcome to Tsukuba Shiritsu Seishun Gakuen. We’ll meet each other again soon.” He winks as she wheels herself inside. Her stomach has started cramping up again. Having a boy hit on her like that makes her feel a little sick. She just smiles at him thankfully, though, and goes on about her business. By the colors of his pants and tie, it looks as though he might be a first year like herself.

Madoka wheels on into the foyer and, after looking around, digs through her bag for the clear file containing her first day instructions. She reviews a diagram with a locker number. She wheels over to the correct row of shoe lockers, carefully navigating around other students removing their outdoor shoes and replacing them with their school shoes. For her it doesn’t even really matter as her shoes are still impeccably clean and new looking due to never being walked in, but it is traditional to remove your outdoor shoes and she does not want to be different from any other student. She opens her locker and bends down to remove her shoes. She is very flexible, so she has no problems quickly removing her shoes and placing them in the locker. She next removes her indoor shoes from the inside of her school bag and pulls them onto her feet. They feel as nice as the outdoor shoes do. 

Madoka closes the locker, carefully navigates away from the lockers so that she doesn’t get in anyone else’s way, and studies the clear file with her instructions again. A hand taps her shoulder and she looks up in surprise. Takahashi-sensei stands over her with a smile. “Good morning, Hamada-kun.” He smiles.

Madoka smiles in return. Takahashi-sensei is a nosy guy, but otherwise nice, and he seems pretty cool. “Good morning, Sensei,” she replies.

“How about I help you out? I’ll show you to the gymnasium. The second semester opening ceremony will start soon. Do you mind if I push your chair for you?” he asks politely.

Madoka hesitates and shakes her head. “I don't mind. Thank you, Sensei,” she responds. Ren nods and takes a position behind her and starts wheeling her forward. Madoka is grateful for the gesture, honestly. Her stomach is still doing flip flops due to her anxiety. Ren wheels her quickly but carefully down the hallway and on the way he stops, pointing to a door with an electronic reader next to it. It looked like some sort of security door.

“This is the elevator. Only students with the electronic key can use it. It is not for general use. When you can walk, you will be expected to return the key.” He holds out a card to the girl. “Just press it to the reader like you would any magnetic card. Other students are not allowed on the elevator. It’s a cost saving measure. When you are able to walk, we will ask you to clean the interior of the elevator,” Ren says. Madoka accepts the key, bowing, and slides it into her cell phone case’s card holder.

“Don’t let a teacher see you with that cellphone out. Don’t use it while you’re in the classroom. They won’t do anything if you appear to be doing what you’re supposed to, but many teachers take a hard-line stance on cellphone use,” Ren says to her, starting to wheel her away from the elevator.

“Yes, sensei,” Madoka replies, looking around. It is not long before they reach the end of the hallway and enter the gymnasium. The gym is full already. Most students had already taken seats according to their seniority. First years sit in the left grouping, second years sit in the middle grouping, and third years sit in the third grouping. Ren wheels her to the left and parks her chair on the end, near the front to give her a good view.

Some students stand in front of the seated students. A microphone has been set up there. A man in a business suit stands with the students, talking with them. Two other adults stand with him. After a while of waiting, a girl steps up to the microphone. Madoka’s stomach feels like it has butterflies in it.

“Good morning, everyone!” the girl calls out. 

Everyone in the gym, including Madoka, responds: “Good morning!”

“For the sake of new students I will reintroduce myself. I am the elected Student Council President, Matsuda Chizuru. I will continue to work hard, everyone, as we strive for excellence together in this second term. As you know, there are some annual events upcoming. I will talk more about those after a few words from Kocho-sensei. Please stand and bow,” she says, bowing to the man in the suit who steps up to the microphone. Everyone stands and bows to him, and Madoka bites her lip, making do with a bow in her wheelchair. She feels so embarrassed.

A few people look at her, but don’t say anything, and she blushes profusely. She can’t do what she can’t do! Everyone sits and Madoka sits up, looking straight ahead, ears burning.

“Today we begin the second semester of our school year. Last semester ended well. The grade averages were high. I expect everyone to maintain their hard work and dedication, and continue to push themselves. Together we make this school great. Now we will sing the anthem together, and I will pass the microphone back to your student council president.” The students applaud and stand up as a jingle starts playing over the gymnasium speakers. Madoka has studied this anthem as it was a part of her instructional papers, and she sings alongside everyone else, albeit from a seated position. When the anthem finishes, everyone bows and sits again. The microphone passes back to the student council president.

