Chapter Twelve : The Courage To Experience New Things
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Aoi stares outside the van window as the three girls and one butler head back in the direction of her family’s home. She frowns as she toys with strands of her hair, and thinks. She has not been able to come to any conclusions regarding her feelings for Madoka. She knows that she needs to either commit to figuring them out, or she needs to break things off. The thought of breaking things off with Madoka makes her heart quiver. She glances towards Madoka, taking in the sight of her once again as she talks animatedly with Kanna. Aoi herself is not participating at the moment and the other two seem content to leave her to her brooding.

When they arrive at her home, she opens the van door immediately, and slides out. She is running away again. She isn’t facing her feelings, and that annoys her the most. She is usually the most straightforward person she knows.

“Umm… Goodbye, Aoi-chan.” Aoi hears Madoka’s voice behind her. She sounds sad, as though she senses that she might never see Aoi again and is resigned to it. Is that what I want? Aoi asks herself, and hesitantly takes a step farther away.

“See you on Monday, Aoi-chi!” Kanna’s cheery voice cuts the dramatic moment. She seems oblivious, but Aoi is certain that she is fully aware of how they are feeling. Like when she kissed Madoka, she feels an intense urge, and she is shocked to find herself surrendering to that urge. Aoi turns, steps back up into the van, and wraps her arms tightly around Madoka. She feels her heart beating super quickly. This is still salvageable… it might still be considered a goodbye hug between friends, she says to herself. She isn’t finished, however. She can’t let it be finished there. She has made a decision. She leans back from the embrace and looks at Madoka’s shy, blushing face. Her eyes are slightly downcast and she sees tears in them.

She feels an intense desire to lick those tears, but she suppresses that desire, instead satisfying herself with something else she has been wanting to do. For the second time. 

“Thank you, Aoi-chan… it felt sad to just leave it like…” Madoka trails off as Aoi lifts her face and meets her eyes. Madoka seems stunned by what she sees in Aoi’s eyes and seems to melt in her arms as she leans down and kisses her for the second time, thoroughly. She doesn’t use her tongue this time, but the kiss is no less passionate for that. When she draws back from the kiss, blushing slightly, she notices Kanna squeeing on the other side of Madoka. She’s bouncing up and down a little.

“I wondered how long it would take you to do that, Aoi-chi! What are you going to do now?” Kanna asks, seemingly pleased for all the interference she has run all morning in an attempt to re-normalize things between the friends. Aoi supposes that her girly friend just cannot help getting caught up in romantic moments.

“I don’t know,” Aoi says quietly, and looks at Madoka again, who blushes and squirms in her arms.

“Aoi!” Madoka says softly. “I’m so happy… so happy that you can have feelings for me…” The girl wraps her arms around Aoi tightly, and bawls.

Kanna giggles and gently pats Madoka’s back in an effort to calm her.

Kozuke examines the three in a mirror, a slight frown warring with a pleased smile on his face. “Take your time, ladies,” he murmurs.

Aoi blushes. Kozuke still does it for her, in a different way. He appeals to her old fascination with samurai, oddly enough. She always pictures him in a kimono with a katana belted on his side. His classic looks and overall fitness make that sort of vision easy for her. She recognizes that for what it always was, however, a fascination with an idealized strength. She has never imagined herself wanting to date someone weaker than herself, but she realizes that the drive to become stronger began with a desire to be tougher than the boys around her, somehow.

She realizes now that this is the reason why she hasn’t fallen in love before. She doesn’t want a strong partner that makes her feel small and weak… she wants one that makes her feel strong. She wants to take Madoka on a date and explore their feelings further, but she does not want to do it here in Tsukuba where anyone from school might see. She decides on a course of action, then.

“Want to go on a date tomorrow, Madoka?” Aoi asks her. Madoka blushes and doesn’t hesitate in her response. The time for hesitation is over.

“Yes!” she exclaims happily. “I would love to, Aoi-chan!” Tears are still falling from her eyes from the wealth of emotions swirling around inside of her. Her dearest dream has come true! Aoi is holding her tightly, and they are going to go on a date!

“How about a classic Tokyo date?” Aoi asks, smiling at her. “It will only take a little over an hour to get there by train. I think we should be able to manage just fine with you in your chair.” She smiles.

Madoka gasps, her eyes widening at that. “That’s a wonderful idea! I haven’t seen Tokyo in what feels like forever!” Madoka feels at that moment as though going back to Tokyo might give her some sense of closure with her previous life.

