New Day, New Life.
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My head hurts. This was my first thoughts after opening my eyes, then I start to look around my surroundings .

Unfamiliar room, I look outside the window...unfamiliar neighborhood, architecture is familiar as I seen many houses like these in anime.

'Am I in Japan?!!'

'How did I get here?!!'

As internal questions were arising in my mind one after another, I saw a peculiar scene on the street. I concentrate on a person who is very different from the rest of the people on the street.

He has long ears with green hair.

'Am I in a Modern Fantasy World?'

But my confusion was soon cleared as I watched that guy wearing a T-shirt with an anime character pictures on it.

'All Might'

but the problem is that, the picture doesn't look animated, it's a picture of a real person. Maybe a cosplayer. but my views changed when I looked my reflection in the mirror, which is completely different from the face I recognize I had.

'Did I Transmigrated?!!'

After this thought, a lot of memories flowed in my brain, making me numb for a few minutes.

'So, I am in My Hero Academia (MHA). What are my powers or quirks as they say this world?' I thought after analyzing a bit from the memories of the previous owner of the body.

As I was thinking about my powers, I notice a small HUD on the corner of my vision. This HUD is very familiar to me as I have played the game (from which the HUD belongs) so many times.

Its the HUD from GTA San Andreas!!

Its showing a knuckle, some money, and a red health bar.

'If its showing the HUD then there might be more functions from the game too.'

After concentrating for some time a black translucent screen appears

[ Maps



'So these are the functions from the game available, if I had load and save function i would be pretty much unkillable.'

Now I have to first get familiar with the memories of this person(previous owner of the body)


>Name- Shido Kanzaki



>Occupation- Noodle Shop Owner

>Family Condition-Adopted, Parents died(Natural death) after leaving the responsibility of the shop on the shoulders of Shido

>In Debt-No

>Relationship Status-Single.


'I am royally screwed, I am quirkless.'

What can I do when the villains attack me or I suddenly find my self near any Hero-Villain fight, I can't even defend myself in any of the either case. Now its not like I don't have any means of defending myself but I was thinking 'What can I even do with the functions of HUD?'

I mean, these functions are good but they are not usable in fights, thus making me vulnerable to the villains roaming in the city.

I then focused on getting ready for the day and opening the shop, as I am pretty much late.


After eating a light breakfast, I opened the shop and sat down thinking about my future in this world.

'Ching Ding'

The sound of door shop bell chiming breaks my daydreaming of becoming the No.1 Hero, and I look towards the customer.

A very familiar person with white hair, flecked with a few noticeable traces of a crimson-like color appears. She notices my gaze and smiles. After putting her bag which is filled with books on the table, she looks towards me and says

"How are you? Feeling better than yesterday?"

"Yesterday?". I asked.

"You were sick right?, You didn't even opened the store." She asked peculiarly.

Must've been the pervious owner of the body.

"Yeah I am feeling alright, Thanks for the concern, Todoroki-san."

"It's alright, but that was very inconvenient for me as I had to look for another shop for my lunch." She said while reminiscing yesterday.

"So what do you want for the lunch?" I asked.

"Tonkotsu ramen" She replied while going through the papers she took from her bag.

"Please wait a moment."

After some time, I served her the ramen and she started eating.

I was thinking what to say to her to start the conversation. I was very interested in knowing her from a person perspective, as I have only seen her through a screen.

After passing some time thinking what to say, I said

"So, How's work going on?"

She raises her head looked on my face

"Good, How about you?"

"Just Fine...I was just thinking about having a relationship with many heroines." I said while I was lost in my thoughts about my future.

"WHAT?!!" She exclaimed loudly as chopsticks fell from her hand.