“I will now talk about expectations for the current semester and events that will take place in the near future. As usual, there will be a school Festival. Ours will take place on September the 10th. That is only ten days from now. You will need to take time to plan out what your class will be doing for it. Time will be allocated at the end of the day in your final homeroom period. Most of the work involved will need to be done during after school hours and club times. Please work hard to make this year’s Cultural Festival successful! Twelve days afterwards are the National Achievement tests. Please don’t forget this. Whatever time you end up investing into the Festival must not be prioritized over the exam, although we expect you to take both events seriously. The National Achievement tests are important because they reflect on how the government and the rest of Japan see us. Please remember that you represent the whole school.” The class president finishes, bowing. “I will work hard throughout both events as well to make sure that our school is among the best.” The classroom applauds. “Now please go to your homerooms. You are dismissed.” 

Ren left Madoka during the ceremony, so Madoka wheels herself out of the gym, with the assistance of other students who hold doors for her. She makes her way back to the elevator and removes the key card from the cell phone card holder. She swipes it over the reader, and after a few moments, the door opens. Madoka wheels inside of the elevator, and presses the button for the second floor. She has studied her clear file and has a general idea of where to find her homeroom. The elevator quickly reaches the second floor and Madoka disembarks, passing a group of vending machines as she makes her way down the hallway five doors down. She reaches the appropriate door, 12B, and notices with surprise that the boy from earlier is waiting, leaning against the wall. He looks at her with a cool smile.

“We meet again.” He slides the door open for her and gestures as he had before, winking. Madoka blushes. “Welcome to class 12B. I’m your lovable class president, Sugawara Eiji.” He smiles.

“Stop posing, you moron,” a male voice grumbles from behind her. Madoka turns her head to see a boy with thick glasses, dark blueish hair and a serious expression. “You’re blocking the door,” he says to Madoka, adjusting his glasses. 

“Ah… sorry!” Madoka laughs and wheels forward into the room. The students are talking with each other in groups as she enters and looks around. There is one desk that doesn’t have a chair. Madoka supposes that must be her place. It is by the window, too. Lucky! She grins as she wheels over and carefully navigates between the aisles of seats. People turn their heads to look at her, expressing interest. She wheels up to her desk and turns and then relaxes, sighing. Her stomach is going crazy. She has never been the type to get sick when she was nervous, but anyone might change after going through what she has. She sees to her delight that she has an excellent view of the track and fields, and a decent view of the pool below. Nothing is happening in those places at the moment, but it might be fun to turn her head and watch students from there.

“Hello! Good morning!” a friendly female voice says from behind Madoka. Madoka blinks and looks back, guardedly. Girls don’t talk to her. It must be someone greeting someone else, she thinks. However, the girl in question is looking right at her with a smile. She’s really pretty with long light brown hair and blue eyes. Her body was fit, suggesting a certain amount of athleticism. “I’m Wada Aoi, what’s…” she begins. Madoka blushes intensely, extremely flustered. Her stomach seems to do a flip. The class door opens as the chime jingle plays, indicating that homeroom has started. Takahashi-sensei enters, sliding the door closed behind him. He walks to the front of the classroom and stands there, looking at everyone.

“Good morning, everyone. How is your second semester?” he asks. 

Everyone responds, saying “Good morning, Sensei!”

“As Matsuda-kun mentioned during the opening ceremony, we have upcoming events to think about and discuss. There isn’t a whole lot of time to spend on it this morning. The ceremony has cut homeroom short. The most important takeaway is work hard, keep studying and do your best. More importantly, as I am sure you all have noticed, we have a transfer student. Please welcome Hamada Madoka-kun. She has been through some pretty awful things recently, so please go easy on her. We don’t have any time for questions, but please say a few quick words, Hamada-kun.” He gestures to Madoka who blushes intensely, feeling queasy and embarrassed.

Ren watches and listens to her intently. “Uhm… there isn’t much to say. I’m a normal student, I work hard. I’ve been out of school for a year due to an accident that I don’t want to talk about. I can’t walk yet, but I will. Please take care of me.” She turns her wheelchair and bows, bumping her head into the edge of her desk. “I.. itai…” Madoka gasps under her breath eliciting chuckles and laughs from the class.