“Then it’s a date.” Aoi smiles, touching Madoka’s cheek and rubbing away her tears softly. “Meet me at Tsukuba Station at 8 am tomorrow, okay?” She smiles. “We’ll take the Tsukuba Express into Tokyo.” Aoi looks towards Kozuke. “Is that alright, Kozy?” Aoi uses Madoka’s nickname for the affectionate butler who is watching them.

“I would like to say yes, girls,” Kozuke replies, his misgivings showing slightly. “I am uncertain about how the Master will take this news,” he murmurs.

“That’s understandable,” Aoi replies, a little glumly.

Kozuke smiles. “I think it will very probably be alright, and there is a gift waiting at home for Madoka’s return. I will speak strenuously on behalf of Sugar and your blossoming romance. I personally could not be happier about it.” He smiles.

“Kozy….” Madoka nearly breaks into tears again in response to the butler’s approving words.

“We will be there on time tomorrow morning, or failing that, Madoka will call you,” Kozuke says.

Madoka squirms, feeling nearly overloaded with excitement. Her heart is beating super quickly. She has never felt more like a girl, and she has never been happier in her life. She leans forward and hugs Aoi quickly.

Aoi’s smile is warm and affectionate as she strokes Madoka’s hair. “You need to be on your way, Madoka.” She winks. “I also have something to tell my own parents. I can’t just up and go to Tokyo without letting them know about it, can I?”

Madoka looks up at Aoi’s face with a happy smile. The feelings inside her chest are so fluttery that she feels as though those feelings will burst from her and take flight into the sky.

“Yes!” Madoka says, her expression joy filled.

They drive Kanna home next after leaving Aoi behind, waving to the van. Kanna looks at her friend and then squeals again, hugging her. Her feelings are warring inside of her. On one hand she’s ecstatic about seeing Aoi break free from her shell a little more and indulge in romance. On the other hand, she’s a little upset, and she cannot help but wonder what this will mean for the friendship between the three, particularly her friendship with Aoi, which Madoka has only recently become a part of.

That part of her is jealous. Not romantically; she really has no feelings for Aoi in either a romantic or sexual way. Rather, she feels as though her friend is going to be stolen from her by her new friend. She dislikes feeling that way. Madoka is a sweet girl who would never do anything like that maliciously. She knows that, and she wants to approve of their relationship. She knows, however, that no matter how well intentioned her friends’ feelings for each other are, it will mean an inevitable change in the relationship they have enjoyed so far. Sleepovers could be awkward too. They would definitely want to cuddle.

Kanna had strictly forbidden it last night because this might be the last normal night she could spend with the two, though she hadn’t been completely certain at the time that anything would come of their feelings. Madoka was too shy and girlish, and Aoi has had no interest whatsoever in a love connection thus far. She really hasn’t read that her friend has yuri tendencies, until now. The way she touches and embraces Madoka makes it shockingly clear to her.

“You look really happy,” Kanna comments, noting her friend’s adorably joy-filled expression.

“I am!” Madoka exclaims, bouncing a little. “I can’t believe it. I wished that it would happen, and now that it has…”

Kanna giggles softly. “Well I wish you two the best of luck,” she says.

Later that night, Kozuke and Madoka pull up to the mansion in the van. Kozuke parks it, and then exits, moving to the back of the van to unload Madoka’s chair. Madoka waits, watching him through the windows and squirming still at the happy feelings inside of her.

He slides open the door and Madoka climbs out, needing only a little guidance to slip into her chair. The van door closes and locks and Kozuke pushes her chair up the path through the gate.

“Let me explain it to him,” Kozuke murmurs. “The master has been a little out of sorts lately.”

“Okay, Kozy!” Madoka smiles, still wrapped up in her emotions and bubbling over with them.

Kozuke pushes her chair up to the front door and opens it, then they head inside. They are greeted by Master Yoshi. He looks grouchier than ever.

“Are you happy depriving me of my butler?” he grouses.

“I…” Madoka is taken aback by this reception. “I’m sorry, I don’t mean to…” she trails off.

Master Yoshi waves his hand dismissively. “More importantly, are you doing better after your fit?” he asks her.

Madoka blinks and nods. “It went well after all,” she replies, her voice sounding small.

“Master.” Kozuke spoke up suddenly, drawing Master Yoshi’s attention. “I have excellent news. Madoka has fallen in love!” he exclaims.

Master Yoshi’s eyes widen and he smiles slightly.

“Hmmm… tell me about him.” His expression is thoughtful, as though something he hasn’t thought of has just occurred to him.

“Well, it’s actually a her. Madoka fell in love with her good friend Wada Aoi.” Kozuke smiles.

