Chapter 138 – Different
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Chapter 138 - Different


“Please follow me, our Head wants to meet you.”


It was only 10 minutes later that the girl emerged from the door once more...




I quietly followed through the doors, it seemed like I wouldn’t have to abandon this quest after all.


“Huh? He was actually called inside?”


“What sort of trickery have he resorted to? Can I also join if I handout a random piece of paper?”


“Maybe we should ask him to teach us this trick!”


The group of three that were just mocking Ian just now stood in their place dumbfoundedly as they were unable to understand what the piece of paper contained. After all, for the Lightning Knight Brigade which is known to be very strict to invite and outsider in, the content of that paper scroll might as well by magical…




We walked through the building which was as amazing in the inside as it is outside, it could almost rival the main branch of Virtual Domain if one were to look at it from a partially medieval look.


“Since, Head looks like he is quite interested in you, I will brief you about what happened in the recruitment exam….”




‘As expected the content of the quest isn’t wrong, it’s just that I mistook it for another quest…’


Originally, I thought that the quest would surely have a recruitment exam of some sort before being able to join the class trial, after all, even though I knew little about the trial’s expenses, it was obvious that entrance to these trials wouldn’t be granted to your average Joe, as it had a tremendous effect on increasing a person’s various ability, not just fighting abilities! 


As such, I expected it to be a regular normal quest that usually starts with the NPC testing your qualification before granting you the reward or the opportunity...


However, after finding out that the exam already started 3 weeks ago, which coincided with the very start of the quest initiation period, and the sudden change of the rules to only take the top two into the following class trial, it turned out that my quest was a totally different matter!


When I asked about the exam earlier, the normal quest would have initiated if it was 3 weeks earlier regardless if I had the scroll or not, and I would have to go through all the troublesome probing that followed.


It all came together as the quest item was meant for the advanced quest, or if I were to put it more correctly, the leisurely quest, which already skipped the first phase, giving me a spot without the need to sweat for it, while it only required me to acquire only a Special ranked class to join the Brigade.


From this, it was obvious that ‘Bluebeard’ wasn’t a normal man, as he should at least possess quite the authority within the Lightning Capital!


Knock. Knock.


While I was lost in thought, the girl had finally stopped to knock at a certain door, so I followed suit and stood beside her.


“Come in.”


The girl opened the door as she entered with me following suit once again…


“Did you bring him?”


“Yes, sir.”


The man who was sitting in the large couch stood up while asking as he turned around before his gaze finally rested on me.


“Hmmm, I see, quite secretive… anyway, welcome to our HQ, Ia…., I mean mysterious recommended.”


‘I guess he knows some stuff about me.’


He was surely about to say my own name, and I believed that it was quite normal for that, after all, Bluebeard may have said some stuff about me as this recommendation came to be.


“Not quite talkative as well, mhm, Although I would like to chat a bit with you, it’s not yet the time for this, for now all I could say is, congratulations, you are now one of three recruited trainees, you will follow the other two into the Trial Tower in 8 days as for what to do till then, you can stay within the guest rooms for that period until you are officially part of our Brigade… Flonnie, please guide him to the third guest room close to the other two…”


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