“Ouch…” someone murmurs. “Kind of a klutz.”

“She’s really pretty though right? And her boobs are…” 

“Think she’s super cute…” someone says. “Love her hair!”

“Okay, everyone.” Takahashi says. “Let’s get serious. Until the chime rings let’s discuss ideas for what we can do for the cultural fair.

“A maid cafe, of course,” Eiji chimes in over other voices that start tossing around suggestions. “With so many high level ladies in our class, it couldn’t fail to be popular.” He grins.

“Shut up, you pig idiot,” Aoi responds to him. “There are plenty of high level boys in this class too. I think a butler cafe would be better,” she responds.

“Why not both?” Eiji grins winningly. “I would not mind playing the part of a charming butler.”

“No you wear the maid costume, I’ll wear a butler costume,” Aoi counters. Eiji’s jaw drops at that and the rest of the class laughs.

“Good one.” A girl with blonde hair in twin-tails grins at Aoi from her desk not far from Aoi’s.

“Just let Fuyuki come up with the idea,” another boy chimes in.

“Yeah, let the Shadow-Prez handle it,” a boy near him nods. The scene is cut short by another jingle played over the loudspeaker, indicating the end of homeroom time and the beginning of first period.

“Alright. That’s the end of it for now, class. Hold those thoughts and we’ll talk more about it at the end of the day,” Ren says. His eyes slide towards Madoka as the door opens and the first period teacher shows himself in. He is an older man with a bald top like a kappa. His hair is a mix of gray and white, combed neatly down. Ren looks at him and back at Madoka and finally exits the room, nodding to the new teacher who nods back to him in response.

“Wow… Takahashi-sensei really seems to have a thing for the new girl,” Madoka hears a girl murmur.

“Really? You think so?” a guy replies.

“Didn’t you see how passionately he looked at her?” someone says, joking, eliciting more laughter. Madoka’s stomach twinges in response, and she clasps her hands over it, groaning a little under her breath. Aoi seems to notice it and reaches out, touching her sleeve.

“Are you alright?” she asks, looking concerned. Madoka must admit she is feeling pretty sick suddenly. Is it the idea that a man or a boy might be interested in her?

“I… I’m not sure. I’m recovering from something… and I’m not sure what’s going on. I haven’t felt sick like this,” she whispers.

“Let’s begin, students,” the teacher interrupts. “As you know I am Nakagawa-sensei. I teach Social Sciences. I say it for the benefit of our new student.” He begins the lesson after that short introduction and begins marking things on the board. Madoka does her best to pay attention but her stomach cramping up makes her clutch it again, and she bites her lip. Finally, Aoi stands.

“Sensei, Hamada-san isn’t doing well,” she says. The teacher pauses his writing and looks at the girl and then at Madoka who blushes.

“Do you need to see the nurse?” he asks. His tone expresses what he thinks of students leaving the classroom on their first day. Madoka hesitates, but a new twinge makes her nod her head.

“Yes, Sensei. I think I do. My stomach is hurting,” she says, looking down, tears in her eyes. 

The teacher hesitates and nods. “Alright then. Go to the nurses’ office,” he says.

“Sensei… I’d like to accompany her,” Aoi says quickly. “She may not be able to get there on her own,” she says. 

The teacher hesitates, glaring a little, but finally waves his hand. “She is a new student after all. Take her quickly. Be back as soon as possible. I hope you have someone you can copy notes from.” 

The blonde haired girl in pigtails stands. “She does.” The girl looks at Madoka sympathetically and winks at her. Madoka blushes, smiling at her. 

“Sensei… I’d like to accompany them too.” Eiji stands up, gesturing.

“No,” the teacher says flatly. Eiji blinks as the teacher shoots him down mercilessly. “Be on your way, girls,” he says. 

“Yes, sensei!” Madoka says and wheels out from behind her desk, setting her bag underneath it. Aoi suddenly starts pushing her from behind. Madoka looks back at her, blushing, and then smiles her thanks to the girl who nods to her. The teacher opens the door for the two and closes it behind them as they wheel down the hallway to the nurses’ office, which thankfully is located on the second floor.

Madoka’s stomach continues to lurch as Aoi wheels her, but she looks back at Aoi again, blushing. She’d never had such a pretty girl look out for her like this before. It made her heart pound and her face blush.