“A her?” Master Yoshi’s eyebrows raise and he growls. “What nonsense! You aren’t a boy any longer. You can’t possibly have a meaningful relationship with her.” The force of his gaze has fallen directly on Madoka at this point. “I won’t have you indulging in a relationship that isn’t going to go anywhere.”

Madoka’s eyes widen and become cold. “You don’t get to tell me who I fall in love with! You aren’t my father! My real father was a good man who would have supported me no matter…”

Be quiet!” Master Yoshi roars. Kozuke places himself between the two.

“Perhaps we should shelve this unproductive discussion for another time. You have something to show Madoka. Master, there is no changing a person’s heart no matter how you would wish for it. Only time will tell if this love is meant to be or not,” he interjects, his tone betraying a touch of steel in his defense of Madoka. Madoka smiles, wanting to hug the handsome butler.

“Hmmmph. I suppose you are technically correct. We will have further words about this, however,” he grunts, and gestures for the two to follow him. Kozuke wheels Madoka after the master, towards her bedroom. When they enter, Madoka sees something strange.

A weird thing made of metal stands in the center of the room. It looks like a wiry robotic thing with straps on it. ”This is your next step in physical rehabilitation. You should be ready by now to stand more frequently, though you can’t move freely. That is where this walking brace, or exoskeleton comes in.” Master Yoshi taps it with his hands.

“Put it on her, Kozuke. Let’s see how well she does with it.”

Madoka stares at it, and wonders if this thing will allow her to walk around with a little more freedom than she has in her wheelchair.

Kozuke wheels her close by and flips the brake levers on the chair. He helps her into a standing position, and then starts attaching the brace to her legs. Madoka still wears the skirt and kneesocks she wore to the mall and feels the cool metal brush against her skin. The sensation gives her goosebumps. Once it’s connected to her legs, she notes that it feels as though it has been perfectly sculpted for her. It’s firmly strapped to them at the ankles and her thighs. Thankfully, the straps aren’t so high up that they make her skirt ride up. The brace continues up to either side, hugging her hips perfectly. A brace across her lower back keeps the two parts of it connected and provides support to her. After some adjustment, she feels her weight seem to lessen some and keeping on her feet becomes much easier.

Master Yoshi has her perform a series of movements, then. He first has her walk around the center of the room. To her surprise, she finds that she is able to, though the process is slow and halting. Her legs do not tremble, however. She feels fully supported by the mechanism.

“Good!” Master Yoshi grunts. “If you can increase your speed to a normal walk by your bedtime, I’ll consider letting you go on your silly date. At least it will be good exercise for you.”

“Thank you, Master.” Kozuke bows. Master Yoshi waves his hand dismissively. 

“I still don’t approve. Keep that in mind, daughter. We will have words about it again.” He leaves the room. Madoka is still caught up in the euphoria of being able to move around on her own two legs, even if it is proving a little tricky.

“I’m going to do this!” Madoka enthuses, immediately starting to walk again.

Kozuke watches her with a fond smile, ready to reach out and catch her if she should fall.

To Kozuke’s great pleasure, Madoka is able to master the art of walking in the brace by dinner time. She is still slower than she would like, but she is able to get around without stumbling and maintain a pace that will allow her to get around quickly enough.

Kozuke has once again ordered a meal in, while watching over Madoka. The two make their way out of the bedroom, and Kozuke hovers nearby as Madoka puts one foot in front of the other, making her way towards the dining room at a normal walking pace. She cannot go any faster than that, but it should allow her to get most anywhere she wants with a great deal more freedom. The smile on her face tugs at Kozuke’s heart. She seems so very happy, in a way that she hasn’t since awakening. Finding love might just be exactly what Madoka needs to put her past behind her and start looking towards the future.

When they enter into the dining room, Kozuke holding two bags of takeout from CoCo Ichibanya, Madoka walking over to her seat for a change, thanks to the brace, Master Yoshi grunts.

“You look like you’re adapting well enough. I suppose you can go, if you aren’t feeling too tired already.” He frowns and looks at the bags in Kozuke’s hands.

“Fast food this time, Kozuke?” he scowls. “Has anyone called about the job offer yet?” he asks.

“I’m afraid not, Master.” Kozuke smiles as he lays out containers of curry on the table. “We haven’t had Midoriyama’s curry rice for a long time now, and I for one had a craving for some. I hope it’s acceptable.” He looks at Madoka. He actually asked Madoka what she might be in the mood for, wanting to reward her a little for her great progress, and she had stated that she wanted curry katsu from CoCo Ichibanya. Kozuke had known that the master would likely complain about it, but he had not been able to resist calling the order in after seeing the longing in her eyes.

