Chapter 30: Eliza
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Mmm... huh...?

What... happened?

Oh right. I was about to eat when suddenly... I passed out?

"Kyuu! Kyuu!"

"Oh? You're finally awake."

I tilted my head to the side to see Kyuki and Alraune-san next to me. Kyuki has this face of joy and relief, whereas Alraune-san has her usual calm expression as always.

"Kyuki... Alaune-san..." I called out to them. "How long... was I out...?" I then asked them.

"Three whole days. You passed out after using your unique skill for ten hours straight." answered Alraune-san. "It was a pain to take care of you, my dear." she added, handing me a flower bowl containing some strange liquid content. "Drink." she said.

I did as she told and took the first sip. Immediately after that, I nearly puked due to the horrifying taste of the liquid she gave me.

"Drink it all, my dear. It's medicine for your body." Alraune-san said, forcing me to down the juice like no tomorrow.

Bleh! Disgusting! This is worse than eating raw meat!

"Can I... have some water...?"

"Of course. Let me go get some."

With that, Alraune-san slides away to fetch me some water. Leaving me with Kyuki who jumped into my arms.

"Kyuu! Kyuu!"

I'm alright, Kyuki. Thank you for nursing me while I was out cold.


However, the fact that I was out for three whole days... That's really bad. We only have a month to train, yet I wasted three days already being unconscious.

On the other hand, it's good to know that Dark Domain can only last for ten hours. And considering that I don't see it deployed anymore, I think it's safe to assume that the skill deactivated itself after the ten hour mark. Which means that...

I can't make clothes out of darkness, can't I?


Argh... Now that's a shame. And here I was thinking that I could use the darkness from Dark Domain to make clothes for myself, should I ever lose all of the clothes Evil God-san gave me. But if the skill has a duration limit which puts me unconscious once the time is reached, I can't do that now, can't I?

Ugh... I have to try to not let my clothes get damaged again.

"Kyuu! Kyuu, Kyuu... Kyuu!"

Hm? What is it, Kyuki?

Kyuki jumped off my arms and went under the bed. Pulling out what seems to be... another package from Evil God-san!? What's more there's a note attached to it.

Seriously, he sent me another one? Well, talk about throwing caution out of the window. I wonder if the "unwanted attention" have caught notice of this?

Meh, it's not like I am able to know anyways. Furthermore, if Evil God-san sent me something like this, then it's probably fine, right?

Let's see what he sent me.


Ah... huh? What the...

"Dionix won't be watching over you anymore. So try to survive as you are on your own." ~Spiritual God Akagi.

Spiritual God... Who!? And what does she mean Evil God-san won't be watching over me anymore?

...I can't say for sure, but I do know that something has happened to him. And that something has got to involve this Spiritual God Akagi somehow. Is she the comrade Evil God-san mentioned before?

Also... Akagi? Ain't that a Japanese name? Who is this Spiritual God in the first place? Argh! I have so many new questions now!

Forget it... These questions won't be answered anyways. My main focus now is to get stronger and escape this dungeon. For that, I must restart the training as soon as possible. And by that, I mean right now.

But before that, I should see what the Spiritual God has sent me...

Oh! These are... PANTIES! Finally, I don't have to go commando anymore!

"Fufufu~ Looks like you've opened it up already."

Alraune-san has returned with the water I'd requested. I proceeded to drink the good ol' H2O and somewhat cleared the disgusting taste of the medicine which was lingering in my mouth.

Moving on, I put on the fresh pair of undergarment and continued checking what other stuffs the Spiritual God has sent me.

It's more clothing. Fortunately, none of them have mini skirts to them, so that's an immediate plus. Also, seems like I won't have to worry about having all of my clothes getting damaged, due to the increased number I now possess.

But anyways, which one of the new clothes should I wear? Because for once, I would like to get out of this mini skirt I'm wearing.

Problem is... I can't decide. All of these would definitely look good on me. So much so, that I do not know what to wear!


"Yes, my dear?"

"Which one... do you think I should... wear?"

"Fufufu~ I don't know. I mean... for starters, I'm not wearing any clothes, so I wouldn't know which you should wear."

Oh, right.... She do have some leaves covering the important parts, but Alraune-san is basically not wearing anything.

"Instead of me, why don't you ask your little fox?"

But it's not like I can ask Kyuki for its opinion, since all I can hear in response is kyuu— No, wait! I can hear Kyuki's opinion! I just need Alraune-san to translate for me.

Kyuki, which one do you think I should wear? Tell Alraune-san your opinion, so she can tell it to me.

Kyuki looked at the clothing and begins to ponder. It scrambled the clothes around, before finally deciding and told Alraune-san of its choice.

"Kyuu! Kyuu! Kyuuuu... Kyuu!"

"Oh... I see."

Understanding what Kyuki has told her, Alraune-san grabbed one of the outfits from the box and spread it out before my eyes.

"Your little fox thinks you should wear this, my dear."

Oh. That's one beautiful robe, alright. The colour is simple and it looks really comfortable to wear. Although it seems kind of revealing, moving around in it would seem fairly easy.

Eh, if that's what Kyuki thinks I should wear, then why not? It's better than wearing mini skirt anyways.

But before that...

"Umm... Could you... look away please... Alraune-san?"

"Huh? Why? We're both women here. It's not like there's anything wrong with that, right?"

"Yeah, but... I'm just... not used to changing in front of other people... you see..."

"'Other... people', huh? Fufufu... To think you would see me as a person. How interesting..."

"But... you are though. Are you not...?"

"My dear... Did you forget perhaps? I told you already. I am a monster. I am not a person, because a person would have a name. And I... do not."

No name, huh...?

"Then...... Why don't I name you?"


I have a skill called Naming after all. If Alraune-san doesn't have a name, then why don't I just name her? Besides, she is helping Kyuki and I to become stronger. Plus, she and Kyuki took care of me for three days straight when I was unconscious, so giving her a name as thanks wouldn't hurt now, would it?

"Hold on, my dear. Just now... What did you just say?"

"I said... I would give you... a name. Is that... not alright?"

"...No. I'm fine with that. Rather... I beseech you. Please grant me a name of my own."

This is the first time I have ever seen Alraune-san so humble like this. Is this the real Alraune-san perhaps?

No... I shouldn't call her that anymore. Because her name from now on will be...

"Eliza. Your name... is now Eliza."

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