Chapter 110 – Avos School 9
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“Now for the next student.” Edna said as she looked at Topaz.

“Yes!” Topaz raised her hand as she stood up. Although she had introduced herself earlier, she still proceed with a formal introduction this time.

“As I’ve said earlier, my name is Topaz Garcia. I was born and raised in Scotland. I’ve been invited to attend this school by the Esper Association because of my unique ability! From what that ability is, unfortunately, I won’t tell you unless you are my friend. That’s all!”

Topaz stood back to her seat after she introduced herself. The next student to introduce themselves is the boy that Naomi met in the hall’s lobby.

The boy stood up from his seat by Edna’s gesture and started to introduce himself with a flat expression.

“Hello, my name is Suzuki Akira. I am from Japan and I have no special feature to speak of. I have a rather strange ability so I would like to keep it a secret for now until I trust you enough to tell you my ability. That’s all, thank you.”

He sat back on his seat again as the other students started to introduce themselves. Most of the students were hiding their ability until a rather unique student with long black hair that was tied into a low ponytail introduced himself.

“Hahaha, only one person revealing her ability? And ten students after her hid their abilities? Weak! And you are proud of yourself to attend this school? Think carefully, you are weak! I only recognized a girl that was not afraid to tell us, strangers about her ability.”

He laughed then shouted with a frown on his face. After he was done shouting, he slammed his fist on his left chest and said.

“Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Ken. Ken Lopmus. I’m here to be the strongest! I will join Mischa Belyaeva’s team and beat Mugetsu myself. I can control Metal using my ability, I hope that we got along well, Akasa Naomi!”

He looked at Naomi and give her a wild smile. Naomi recognized such a smile and sighed.

‘Another battle maniac. Not that I hate them. But from what I heard from Chi, Stephen who was a battle maniac always bugged the other members to spar with him. And now this student set his sight onto me.’

The student- Ken –sat back on his seat with a satisfied smile on his face, as if he did something great by introducing himself like that.

The next introduction went smoothly without anyone revealing their ability. Naomi was a bit disappointed by the result. She eyed Ken and saw him slumped his shoulder in disappointment too.

What was their intention by hiding their ability? This is a freaking school that trains them to use their ability and hone their skill to be a future officer. Naomi must agree with Ken’s speech earlier. They were so weak.

She also never expected that Topaz said she would only tell her ability with her friend. That’s okay, Naomi would ask Topaz later in that case. Millie was the first one to hide her ability, from what Naomi heard when she was talking about middle school, Naomi had guessed that there is some problem in Millie’s middle school that lead her to hide her ability.

‘Disappointing. Why do they do this to me… Just tell me your ability and we are done here. It’s troublesome, but I need to take a note to put them in danger so they will use their ability. If there is someone who can heal, then that will be a plus for me.’ thought Naomi.

After everyone was done with their introduction, Edna pressed a button that she used to control the hologram screen behind her and shows the school map.

The school map was a rectangle, right in front of the entrance, there are 2 similar buildings that Naomi guessed as this building and the second year building. On the right side of the second building, there is a dome-shaped building, that was a hall where the students had their orientation earlier.

Behind the dome-shaped building, there is a big rectangle. Naomi didn’t know what’s there and waited for Edna’s explanation.

“Alright, maybe some of you have seen the map and some of you just follow some student to enter the school. That’s why I will explain the school layout to you.” Edna said as she pressed the button and the screen behind her zoomed in to the 2 buildings on the left.

“This is the school building where the students will study. This building was equipped with the latest sensors which detect a chip in your uniform. So, if you didn’t wear your uniform when you entered the building, you will be tasered and rendered unconscious with high voltage.”

The students checked their uniforms when Edna said that. That’s natural as this was a school owned by the Esper Association. In fact, Naomi had guessed something similar because she had some experience in dealing with chip-embedded clothes.

This was normal, but it was easy to detect. The security indeed did a good job designing the uniform, but Naomi prefer something else to use as identification. Like the tattoo that her organization uses. The origin of that tattoo only came from a certain ink that Anna created, so she will be able to track the member of her organization with no problem.

“Now the building beside the second building was the hall, while there is an empty spot beside the first building that was planned to be built as the third building for the new first year.” Explained Edna as she zoomed at the dome-shaped building.

Edna smiled and said to the students. “I’m sure that most of you were thinking. ‘What are the rectangle shape behind the second building and the hall?’ or ‘Where is the training center?’ I assure you I will answer that question soon.”

Edna pressed the button again and the screen zoomed in, entering the rectangle behind the second building and the hall.

When the screen was finished zoomed in, it was showing a wide area complete with gym and sports tools. The area also has lots of seemingly metal target that was used as target practice.

The students' eyes have shined as they saw the training area. Naomi also smiled a little because she saw that the training area was not as shabby as she had thought.

“This is where you will train your ability as an Esper. There will be an improvement as time passed, but for now, this training facility is enough for a greenhorn like you guys. Unfortunately, the S-Class will have their own separate training ground, so you will not be able to meet them for now.”

‘So I won’t be able to meet Mischa, what a shame.’ Thought Naomi as she eyed the training facility.

“Well then, that concludes our homeroom. You can explore the school or go back to your residence. Just one thing, stay out of trouble as long as you wear the uniform, understand?!”


Edna nodded her head and then finished the homeroom. “Then, see you tomorrow.”

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