Madoka practically drools as she removes the lid separating her from her delicious meal. CoCo Ichi wasn’t as good as Midoriyama’s wonderful curry, but it made her think of her previous life. The boy Madoka and his friends had sneakily stopped on the way home from school to enjoy a bowl of udon or a plate of curry rice, or a beef bowl. Growing up in Tokyo had been fun, with a combini seemingly on every corner, something exciting to do only a walk or a bus or train ride away.

Tsukuba doesn’t seem so bad to her now, though. It is a comparatively smaller city, but she has realized that a lot of the things she has treasured most in her short life can still be found here, and the friends she has made are worth as much or more than the ones she has been forced to leave behind.

There is also Aoi-chan. Madoka feels her heart beats quickly as she starts eating her curry rice. She had asked for spice level 7 with extra garlic, and it was amazing. Even Master Yoshi seems to enjoy his, and the rest of the meal is completed pleasantly.

The next morning, Kozuke wakes Madoka at 6:00 am. Madoka yawns and stretches, arching her back in an almost catlike manner, before sitting up. Her legs and hips are a little sore from all the practice the previous night, but she is still excited to put it back on. She will be able to date Aoi-chan and not feel like an invalid doing it. She blushes redly, clapping her hands to her cheeks as she imagines Aoi kissing her again on their date.

She snaps out of her reverie due to the smell of breakfast wafting on the air. When she opens her eyes she notices Kozuke has set up a tray of food for her. He has brought her breakfast in bed!

“Kozy!” she exclaims, smiling. “This smells wonderful!” She sits up and studies the contents of the tray. Kozuke grins at her. “You need a good meal for a fresh start. The master won’t be up this early, so I figured I would have this ready for you. Hurry and enjoy it and then we’ll give you a nice bath to pretty you up for your date.”

Madoka squeals a little, bouncing. “Thanks, Kozy! I love you!” she enthuses. Kozuke smiles, seeming embarrassed by her effusive and very girlish reaction.

Madoka studies what he brought her. She is happy to see a meal of breakfast sausages, eggs, toast, miso soup, and rice. The eggs still have that slightly odd flavor they had in her school lunches, but she is getting used to it. She finishes the meal perhaps a little quicker than might be considered ladylike.

Kozuke helps Madoka out of her nightclothes, and then lifts her in his arms. Madoka blushes, looking away. As usual, Kozuke’s expression is fatherly, so her blush fades as he carries her nude into the bathroom. He sets her on the bathstool and then turns the water on the shower nozzle on. He has already drawn a bath for her, Madoka notices. Kozuke quickly and efficiently sprays Madoka with the shower nozzle, and the hot water feels amazing. She allows him to immerse her hair in the hot water and shampoo it. He rinses it and then applies conditioner. Meanwhile Madoka pours a little body soap onto her loofah and starts scrubbing herself. He now leaves this part of it to her, though she welcomes feeling him massage her scalp with his strong fingers.

He rinses her hair out after letting the conditioner set for a time, and when she is clean, he helps her into the bath, where she luxuriates. She picks out a scented bath salt and Kozuke liberally drops the salt in. The scent of lilacs fills the warm steamy air.

Madoka can’t soak for too long, however. She stands up after what seems to her like too short a time bathing. The aches she used to have in her lower body have eased quite a bit after soaking.

He helps her to sit on the stool again and hurriedly uses the hairdryer to dry her long hair while she towels her body off. He has also started letting her do that herself lately as well. Madoka feels as though she is close to attaining that freedom she has desired, even though it inevitably means that Kozuke will be doing less for her. When her hair is dry, Kozuke helps her into the bedroom and sets her up at her desk. She turns the light on and starts brushing her hair out to style it. She has gotten better at adding the ribbons to her hair as Midoriyama had taught her, and she has even started to make slight tweaks to the style. When her hair is tied to her satisfaction in the cute ribbons, Kozuke draws her attention to an outfit that he has selected for her.

It is a frilly and pastel pink blouse with a dark blue checked skirt. He has selected a set of kneesocks in the same pink shade as the blouse. He also has laid out a set of pink and white striped panties and bra. “Are you sure it’s not too cute?” Madoka asks as she puts the underwear on.

“I am no expert in what women should wear on a date, but I would have to say that if a woman I was interested in were to wear something like this, I would certainly appreciate it.” Kozuke chuckles.

