Chapter 8 – Hyuga
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Along the dirt road was endless grass and trees. The sight was something to behold, especially to Neja who lived in a place where sand and dirt was more abundant.

A small wooden gate entered his vision enclosed in the fence were wooden homes.

Before Neja could even get close to the gate, two figures appeared before him. Both men wearing light clothing.

Their eyes were weird, just like the kids had told him. He wondered why they looked so different.

In his life Neja had not encountered many people who possessed a dojustu. Thus the idea of them having a dojustu ability did not cross his mind. Afterall, the last people he encountered with one, their eyes were normal.

Neja had his hand on his kunai in case anything happened.

"Who are you and what do you want?"

A man with long black hair said as he stared at Neja.

Neja found it difficult to assess their strength, but for now he would assume they were as strong as he was if not stronger.

"I am Asago Neja. I am here because I just want peace, nothing more."

Both men looked at each other for a moment before they turned their attention back towards Neja.

"Never heard of you. Why do you seek peace when we have no grievances with each other."

"It is always better to show your intentions right out than having others believe something else."

Neja told them.

The man with short black hair snorted.

"We do not care for you or your small clan. Stay on your side of the land and everything will be fine."

Neja's ears perked.

He never told them about his clan nor that it was small. So how did they know? Were they spying on them?

If that were the case then Denji would have sensed them long ago. However that did not happen.

His interest was piqued and with it, he had questions he wanted answers. Judging by the two men's behavior, he doubted they would give him any.

"Before I leave, might I know who you are or your clans name?"

Both men glanced at each other once more before the long haired one responded.

"Hyuga Hizaru."

Neja did a quick nod with his head before his body vanished.

He moved so fast that the two Hyuga members could only see his figure again when he was a mile away. For them who had vision beyond the capabilities of an average shinobi, this stunned them.

"Asago clan... we should inform the head about this."

One of the men spoke up as his eyes stayed focused on the direction Neja went. It wasn't until he was five miles away did the two men turn their heads away.

"You do not think the head will want to approach them do you?"

The short haired young man said.

The long haired one shook his head.

"Doubtful. But they are an unknown threat, and with the Senju clan to the south and Uchiha's east, both of which are expanding their power... we cannot fall behind."

"We just need to take out the Hitari clan then we will dominate the west. When that happens all that is left is to protect what is ours."

Neja did not hear any of what they were saying, he was long gone. However, meeting those two from the Hyuga clan did tell him he should move his family.

Those guys were not a clan his family could handle right away, and if they decided to attack then it was over for his family.

Maybe they should go north. At least to gain some distance from the Hyuga's. He needed to have a piece of mind, knowing his family would be safe. Even if someone did attack them, he had to know that they would be able to survive.

His biggest worry was his youngest son, Kermit. Kermit would have to grow up faster than Neja had anticipated, which was not necessarily a bad thing. He just hoped that his son would be able to adapt to their situation without much complaint.

Even without his worries about Kermit, Neja felt something in his gut telling him that staying in this new land was a terrible idea. Usually he would listen to it, but everyone was already settling in.

There was too much they did not know about this place, and Neja feared they may never learn it either. If war broke out in their vicinity they would surely be caught in between. At that time, Neja would have to make a choice.