Chapter 10 – Prey Snatched
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Kermit dashed forward as he twirled the kunai in his hand. He zipped to the right and cut the log that was hanging from a tree. Without looking, he tossed the kunai forward.

It made a thud sound as it embedded itself into a tree. His eyes grew large and a smile appeared on his face.

"Yes!" Kermit said to himself as he saw the kunai hit its mark.

"Well done. Now do it twenty more times." Neja said with a nod of approval.

Hearing his father's words, Kermit was happy. The workload was not less than before, but everything was starting to click.

"When can we start training with jutsu? I want to learn how to shoot a fireball, or maybe even summon a water dragon!" Kermit asked.

"That's a long ways away for now. You still have to learn the basics. Understanding the fundamentals is more important than knowing how to shoot a fireball." Neja told him.

"We've already been doing this for a week. I think I know enough." Kermit replied.

"Not even close. When you can throw six shrunken blindfolded and all of them hit their target, then we can talk."

Kermit wanted to say something else but shut his mouth. It was not impossible to do it, as he has seen his brother do it before. It was just difficult for him to manage that.

"Look, I know I'm pushing you and you want to grow up fast. But, baby steps first. How about you go catch us some food for breakfast?" Neja suggested.

"By myself?" Kermit asked.

"Yeah, just don't go past the mother tree. The large one with gray leaves."

Kermit jumped in delight. This would be his first time hunting alone. Usually he went with his brother or cousin, but he could go alone.

'Should I hunt a boar? No, we had that yesterday. Maybe a rabbit, or a bird. Eggs would be nice for a change.' Kermit thought to himself as he started to collect some kunai and shurikens that were on the ground.

Neja thought this was safe for his youngest son. The Hyuga clan left them alone and all the other clans were a distance away. Nothing should go wrong.

Kermit darted off not even saying goodbye to his father. His excitement got the best of him. He was now able to jump from tree to tree with ease. Climbing the tree with his feet only was still an impossible task for him, but he was making slow progress.

"There!" Kermit saw his prey. It was a small white furred rabbit.

He reached by his side as he slide his kunai out. His eyes were focused on the target just like he practiced.

In one smooth motion the kunai left his hand and flew towards the small rabbit. It emerged itself into the rabbits side and knocked the creature on its side.

Kermit mentally cheered to himself.

A moment later a wolf ran up and snatched the rabbit.

"Hey, that was mines!" Kermit shouted.

The wolf looked at Kermit and took off. Kermit gave chase.