“She’s a girl though… maybe she won’t want me looking cute like that.” Madoka hesitates after finishing tugging on the panties.

“Cute is how you look every day, Madoka. If she didn’t like cute, I seriously doubt that you would be where you are now with her.” He laughs. Madoka blushes at that, embarrassed. What Kozy is telling her is true.

She pulls on the blouse and then Kozuke helps her to put on the skirt. He helps her with the kneesocks as well. For footwear, they select her cute mary janes to go with the rest of her outfit, and Kozuke brings her a light blue jacket to keep her warm. The colors go well with the rest of what she wears. Madoka notes, not for the first time, that Kozuke is surprisingly savvy when it comes to selecting outfits from her wardrobe.

When she has pulled the light jacket on, Kozy hands her her purse. “Everything you need is inside of it, of course. Don’t hesitate to use the cards as you need. I expect you to have an absolutely wonderful time, Sugar.” He grins. Madoka finds herself wishing that Kozuke was the master of the house.

Aoi yawns, waiting for Madoka. She leans against the metal and glass structure standing over the way down. There is an elevator here, and a lot of other stations have them. She has investigated thoroughly, making certain that every station along the way will be wheelchair friendly. She blushes a little, thinking about the day she has planned. She knows that Madoka is from Tokyo and that intimidates her slightly, but she feels that since it was her idea, it is her responsibility to make the itinerary and show Madoka a good time. 

This morning, she chose to wear the cute blouse that she had sneakily purchased at the mall yesterday. It is creamy colored and goes well with her form fitting jeans, emphasizing her shapely and fit bottom. She waits with her hands in her pockets.

Kozuke and Madoka pull up to the station after not much longer, and the butler exits the vehicle, moving around it. He smiles at Aoi, bowing slightly to her. “Good morning, Wada-san. Please show Sugar a wonderful time today. She is very excited.” He grins. Aoi blushes and nods. Kozuke still had an effect on her. Did that mean that she was bisexual? She waits while Kozuke opens the door and helps Madoka out. Aoi immediately realizes something is amiss. Kozuke hasn’t gotten Madoka’s chair as he usually does. When Madoka steps out, standing, Aoi’s jaw drops. Her friend is standing without seeming to struggle as she usually does with her standing exercises at school.

Upon closer examination she sees a low-profile metal suit thing attached to her lower body. “What is that?” she asks, smiling.

“My freedom,” Madoka replies, happily. “You don’t have to push me around everywhere now, though I’ll need frequent rests.” Madoka seems to bounce, although the effect is muted by the rigidity of the frame she is strapped to.

“It is the new phase of Sugar’s physical therapy. It will be adjusted every so often to do less and less of the work in supporting Madoka’s weight as her muscles build up. The end result, providing there is no damage preventing it, should be Madoka walking normally in several weeks to a month.” Kozuke smiles proudly at Madoka who blushes, seeming overjoyed.

“You ladies should really be off. Please do take care, and do not hesitate to call me if you need anything. I am quite willing to make the drive to rush to your side.” He seems a little anxious, but otherwise very pleased.

“Yes! Let’s go!” Aoi grins, taking Madoka’s hand. Madoka blushes and looks into her eyes. Aoi did not expect this any time soon, but the feeling of being able to take her friend’s hand and lead her normally makes her feel happier than she expected it to.

Madoka feels Aoi take her hand and squeeze it. Her heart flutters at the look in Aoi’s eyes. There is an expression of definite happiness there. She follows Aoi as fast as she can, and Aoi adjusts her pace to Madoka’s as they leave Kozuke behind and head over towards the elevator bay.

“You can probably take the stairs, carefully, but since the stations we will be at all have elevators, I don’t see any reason why we should complicate things, do you?” Aoi winks.


Madoka giggles and shakes her head. “I don’t! I was a little bit nervous about stairs. Did you really put that much thought into it for me?” she asks Aoi, her heart racing at this. Aoi pushes the button to call the elevator to street level and looks into Madoka’s eyes.

“Of course I did.” She smiles, seeming to be embarrassed that Madoka has noticed it. “I don’t know how these kinds of relationships work, but I guess one of us has to act like the boy, and I don’t see that being you. You’re too cute.” She winks at Madoka.

Madoka blushes and squirms at the compliment as the elevator dings and opens. An elderly woman currently occupies it. She smiles at the girls, bowing a little as she walks out, holding onto her walker. Once the woman has exited, the two girls slip in. Madoka feels a little guilty, looking at Aoi. Her comment about her not being remotely boyish makes her feel happy, but at the same time, it hits a little too close to home. Despite that, she feels really happy.

