Chapter 19: They were sinners that should be cleared out from the face of this world!
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“Albert, let’s go on a date tomorrow~” A busty priestess said seductively.


In front of her was a handsome man with blonde hair and a muscular body. He was cladded in a white armor and was now sipping on a cup of tea.


“Amelia, how many times have I told you that a priestess shouldn’t say something like that? It’s inappropriate.” Albert put the teacup on the table.


“Geez, stop lecturing me already.” Amelia pouted. “What’s so wrong with wanting to go on a date with a handsome guy anyway? There aren’t many like you here, you know. Being a priestess is tough.”


Hearing this, Albert sighed. “Why did you even become a priestess in the first place? Most people came here to devote themself to the goddess. But you are here just to flirt with men?”


“Oh? What’s this?” A mischievous smile appeared on Amelia’s face. “Are you jealous~?”


“Stop joking.” Albert said calmly as he sipped on his tea again. Though, there was a tiny shade of red on his cheek,


Amelia giggled upon seeing this. “Aww~ You’re so cute~”


“I said stop joking.”


“I’m serious though. You’re so cute, Albert~”


Albert sighed and shook his head. “You didn’t answer my question.”


“You wanna know?” Amelia stopped teasing Albert and smiled at him gently. “You and I have known each other since we were young. So it only makes sense that we stick together at all times, don’t you think?”


Albert’s eyes widened slightly. “Wait, you’re saying that you became a priestess just to follow me?”


Amelia nodded with a cute smile on her face. “Mmm.”


‘What is she thinking?’ Albert wanted to comment on this, but he also felt a warm feeling in his heart.


Amelia and him were childhood friends. They’d grown up together and played around with each other since they were young.


The old memories started flashing in Albert’s head, making a faint smile appear on his face.


Seeing this, Amelia giggled again. “Reminiscing about the past, eh?”


“Yeah.” Albert answered with a smile.


“Well, let’s forget about the past for now. Let’s talk about the present. So? Wanna go on a date with me?” Amelia asked with a slightly flushed face.


Albert sighed and shook his head again. “Sorry, Amelia. I still don’t think that’s appr-”


“Sir Albert! Emergency report!” A door suddenly slammed open and a man came in.


Amelia frowned upon seeing this. “Please, mind your manner. We’re tal-”


“Alright, let’s change the location.” Albert interrupted her.


He turned to Amelia and said, “Sorry, Amelia. Duty calls. We’ll talk about that later, okay?”


Amelia pouted at him cutely. But then she just sighed and nodded her head.


Albert walked out of the room followed by the man from before. He headed toward his own room in the headquarters.


Every high-ranking templar knight got to have their own room as a privilege. The low-ranking ones usually stayed at the barracks located near the headquarters.


Albert arrived at his room and sat on his chair. “Alright, go on.”


The man straightened himself and saluted. “Sir, there’s been a report coming in from our intels. There seems to be a huge commotion in 6th street.”


“A huge commotion?”


“Yes, sir. The report stated that a demon suddenly came out of nowhere and started killing people.”


“What!?” Albert abruptly stood up and slammed his desk.


‘How is that even possible?’ He was confused.


It shouldn’t be possible for a demon to come to the capital city without being noticed up until now. The chance of that happening was non-existent.


Albert snapped out of his thoughts and looked at the man. “Go and report this to Sir Galford. Also, request for backups.”


“Yes, sir!” The man saluted.


Albert then started heading out of the room.


“Sir? You’re not gonna wait for the assembly?” The man asked.


“No. The longer we wait, the more casualties there’ll be. I’ll go there at once.” Albert said and left his room.




Albert activated his skill Body Strengthening. A white translucent aura started covering his entire body and his muscle started to bulge. 


He then started rushing toward the scene. His body became blurred as he moved really fast.


On his way, he was lost in thought.


How did the demon arrive here? This kind of situation was unheard off up until now,


The only time something like this happened was during the great war a long time ago. But after that event, not a single demonic race had stepped their feet into the inner part of the human continent.


The defensive line at the border was very strong, with the elite warriors guarding there. It was almost impenetrable.


And even if some powerful demon were to get past that defensive line, there was no way that they could get this far to the capital city without anyone even noticing.


‘This is weird.’ Albert concluded.


Not long after, he finally arrived at 6th street. It was crowded with people just like usual, but instead of living their lives normally, they were now running for their lives.


