Chapter 132 – Resonance
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Chapter 132 - Resonance


For some reason, the system didn’t harvest the essence of the assassin automatically, which made me quite curious, so I decided to try doing it manually like back in the old Thunder forest days.


[ You have absorbed the blood essence of a ‘Low-Tier Corruption Demon’ (Incomplete Corruption), purification in progress….. ]


It seemed like the assassin had a change to his identity by the time I managed to kill him… or should I say it...


[ You have received 1,145,943 EP! ]


[ You have leveled up! ]


[ You have leveled up! ]


[ You have reached level 55! ]


As expected, a lv.99 mini-boss like this still gives enough EP to double level even when considering my current level. 


That’s why boss fights are the way to go!


This reminded me of the gate I was standing beside at the moment, if half of what Long has said was true, then to me, this gate is exactly a paradise of bosses and mini-bosses waiting for me to devour their essence!


However, before I even got to contemplate a bit about my next move, a stream of knowledge invaded my mind…


[ Activating ‘Omni-Mastery’..... Elemental Resonance starting… ]


[ You have acquired ‘Nameless Darkness Elemental Art’! ]


[ You have acquired ‘Nameless Shadow Elemental Art’! ]


[ Elemental Resonance has ended, deactivating ‘Omni-Mastery’... ]




Two elemental training methods flowed into my mind, it somehow gave an effect similar to abilities bestowed by the system, but it still felt different.


[Your luck is really terrifying, and your Talent Ability is even more terrifying…]


“What do you mean my luck?”


I could understand that this situation was closely related to the lv.3 ability of ‘Omni-Mastery’, but what did it exactly have to do with luck.


[To begin from the proper start. ‘Elemental Resonance’ is a state of absorbing elemental legacy from the blood essence of fallen seniors, mostly ancestors, which is widely used as a method for nurturing juniors of long-living clans and sects...]


[It’s usually used to raise the element accumulation of 2nd stage practitioners, by absorbing an elemental legacy of the same element and elemental art they would usually lower their accumulation period by half, allowing them to breakthrough one or two layers or even directly ascend to the 3rd stage in one go if the quality of the essence was sufficient enough.]


[Of course, practitioner of a different element such as you would be lucky to receive the elemental art itself, but that’s already quite the gain.]


“That easily?”


[Exactly! No one would do such an act of charity of leaving his own elemental path to his killer, ‘Elemental Resonance’ can only be achieved if the essence owner was willing to, and it would be normally restricted to a person of the same lineage, other than the exceptional cases of someone leaving his essence in an inheritance ruin to found a suitable successor.]


“You mean..”


[Yes, that’s why your ‘Omni-Mastery’ is very terrifying, to be able to bypass the original laws is something that’s out of the domain of normal abilities…]




[Let me continue, will ya? Other than that, blood essence that is capable of activating ‘Elemental Resonance’ which is normally used by 2nd stage elemental masters has a very obvious criteria, the owner of the essence needs to be at least a 3rd stage practitioner before his death… and that’s one of the reasons why your luck is also terrifying.]



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