The two ride down, and Aoi slips her arm around Madoka’s waist. She definitely seemed to be into being the boy. Madoka was happy to let her. The idea of being the boy on a date oddly does not appeal to Madoka like it once might have. The sensation of having Aoi treat her like a girl on one thrills her. She looks into Aoi’s eyes and snuggles against her. Aoi blushes and holds her tightly. Madoka is happy to be as girly as Aoi wants. When the door opens, they separate slightly, both blushing. Aoi leads her out into the station proper. They pass a coffee shop and a couple of combinis as they approach the IC reader and ticket taking machines. Madoka pulls her Manaca card free from her cellphone card holder and swipes it over the IC reader, walking through. She waits as Aoi does the same.

They hurry on together onto the platform and find a bank of chairs with two unoccupied seats. The two sit down and wait for their train, which is to arrive at 8:27 am. Aoi puts her arm around Madoka and they hug. Some people stare at them, but Aoi glares at them, seemingly daring them to say anything.

“I have our day all planned out,” Aoi says, her tone excited. “We’re going to go to Shibuya and Akihabara. I’d love to do more, but I don’t think we have time with what I have in mind. I know you loved it in Tokyo… do you mind letting me lead us?” Aoi asks. 

Madoka shakes her head and smiles happily at Aoi. “No, I don’t mind at all. I’m so happy that you planned so much in advance for my sake. I’m looking forward to it!” Madoka feels her heart race in anticipation of this date. Never would she ever have imagined that a girl would take her on a romantic date. Always in her mind it had been her, maybe taking in an amusement park or a carousel ride with the girl she confessed to.

When the train arrives, a jingle plays and a recorded voice blares over the station speakers. “The Tsukuba Express is arriving, bound for Akihabara Station.” Aoi smiles in excitement. The platform is crowded as the train comes to a stop and its doors slide open. Aoi pulls Madoka along, and some people note the walking brace and the way she moves, making way for her. Even so, every seat is taken inside of the car they had selected. Madoka prepares herself for the long trip standing, grabbing ahold of a nearby metal pole. The person sitting next to it eyes her, noting her walking brace and with a smile, he stands.

“Please sit.” He gestures to the vacated seat.

Madoka smiles warmly at the man, hesitating. Aoi pushes her towards the seat. “Don’t be silly! You can’t stand for an hour.” She grins.

Madoka pouts, but allows herself to sit down. She sighs in relief, and Aoi touches her cheek with a warm expression before taking up a position in front of her.

Madoka feels the love inside her for Aoi blossom even more.


The two have a fun ride together. After a few stations, the seat next to Madoka is vacated and Aoi is able to sit, pressing her hip to Madoka’s. She feels the cool metal of the brace, and wishes that Madoka didn’t need it, but without it they might not be able to enjoy the day as much as she hopes they will.

She enjoys both the sight of Madoka’s excited and blushing face and the sight of the scenery passing by. At first they don’t see anything, as the train passes underground, but as they leave Tsukuba the track goes above ground, affording riders a view of the more rural areas between Tokyo and Tsukuba. Greenery passes by as the train cars gently but noisily rock as they go. Occasionally the computerized voice comes on, announcing the next stop and final destination. “Momentarily, we will arrive at Midorino.”

The only way the trip would be better would be if it were a bullet train. Unfortunately, no bullet train goes anywhere near Tsukuba. They enjoy the trip, and Aoi is amazed when they reach Tokyo. It doesn’t seem like much as they approach it, though Aoi knows it has to be, since it is one of the greatest cities in the world. As the train moves deeper in, though, the buildings around the train become enormous. Everything is far bigger than she has ever imagined that it would be. She has seen pictures of it, but the pictures do not do justice to what she sees. By the time they reach Akihabara Station and disembark, Aoi is incredibly excited.

They venture forth in a crowd of people and follow signs indicating the Chuo-Sobu line that would take them on to Shibuya. Every guide she has read has indicated that the best dates in Tokyo start at Hachiko’s statue. She bounces a little in excitement. She has always wanted to see the legendary dog’s statue.


Madoka watches Aoi’s expressions and can’t help giggling, seeing how excited she is. Madoka has seen these things millions of times, and the only reason she is excited is that she is here with Aoi, seeing sights that she has been afraid she would never see again. Aoi’s expressions make her see things in a whole new light, however. They are leaving Shibuya station via the Hachiko gate now, and Aoi’s eyes are open wide at the buildings towering around them, and the massive crowds of people they are walking through.