Aoi slides open the door to the nurses' office and pushes Madoka inside, bumping it closed with her butt as she wheels the girl inside. They both look around. No one is currently in the room. Not even the nurse.

“Let’s get you onto a bed.” Aoi gestures, and helps the somewhat smaller girl up and onto the bed. Afterwards, she helps her into a lying position. Finally, she sits down in the girl’s wheelchair since it’s a more convenient chair and sits with her, studying her. The girl is shockingly beautiful. Her body is well proportioned, seemingly sculpted. She exudes a cuteness and frailness that makes Aoi want to protect her.

“Do you think you might have a stomach flu?” she asks, looking at the girl. Madoka shakes her head in response.

“I don’t know… I just feel achy and heavy,” she says.

That could be any number of things. Aoi looks around the room for a moment and then back to the quiet girl who seems extremely flustered, as though she doesn’t talk much to anyone.

“Where are you from?” she asks, deciding there isn’t much else to do but ask questions… and she’s curious about the doll-like girl.

Madoka hesitates a little as though thinking about what to say. “Tokyo,” she responds, smiling.

That isn’t unexpected. It’s not very far from here to Tokyo. One could take a bus and get there in only a few hours. A train took considerably shorter time.

“What’s it like growing up there?” Aoi asks, making polite conversation. 

Madoka thinks and shrugs. “Normal, I guess. I mean… it didn’t feel special or anything,” she says.

“Do you like anime?” Aoi asks. “Have you ever been to Akihabara?” she adds.

Madoka smiles. “Yes to both. Akihabara is a lot of fun. I miss Taito Station.” She sighs.

“You’re a gamer?” Aoi asks with a laugh. 

Madoka nods and grins, still clutching her stomach. “Not much of one, but it’s fun. I like to play the crane games. I haven’t won at them, but there was one anime figure I was working on for a week and I think if I’d been able to…” Madoka falls quiet and blushes, looking down.

Aoi laughs. “That sounds like fun. Maybe we can go back someday. If you’re lucky no one has gotten your figure yet.” She grins. Madoka laughs and nods, tears in her eyes.

She must be in a lot of pain, Aoi thinks, her expression turning serious again. The door to the nurses’ office slides open and closed and Aoi stands, walking around the curtain separating beds to see that the nurse has arrived.

“What are you two girls doing in here?” the nurse asks.

“My friend is feeling sick. Can you have a look at her? She has stomach cramps. She’s hurting so much she’s crying,” Aoi says, feeling a little worried for her new friend.

The nurse nods and steps over to the bed, pulling back the curtain. She leans down, noting the wheelchair.

“You are the new student… Hamada-san, right?” she asks, beginning to examine the girl, pressing her fingertips against her abdomen.

Madoka winces and nods. “Yes, Nurse,” she murmurs.

“Have you ever felt like this before?” she asks as she continues to pressure her abdomen. “Where exactly are you hurting?”

Madoka presses her hands to her lower stomach currently exposed. She blushes. “Here…” she indicates her lower stomach above her crotch. “No, I haven’t, Nurse,” she responds, biting her lip.

The nurse frowns, her expression puzzled. Finally, on an impulse she lifts the girl’s skirt and inspects her pink lacy panties. “Cute panties,” she comments.

Madoka gasps and blushes, hiding her face. Aoi peeks at them and giggles which makes Madoka squirm even more.

“I think I know what’s wrong… but what’s puzzling to me is why it’s even an issue.” The nurse lets down Madoka’s skirt and she sighs a sigh of relief in response. “You’re just having your period, I think. There’s a small blood spot on your panties. That’s a shame. If you suspected, you should have worn a pad. Blood stains can be annoying,” the nurse says dismissively. “Do you have a pad? I would recommend putting it on right away.”

Madoka shakes her head, blinking. “I don’t know if I have any… my bag is in the classroom though... “ she says, doing her best not to convey that this is her first time, even while she is stunned by the idea. A period? Her? Boys didn’t have periods! What had Master Yoshi done to her? She feels tears in her eyes again. Aoi looks at her strangely, but her expression also holds knowing compassion. Madoka feels her hand taken and squeezed lightly by Aoi. Was she suspicious?