There were screams and frantic cries everywhere as people started to get away from this place. Some of them even abandoned their friends and betrayed their loved ones just to save their own lives.


Seeing such a scene, Albert was disgusted by the sight. Though, a teaching from the church flashed across his mind.


‘Demonic races are the abomination. They were the creation of the evil god, Malum. The god who dared to rebel against our great goddess, and had committed a lot of atrocious acts. The demonic races are the cause of misfortune and suffering. They are sinners that should be cleared out from the face of this world!’


Albert clenched his fists tightly and gritted his teeth.


‘That’s right. These are all caused by the demon. If it didn’t appear here, these people wouldn’t have to act this way. This must be the tempting of the demon. What a disgusting act.’


Albert unsheathed his long sword and began pouring his mana into it. A golden light suddenly glowed around the long white sword.


A little girl’s voice suddenly rang out.


Albert turned to the direction the sound came from and saw a little girl running somewhere. She was desperately calling out to her mommy.


Albert shifted his line of sight and then he finally saw it. The abomination!


The demon was sucking on a woman’s blood. Judging from the situation, it was clear to Albert what was happening.


Rage started swirling in Albert’s heart as he gritted his teeth even harder!


‘I shall clear you out from the face of this world!’ He tightened his grip on his sword and dashed forward!


The demon let go of the woman and was now rushing for the little girl!


It was about to reached her, but—




A metallic sound rang out as Albert's sword crashed with the demon’s claws. Its eyes widened in surprise as it retreated backward.


Albert raised his sword up and pointed the tip toward the demon. 


“Your life ends here, deviant.” He said in his guttural low voice.




The demon didn’t respond. It continued to stare at Albert without moving from its place.


Albert also didn’t move from his spot.


The two kept staring at each other. The only sounds around were of footsteps and people screaming,


Then, the demon made its first move. It dashed toward Albert at a very fast speed!


Again, Albert parried the claw-attack with his sword. But then, the demon’s body suddenly blurred and disappeared from his sigh!


Albert didn’t panic and stood his ground. He activated his skill Enhance Senses and stood there calmly.




He spun around and slashed his sword!


The demon suddenly appeared out of thin air. It backed away from Albert and held its claw with its other hand.


Blood trickled down from it’s hand as it grimaced. It then started glaring at Albert fiercely as it lashed toward Albert again!




Just like the last time, Albert parried the claw-attack and inflicted more wounds on the demon. 


The demon was now in rage as it lashed at Albert again!


*clang!* *clang!* *clang!* *clang!*


Blood started to taint the ground as the demon kept getting more wounded. Every time it attempted to attack Albert, it would end up receiving more injuries.


Seeing this, Albert began contemplating.


‘It acts like a low-ranking demon. No, even lower than that. It acts just like it doesn't even have intelligence and just acts on its instinct.’




‘But how could such a low-ranking demon get this far? Was it brought by someone?’


*clang!* *clang!*


‘This is getting weirder and weirder.’




After some time observing the demon, he concluded that it was just a low-ranking demon in a berserk mode.


Albert backed off from the demon and got into a stance.


‘Alright, let’s end this.’


He pointed his sword forward, lowered his hip in a fighting stance, and activated his skill—


[Purifying Aura]!


Albert's sword started glowing in an even brighter golden color. The light pulsates like a heartbeat!


This skill used the light element magic as a base and it was very effective against demonic races.


Almost every demonic race was born with dark element magic and mana, so the light element magic was their natural enemy.


If they were to receive an attack with light element magic as a base, it would feel as if they were burned alive.


Seeing this, the demon tried to back away. Its instinct told it to get away from this light.


If it got slashed by that sword of light, it would be dead for sure!


Instinctively, it turned around and started fleeing!


Albert shifted his weight and got into a sword-slashing position. He then dashed forward at full speed!


A gust of wind blasted out as dust on the ground went flying. Albert’s body shot toward the demon like a bullet!


In an instant, he reached the demon as he swung down his sword at its neck, going for a kill!


The demon turned around with widened eyes, and then—




Instead of a chopping sound, a metallic sound rang out instead. 


Albert's sword didn’t reach the demon’s neck. Instead, it was now being intercepted by another sword.


Albert looked up to see who it was and his eyes widened in surprise!


“Y-You are…“


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