When they reach Hachiko, Aoi pulls Madoka after her, eagerly. She reaches out and touches the statue and laughs, petting it. Madoka blushes as she watches Aoi, thinking that she’s the cutest thing in the world. She reaches out and touches Hachiko herself with a happy smile. Nearby, a pink mascot with a rather disgusting poop-like silhouette totters by. Aoi and Madoka watch it, and Aoi rolls her eyes. “Really, is that supposed to be cute?” She laughs.

“I guess it is. I’ve never seen that thing before…” Madoka laughs. The two move on, leaving it and its peculiar antics behind.


Aoi leads Madoka first to Shibuya 109, a high class mall in Shibuya. She gapes as they come to the famous scramble square, taking in the sight of people quickly walking across it in all directions when the signals start beeping. She laughs aloud, pulling Madoka across it and towards the distinctive building towering in the direction they were moving. You could not miss it, standing in the square even with the other tall buildings around. The go down the narrow streets after passing through the scramble square, and approach the large building. They enter it through a large store at its base.


The next few hours are spent going from store to store. They look at books, clothes, and accessories together, though they resist the urge to buy things, knowing that they will have to carry whatever they get with them. Madoka suggests leaving anything they buy in a locker somewhere to pick up at the end of the day, and Aoi grins at her.

When they finish shopping there, they have a couple of bags with them. They head back to Shibuya Station and get back onto the platform; this time Aoi elects to take the Yamanote Line after studying her cellphone’s maps. They get onto Platform Two, and wait for the next train. As they wait, Aoi and Madoka walk up to a nearby vending machine and purchase a couple of drinks to keep them hydrated. Madoka has a juice, and Aoi has a sports drink.

They don’t wait long and board the train together. This time there are seats available for the two in the ladies’ car. They ride for twelve stops and then disembark. They deposit their bags in a rental locker, and then they leave the station, taking escalators when possible, and they walk with Aoi leading the way. Madoka cheerfully follows her, having more fun in Tokyo than she has in a while. 

Aoi leads her to Animate, a store she has been very familiar with. She grins as they enter the building, and Aoi’s eyes widen at the huge selection. They widen even more as she notices how many floors the building has. They laugh, going from floor to floor via escalator, checking out light novels, manga, anime videos, PVC figures and avoiding the obviously ecchi floor. They stop at a Gochapon machine and enter yen coins, gaining cute anime keychains for themselves. Aoi ends up buying a few light novels that have interested her. Madoka notices that one of them features a cute protagonist, and the other features a tough looking boy holding a sword. Madoka purchases a manga or two.

Where she definitely would have picked out something more action packed before, she finds herself gravitating away from those types of books and more towards the books depicting romance. One book pictures a girl holding a practice sword, and it reminds her so much of Aoi that she just has to buy it.

When the two leave, they’re happy. Madoka is a little tired. “Can we find a place to get some lunch? My hips and legs are sore.” She smiles apologetically.

“Oh, sure!” Aoi winks at her and flips through her phone for a few moments. “Oh… there’s a Mos Burger not too far away… think you can make it there?” She asks Madoka.

Madoka grins and nods affirmatively. “I think so, definitely.” She giggles. Aoi takes her arm and wraps it firmly around her. Madoka blushes and smiles at Aoi shyly. 

“Don’t be afraid to use me for support. I want to support you,” Aoi says to her.

Madoka gasps and leans against her, overcome with a need to nuzzle Aoi. Aoi giggles, blushing as she looks around, but she hugs Madoka and when Madoka turns her face up towards her she kisses her again, making several people in the near vicinity stop and stare. Some people shake their heads, others blush, and still others smile.

They head on up the main street, taking in the sounds and scents of the big city. When Aoi spots the Mos Burger across the big decorated street, they approach a crosswalk and press the button. The crosswalk beeps and jingles melodically when it’s time for them to cross and they do, as quickly as Madoka can manage with Aoi’s support. Once they cross, they enter the restaurant, which is once again a part of a massive building. They approach the somewhat standard looking counter, waiting their turn in line, before finally coming face to face with the girl working the register.

“Thank you for coming to Mos Burger! What would you like?” she bows. They look at the menu, thinking for a moment, and then place their orders. Aoi orders the Spicy Mos Burger, and Madoka has a Croquette Burger. They are given their trays of food after a short wait and sit together on one side of a table. They enjoy their meal together. Aoi impulsively starts a game when they feed each other their French fries. It escalates a little when Madoka suggests that the one who is being fed should close her eyes and try to find the fry. Madoka once finds herself nibbling one of Aoi’s fingers, which makes her giggle.