The nurse walks over to a cabinet and removes a pink squarish object. She walks back and tosses it onto the bed next to Madoka with an exasperated smile. “Put it on and head back to class. You could stay here for a bit, but you don’t want to waste time on your first day of school, right?” she asks.

Madoka shakes her head, indicating that she does not. “Um. How…” she trails off. Picking up the pink package, she opens it, studying the pad. She turns it over several times in her hands. Aoi starts laughing at the dumbfounded expression on Madoka’s face.

“You’re funny. You look just like a boy playing with his mom’s…” She blushes and laughs again. Madoka turns scarlet and stares at Aoi. Does she know? When Aoi finishes laughing, she smiles at her, patting her hand. “Put it in your panties,” she says, humoring the girl. Madoka notices the sticky strips on one end of the pad and reasons out the process, doing her best to keep a cool head. She waits a moment, but it looks to her as though neither woman is going to give her any privacy. She continues to blush as she wriggles her panties down, trying not to let the women see her private areas in the process. The nurses’ expression becomes amused. Aoi’s expression becomes a little confused as she watches, and she grabs her right arm with her left.

Madoka pulls the panties down to kneesock level and after thinking about it a little she presses the pad against the seat of the panties.

“No… a little further to the back,” the nurse points out helpfully. “You’ll leak.”

Madoka tears the pad off with a little ripping sound as the adhesive detaches and she repositions the pad, wanting to get this over as soon as possible. She pulls her panties back up over her lovely thighs and presses the pad against her. She is struck immediately by how foreign this feels. She has been used to having something between her legs for pretty much all of her life, but this is more intrusive.

She shakes her head and looks up at Aoi who is looking away. “Uhm… Wada-san… I think I’m ready to go back,” she says. Aoi looks back at her and nods, smiling.

“Call me Aoi,” she says as she helps the frail-looking girl back into her chair.

By the time they returned to class, Social Sciences was over and a new teacher had taken the place of the previous one. The subject was now mathematics. Madoka forces herself to man up, or woman up she supposes it is now, and focus on the lecture. It is easier now that she has an idea of why she feels so awful. She can compartmentalize it a little bit and cope. 

The math teacher, Kaneko Mae, is a buxom woman in her mid twenties. Madoka notices the effect that the attractive teacher has on the male students in class when she looks around. Kaneko-sensei has that effect on her as well, although she can’t appreciate it as much with the cramping she is feeling and the hot, uncomfortable sensations in her abdomen and crotch area. That class goes by uneventfully, and Madoka manages to take a good amount of notes.

The chime rings and another teacher enters the classroom. Kaneko exits as he introduces himself as Shibata-sensei. He’s another older man with wispy white hair and big glasses. He teaches Science. This period goes by quickly as well, with Madoka managing even better than before. When the next chime rings, it’s lunch time. As the teacher excuses himself, some students leave the room while others group up and start eating their bento brought from home or convenience stores on the way to school. Madoka pulls out the cloth-wrapped bundle Midoriyama packed for her with its teddy bears and hearts on a pastel pink field. She unwraps it and studies it. It looks as amazing as Midoriyama’s cooking usually does, but maybe more so for being organized. She removes the thermos of tea and sets it on her desk and goes back to studying the contents of the lunchbox.

There are little sausages cut into octopi, battered shrimp, assorted vegetables, a small potato croquette that looks delicious to her with rice, a little rolled omelette and nori.

“Cute lunch!” Aoi exclaims with a smile. She has pushed her desk up against Aoi’s without her noticing. “Kanna-chan, come have a look at this,” she adds.

The blonde girl with the twin-tails walks over and seats herself on the windowsill by Madoka’s desk as she looks down at Madoka’s lunch, holding her own. “Wow! That’s really nice!” She smiles. “Does your mom make such cute lunches, or do you?” she asks, munching on a piece of karaage from her convenience store bento.

“Uhm…” Madoka blushes, shocked at the sudden proximity of these two cute girls that she would have loved to date in a heartbeat back when she was… well, she shouldn’t think about such things. Even so it embarasses her.

“I’m sorry your you know what started today.” Kanna blushes. “That must really suck. I’m sure there are other unlucky girls today but still, it’s rough,” she says.

“Kanna! A little tact…” Aoi blushes, looking around.

“I have plenty of tact, Aoi-chan.” Kanna grins. “Hey, Madoka-chan… how are you liking the school?” Kanna asks. 

