Chapter 109 – Avos School 8
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The door of the class was opened and a woman wearing a suit with an unbuttoned shirt and short skirt entered the classroom. She has blond long hair that was tied into a braid behind her back. Her green eyes were sharp and show a look of seriousness fitting for a teacher.

She was holding some kind of paper in her left hand and put it on the teacher’s podium when she reached it.

She put both of her hands on the podium’s edge and looked at the students in the class with a smile on her face. She has a kind look in her eyes, totally different from the students’ impression that she was a strict teacher.

“Good morning everyone, why are all of you having a nervous look on your face?” The teacher greeted the students. She looked around the classroom before stopping at Naomi who smiled when she looked at her and added. “I’m sorry, it seems that I am mistaken, it’s a majority of you. Don’t be nervous, we are here to learn together.”

Some of the students were releasing a sigh of relief when the teacher said that. They have unconsciously held their breath when the teacher entered the room. They are afraid of the teacher here after they heard and saw the headmaster directly.

The teacher also noticed the students’ fear and so she pressed a button that she took out from her pocket and a hologram screen appeared behind the teacher.

On the screen, it has the photo of the teacher that stood in front of the class while wearing a formal set of suits, complete with the tie. Beside the photo, there is a biodata of the teacher written in the alphabet. Most students have understood the alphabet, as it was mandatory to understand English when they attended an international school like Avos School.

The biodata was complete, even with the teacher’s educational background to her career. Naomi looked at the teacher’s name and as she had guessed, her age and ability were not shown on the screen, only a letter S was shown which Naomi guessed as her rank.

“Alright, I will introduce myself first, okay? My name is Edna Stirling, from today onwards, I will be the homeroom teacher of this class. Best regards, everyone.”

The teacher introduced herself as she was looking at the students from the left to the right. She nodded her head a little before continuing.

“Is there anything that you wanted to ask? Feel free to ask me, as today's schedule is consisted of introducing ourselves.”

As the teacher said that, Topaz raised her right hand and yelled. “I want to ask a question!”

She got the teacher, Edna’s attention. “Yes, can you introduce yourself first?” Said Edna.

Following Edna’s word with a nod, Topaz stood from her seat and introduce herself as the students were looking at her.

“Sure! My name is Topaz Garcia, I was born in Scotland and grew up there! It’s nice to meet all of you, I hope we can get along well!”

Topaz sat on her seat again after she finished introducing herself.

Edna nodded her head and said. “So we are from the same country, then what’s your question?”

“Oh right!” Said Topaz as she smacked her right hand on her left palm. “Teacher, can you tell us your ability? Or are we supposed to keep our ability a secret from our classmates?”

The students’ were having mixed reactions in response to Topaz’s question. There is a student that clutched their skirt, some of them were smiling, while there is also a student who was looking around in confusion.

Naomi was suspicious of their reaction. Why did they react like that when they just need to tell their classmates their ability?

If what Edna’s said was true, then they need to work together in the future. Naomi didn’t see any disadvantages of telling her ability to her classmates. Indeed, she can be countered if they know her ability, but they can’t work as a team if they didn’t know each other’s abilities well.

‘There must be something that I missed here, there is no way they will have those kinds of reactions if they agreed to enter the Avos School. Those who were smiling were fine, but those that were confused or afraid are problematic. Is it caused by discrimination? I don’t know for sure, I will wait for Edna’s answer.’

Edna think for a little as she put her right hand on her chin and looked at the class. She was watching the various reaction of her students before answering Topaz’s reaction.

She had understood that some of her students were having some problems with their abilities. That was briefed before the first day.

‘Those students were having trouble with their abilities until they were recruited by the Esper Association to join their program. I wanted them to tell their ability to their classmates, but I can’t force them until the program started.’ Thought Edna.

After thinking for a while, Edna nodded her head and said.

“You are free to tell what your ability is and I won’t force those who wanted to hide it to tell theirs. But, in a month or two, I hope you can tell your classmates about your ability.”

“Is that so? Thank you very much!”

The students were sighing in relief as Edna said that. There is also a student that clicked their tongue because of disappointment. Naomi on the other hand was dissatisfied with Edna’s words.

Even if the students were having some trouble revealing their ability, Naomi still think that they need to tell their classmates about their ability. How can the other trust you if you keep your ability a secret?

As Naomi was looking at Edna with a disappointed gaze, Edna clapped her hand and said.

“Well then, let’s introduce ourselves to each other. After we are done with the introduction, you can go back to your residence or dorm if you are living in the school’s dorm.”

Edna took the paper that she put on the podium and looked at it. Written on the paper was a list of the students’ name and their ability. The school has known the students’ ability, as that is one of the reasons they were invited to this school.

Edna think if the students wanted to hide their abilities, she needed to make a change to the attendance list. She nodded her head a little after browsing through the students’ names and said.

“Well then, let’s start with…” Edna looked around the class and pointed at Millie. “From that student in the back. Can you please introduce yourself?”

Millie nodded her head and smiled as she stood up. “Yes, teacher. Pleased to meet you, my name is Millie Taylor. Please call me Millie. I’m sorry but I think I will keep my ability a secret for now. I hope we can get along well, thank you.”

Millie ended her introduction with a little bow and sat down on her seat.

“Thank you, Millie. Then the student beside her, please introduce yourself.” Said Edna as she looked at Naomi.

Naomi nodded her head and give the class a business smile as she stood up with a straight body.

“I am Akasa Naomi, my ability is Telekinesis. Nice to meet you, I hope we can get along well.” Said Naomi as she smiled with closed eyes.

She opened her eyes after a second and saw some students were looking at her while smiling, satisfied with her introduction.

Although she didn’t tell the class her rank, she did mention her ability. That made some of the students look at Naomi in a positive light, a girl full of confidence. Some of the students, however, look at Naomi with wide eyes.

Maybe they recognize Naomi's name or something, but that didn’t matter for Naomi. Well, she was just having fun in this school while planning to make a mess to cure her boredom. Her target was set, it was the student that introduces themselves along with their ability.

Now that her plan was decided, Naomi just need to prepare for the future move.

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