The game escalates further from there as Aoi sneaks kisses when Madoka leans forward to nibble at a fry. Neither one of them minds, however, though a good many people stare at them when they leave. They walk around the block a good distance to the Kanda Myojin Shrine, taking in the sights of the buildings, the trees, and the grey stone walks. They walk through the torii and into the shrine proper, pausing along the way at the purification fountain to wash their hands and drink. They move on to the offering hall and wait their turn as people offer their prayers to the Kami. When it’s their turn, they throw coins into the offering box, clap their hands twice, bow twice, clap twice again, and bow once more together. Madoka wishes for continued happiness for herself and Aoi.

Once they walk away from the shrine, heading towards where Mikos sell good luck charms to people visiting, Madoka turns to Aoi. “What did you wish for?” she asks.

“It’s a secret.” She sticks her tongue out playfully, and Madoka giggles.

They buy charms there, for good luck in studying and for luck in love. They leave then, Madoka’s heart feeling full, spiritually. She looks at Aoi then. It is also full of love for this beauty with long brown hair and light blue eyes standing beside her and supporting her.


Madoka and Aoi head next to Taito Station on their way back to Akihabara station. It is around 3:00 pm now, and sadly approaching the time when the girls will have to think about returning home.

When they reach the Taito Station, they play a few games together. Aoi insists on a few rounds of Dissidia, and Madoka smiles, agreeing.

“I’m not very good though… go easy on me.” She winks at Aoi who laughs.

“Not a chance. You’re going to get good enough to beat Stupid Pres, remember?”

Aoi teaches Madoka the ins and outs of playing Dissidia and to her great joy she is able to beat Aoi once at least, following her advice.

“You’re ready.” Aoi winks at her. “Next time we all go out, you’ll make him cry.” She rubs her hands together in a mock evil gesture. Madoka giggles at that, feeling elated and happy. “Let’s go to the bathroom. I think that tea in Mos Burger is kicking in.” Madoka giggles, getting to her feet. She heads to the bathroom, leading Aoi.

“Why do I have to come with you? I don’t have to…” Aoi trails off, a little embarrassed.

“Because. You just do,” Madoka says. She feels an urge that she can’t deny deep inside of her. They head into the bathroom, and when Aoi tries to wait outside the stall, Madoka firmly pulls her in with her. Aoi laughs and bumps the door shut behind her, locking it.

“What has gotten into you?” she asks Madoka.

“Nothing…” Madoka says softly.

“I’m not going to watch you pee.” Aoi rolls her eyes.

“I don’t want that!” Madoka blushes and squirms and looks into Aoi’s eyes.

“I want you to kiss me again… like that first kiss…” she says, her tone betraying her feelings. Aoi gulps at the tone of her voice and she crosses the small distance between them. She scoops Madoka up into her arms, presses her gently against the near wall and kisses her. Aoi’s body gently rubs against hers as they kiss. After a long period of soft and hot kisses, Aoi stops, kissing her way across her cheek and down to her neck where she licks and nibbles softly.

Madoka’s eyes flutter and she shivers as she feels Aoi rubbing against her, kissing her sensitive skin. She lets out an involuntary little moan, reaching up to cover her mouth. Aoi continues to nibble and lick there, experimenting, and listening to Madoka’s little mewls and moans. Finally, Aoi’s mouth kisses back up to her mouth, quieting her little moans as the passion builds further between them.

Aoi holds Madoka tightly and it isn’t long before their tongues are caressing as they did during their first amazing kiss. Madoka’s hands run up and down Aoi’s body. Aoi redoubles her efforts to be the masculine partner, feeling that, and grabs Madoka’s butt, making her squeak. Madoka melts into the kiss at that point, her hands dropping in acceptance of Aoi’s will.

The things that Aoi is doing with her fingers on her butt make her heart flutter and her stomach radiate heat. A pressure and moisture is building up slowly between her legs, and she finds herself rubbing against Aoi as she touches her. Finally, Aoi breaks the kiss as she notices that tears are flooding down Madoka’s cheeks. She follows that impulse that she had earlier and kisses Madoka’s tears away. Madoka pants and wiggles in response.

“What’s wrong?” Aoi asks her gently. “Was it not what you wanted? I can do better,” Aoi attempts to reassure her.

“No… nothing was wrong… I... never in my whole life imagined that I would be kissed like that… I thought that I would take a cute girl like you on a date. It was absolutely perfect though.” She looks up into Aoi’s eyes passionately, and snuggles up against her. “I love you, Aoi,” she exclaims softly, nuzzling.