Madoka blinks, blushing profusely again at the sudden use of her first name, particularly with chan attached to it. “Ahm… it seems like a nice school. I like the cute uniforms…” She blushes as she eats one of the little octopus sausages finally. Oh, Gods, the meat tastes so good. She has’nt gotten to eat much of it lately, but she almost swoons at the flavor of the sausage. A pair of chopsticks suddenly reach over her and snag her potato croquette faster than she can blink.

“Hamada-san’s cooking…” Madoka hears Eiji’s voice behind her and a crunch that makes her break out into tears. “It’s delicious!” Eiji exclaims.

“My croquette!!!” Madoka cries, tears flowing.

“Sugawara-kun!” Aoi and Kanna jump up at once, seeming to loom over the hapless green haired boy who finishes off the last of the small croquette.

“What?” he asks, blinking. It is clear he can sense impending doom, however, because he edges backwards a little despite having the advantage of height on both of the girls.

“What do you think you’re doing, you useless class president?” The boy from earlier with dark hair and glasses walks up to Eiji. “It’s not good to make girls cry, you know.”

“You tell him, Shadow-Prez,” someone speaks up.

Madoka looks at the boy. He seemed a little rude earlier, but it was hard to say. Maybe he’s just really serious.

“You should just step down, Sugawara-kun,” Aoi says. Kanna nods. 

“We wouldn’t have voted for you if we knew how useless you are,” she adds. The boy in glasses seems to smirk as Eiji staggers as though from physical blows.

“Please don’t say that,” Eiji finally manages. “I know. Let’s go on a date, Madoka-chan. I’ll make the croquette up to you. How do crepes sound?” He grins, winking.

Madoka stops crying, wiping her eyes and looking at Eiji. The shock of being called Madoka-chan again got her attention. “No,” she replies, her expression deadpan.

Eiji seems to fall over as though the last blow has been delivered as the chime for next period sounds. Madoka’s eyes widen. She hasn’t gotten to eat anything at all. Around her everyone else looks more or less finished. Madoka immediately starts shoveling down rice and vegetables with her chopsticks.

The rest of her day passes by in a blur. Takahashi-sensei returns to teach Japanese. Ren notices a grain of rice on the girl’s cheek, and a few more on her uniform. After a moment, he also notices Madoka’s red-rimmed eyes and he frowns in puzzlement, wondering what happened. He puts it out of his mind and starts Japanese class. The period passes quickly, however, and Madoka seems to be doing well, so he doesn’t comment.

The next period, the art teacher comes in, introducing herself as Sakurai-sensei. She is a woman in her late twenties, attractive but not as attractive as Kaneko-sensei. She wears her hair in a long thick braid. She dresses in a light blue jacket shirt worn over a knee length business skirt in dark navy. Stockings complete the look of a mature sophisticated woman. Madoka wonders idly if she’ll look like that when she grows up. What will she look like? Will she be locked in this form, or will her appearance change over time? She thinks about it while Sakurai-sensei begins her lessons in calligraphy. Madoka is a little behind in the subject, but with Aoi’s help she is able to catch up.

Before the period chime rings, Madoka feels a growing urge to use the toilet. She has been sipping tea from the thermos that Midoriyama had provided off and on. When it does ring, Madoka puts her things up in her desk and picks up her bag, putting it in her lap. It’s a break period now. Afterwards would be gym, and other than returning for homeroom, that would be the last class of the day. The day wouldn’t end there, however, unless she leaves early. She doesn’t want to do that if she can help it.

“Where are you heading?” Aoi asks her, seeing her preparing to go.

“Ah… oh… I’m going to um… the… the… you know…” Madoka blushes.

Aoi laughs in response. “You’re so delicate, Madoka-chan. I’ll come with you.” She smiles, stands up, and pushes Madoka’s chair for her again to her surprise. Kanna catches up and paces alongside her with a smile and a cute heart-melting wink. The three girls head to the bathroom, Kanna holding the door while Aoi pushes Madoka inside. They immediately come to the conclusion that this will be problematic.

“You know…” Aoi says, leaning up against a sink. “The teacher’s bathroom might have a western toilet,” she points out helpfully, blushing. Kanna looks at an available toilet stall and blushes a little. 

“I didn’t think about this,” Madoka says, morbidly embarrassed, not for the first time today. Only the standard floor toilets are generally available to students. Madoka has never had to care much about them except when he went… well, they weren’t a huge deal before. Now Madoka considers that it is going to be extremely difficult to get into position over one, let alone support herself when she could not walk. How do other people in wheelchairs deal with it?

“I’ll just hold it in…” Madoka says, squirming a little awkwardly. 

“Don’t be silly,” Aoi says firmly in response. “Gym class is next and then we’ll be here for who knows how long while we plan out the school festival. These sorts of things can go long,” she comments, and looks at Kanna, who nods, smiling. “We’ll have to do it. We’re all girls here after all, aren’t we?” Aoi says with a brave smile.

It makes Madoka blush to recall what just happened as Aoi wheels her away from the bathroom and Kanna paces alongside.

The girls ended up helping support her as she squatted over the toilet. Madoka’s face flames, and she hides it, grateful that she doesn’t have to push herself to the gym, so she can continue doing so.

“You’re too adorable.” Aoi laughs, making Madoka shrink even more into her chair. She’s had enough of that type of thing with Kozuke, and now this!

Gym class was perhaps the easiest class for Madoka. Since she can’t get up out of her chair, she can’t really participate, so she sits off to the side resting from her previous experience. She watches as the boys and girls of class 12B exercise together. She feels a little envious. She has a gym uniform, but it doesn’t mean much when she can’t run or jump or anything yet. 

She watches her friends stretch, and does some simple strength building exercises of her own while she watches. The cute little shorts that the girls wore are great. She blushes when she realizes that she hasn’t been able to resist checking out her new friends’ cute butts in their gym shorts. She turns her eyes forcibly away from them to the boys of the class. Her eyes focus naturally on Eiji. The boy who stole her croquette.

At this point they broke up into groups to play volleyball. When he notices her intense scowl, he freezes in place and a ball that he’d intended to set smacks him in the face instead, bouncing up.

“Pay attention, stupid class rep!” Fuyuki Ippei jumps up and spikes the ball back over the net, causing the students on the other side to scramble for it. They miss the ball and Ippei lands, adjusting his glasses. Madoka blinks, shocked at how athletic he is. He seems like a bookworm type, but Fuyuki Ippei is capable. This was the man called the Shadow-Prez.

“Nice spike, Fuyuki-kun,” Takahashi-sensei calls out as he walks over to Madoka. He bends down and looks at Madoka’s face. “I have some leg weights here… if you would like, I’ll help you do some leg exercises. It doesn’t sit well with me watching a student unable to participate in gym,” he says.

Madoka blinks and smiles, her expression happy that she can be included in some way.

The period passes with Ren focusing mostly on Madoka, occasionally turning his attention to the class. With his help, she is able to do a variety of simple leg exercises.

Finally, Takahashi-sensei stands and blows his whistle after marking time on his watch. “Alright, everyone. Pack everything up. It’s time to get cleaned up. Head to the locker rooms and when you’re done, head to homeroom. We have a lot to discuss.”

Madoka wheels herself over to her friends and the three head into the locker room together. To Madoka’s surprise, the girls freshen themselves up but don’t use the showers. She had this image in her head that girls would get naked just like boys did after physical education, and she dreaded it. To her great relief, all they do is talk, freshen up makeup for those who wear it, towel off sweat, and change clothes, of course. Madoka does her best not to stare. She didn’t even bother to go into the locker room before, because it was sort of pointless in her opinion to change her uniform if she wasn’t going to do much moving around.

She hadn’t thought about this though. All she really sees are panties, though here and there a set of breasts spring free as a girl changes her bra.

“Are you okay, Madoka?” Aoi asks, noticing the girl’s discomfort as she changes into her uniform. 

“Uhmm… yes, I’m fine.” She blushes. “I’m just… still feeling bad,” she says, glad suddenly that she has her period as an excuse.

Kanna pats her arm. “Oh, I know… my last flow was horrible.” She shudders. “I was glad that I didn’t have to go to school,” she adds as she fastens her skirt around her.

Madoka doesn’t really have much to do to freshen up. She moves to a mirror to take her mind off the situation and adjusts her hair as Midoriyama taught her. She still looks really cute. It’s easy when you don’t have to move around a lot. She sighs softly, looking at herself.